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10 Best Characters in Street Fighter Games

Street Fighter is a long-running fighting game franchise with over 25 years of history. The series has seen many iterations and changes, but one thing remains constant: its characters. These fighters have been through the highs and lows of their own personal journeys, and they’re all worth checking out.

The best character in street fighter 5 is a difficult question to answer. There are so many characters that have had an impact on the game, and it’s hard to pick just one.

It’s been 30 years since Street Fighter debuted, and the game has seen the introduction of over a hundred characters since then. As a result, picking the top ten Street Fighter characters is a tough job, particularly because everyone has a favorite character who may or may not appear on our list.

In any case, I’m attempting to compile a list of the franchise’s most memorable and popular characters, so have a look at the list below.

It was very tough to choose and list the top ten characters in Street Fighter games, but here they are!

10. Cammy

Cammy, the resident beautiful female of Street Fighter, is almost always clad in a leotard for some reason.

While her beauty alone may enchant admirers, she is also a formidable opponent, particularly in close battle. Cammy uses her speed to close in on her opponent, doing damage and performing deadly combinations that are on par with Akuma’s.

She doesn’t have any long-range attacks, thus she may be difficult for novice players to play against projectile-wielding heroes. But don’t be concerned. Intermediate players can quickly overcome this flaw, and she’s not that difficult to utilize after a few fights.

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Charlie Nash (nine)

Games featuring zombies tend to be better, yet Street Fighter features just one: Charlie. Technically, he isn’t a zombie. Charlie Nash may have resurrected, but he is far from rotting flesh.

He resembles Frankenstein’s monster more since he’s made up of sewn pieces here and there. Guile’s superior and closest friend, Charlie, has a similar moveset to him.

However, unlike Guile, his attacks are more polished, and his playstyle is more aggressive. He may also teleport behind or above his opponent, allowing him to launch surprise strikes.

M. Bison, no. 8

M. Bison is a series staple villain who is your standard crazy dictator that wants to rule the world, replete with minions from his criminal syndicate organization, Shadaloo.

He typically lets others do the hard work in the game’s narrative, but he isn’t afraid to get into action with his powerful combat abilities.

M. Bison possesses Psycho Power, a dark and perverted force that he pours into his strikes. Psycho Crusher, his trademark move, allows him to fly from one side of the battlefield to the other.

Since Street Fighter V, he can now reflect projectiles, which may be irritating and infuriating for novice players.

7. Guile

Guile is an all-American Air Force major with a calm and stoic demeanor that reflects in his fighting technique. He is a zealot for justice and overprotective of people he loves, relentlessly hunting down those who have wronged him.

Guile’s combat style, as a charge character, relies largely on the waiting game: precisely timing strikes to produce combinations and powerful hits.

Sonic Boom, his trademark move, may be utilized to lure the opponent into jumping and avoiding it, which he can easily intercept with his Somersault Kick in mid-air.

6. Karin

Karin, the wealthy girl of Street Fighter, has developed her own fighting technique, which she uses in the game to perform a range of strikes, throws, and counterattacks.

Her moveset relies on pace, aerial and dashing strikes, but it’s her counterattacks that set her apart from the rest of the roster, punishing even the tiniest of errors.

However, in between her techniques, she leaves a gap that may be exploited by leap strikes. Nonetheless, her agility and flexibility should more than compensate for her brief weakness, making her a fan favorite.

5. Akuma

Akuma, the embodiment of evil, is a recurrent adversary in the series, initially appearing in Super Street Fighter II Turbo. He has several moves in common with Ken and Ryu, as well as their outfits, which are essentially the same but without the headband.

Akuma, like Ryu, is seen as an all-rounder who, like Ken, specializes on assaults. He is very mobile and can rapidly drain the enemy’s HP with a flurry of strikes.

His defenses, on the other hand, are very poor, so an opening may quickly interrupt his movements and allow the opponent to get the upper hand.

He does have a fast teleport ability to move himself in combat, as well as a powerful projectile attack: the gahadoken.

4. Alex

Alex, the primary protagonist of Street Fighter III, is a bulky guy with a direct and forthright attitude. His fighting technique combines wrestling maneuvers, street brawling, and kickboxing.

Despite his bulk, he is very nimble and can execute rushing strikes, which makes him lethal since he has a longer-than-normal range.

However, since he is more of an all-arounder with rotational and charge techniques, his setups are seldom utilized, apart from the fact that they are tough to execute.

Ken Masters is number three.

Ken, Ryu’s closest buddy, is a more laid-back yet flashier counterpart of the former. He is, however, essentially a clone of Ryu with a different color palette and longer hair at the start of the game series. They’ve got the same movements and everything.

Ken, on the other hand, has developed since then and now has a different combat style than his buddy and adversary, but they still share certain characteristics. Ken’s play style is based on quick strikes and combinations, and he like to confront his opponent in close combat.

Because of his restricted range, he, like other rushdown characters, may be neutralized by opponents who know how to fight against his strikes. Still, a master Ken player should be able to precisely anticipate the opponent’s move in order to win.

Chun-Li (Chun-Li) (Chun-Li)

Chun-Li is the first female fighter in the game, and she is one of the most well-known female characters not just in Street Fighter but also in general video gaming.

Her trademark technique, Hundred Rending Legs, also known as Lightning Kick, is a fan favorite since it is simple to perform. This attracts newcomers who want to play as her.

Experienced players, on the other hand, consider her fast strikes and aerial assaults to be her bread and butter. She doesn’t do as much damage per hit as other heavy characters, but the damage is readily compensated for by her subsequent attacks.

1. Ryu


It should come as no surprise that Ryu is the face of the Street Fighter series, and anything otherwise is heresy.

His basic appearance (short hair, a’sleeveless’ white karate gi, a black belt, and a red bandana) makes him one of the game industry’s simplest to spot. Ryu’s moveset is really very simple and easy to learn, which is why he’s one of the most popular characters among gamers.

He is, however, a little sluggish, and combinations aren’t his strong suit. Still, his movements are quite safe and dependable, and a skilled player who understands how to anticipate their opponent’s moves may easily overwhelm others.

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Bringing everything to a close

So there you have it: my top ten Street Fighter characters. What are your thoughts on the list? Would you place them in a different order or add any more characters to the list?

Some important personalities, such as E. Honda, Sagat, and others, were left off the list… So, share your views with the rest of us in the comments area below!

The best street fighter characters of all time are the 10 best characters in Street Fighter games. These characters have been present for a long time and they will always be loved by players.

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Ryu is the best character in street fighters.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Who is the most powerful character in Street Fighter?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
This is a difficult question to answer, as there are many powerful characters in Street Fighter. However, if we were to pick one character that would be the most powerful, it would be Ryu.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is considered the best Street Fighter game?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Street Fighter V is considered the best game in the series.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best character in street fighters?

Ryu is the best character in street fighters.

Who is the most powerful character in Street Fighter?

This is a difficult question to answer, as there are many powerful characters in Street Fighter. However, if we were to pick one character that would be the most powerful, it would be Ryu.

What is considered the best Street Fighter game?

Street Fighter V is considered the best game in the series.

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