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5 Games Like Sleeping Gods | What To Play Next

Sleeping Gods is a game that takes place in a world where the gods of all religions have been sleeping for centuries. You wake them up, and they fight to take control of the world. The game features RPG elements, including skill trees, equipment upgrades, and even crafting.

Sleeping Gods is a board game that takes place in the world of Norse Mythology. The game is set to be released on Kickstarter September 2016.

Continue reading if you’re searching for games similar to Sleeping Gods and want to know what to play next. The 2021 release is a cooperative campaign game that takes place in 1929 aboard your steamer, the Manticore, in a mysterious planet. To survive, you must work together to explore strange islands, meet new people, and find the gods’ totems so that you may return home.

We dismantled Sleeping Gods to get to the bottom of it in order to compile this list. It’s a naval adventure and exploration game that’s half huge open world, part pick your own adventure. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re searching for anything comparable. We took all of this into account while compiling this list of 5 board games that are similar to Sleeping Gods.


#5 | What Happened Next

Because it is an Adventure Book Game that allows you to take over various parts of the story, Aftermath joins the list of board games like Sleeping Gods. Players assume the role of tiny creatures attempting to live and flourish in a large, hazardous environment, progressing as they do so. This game is distinct in that it depends heavily on miniatures, yet it shares a dark, deadly universe with both games.

You take control of a ragtag group of creatures dubbed “providers” by their colony. There’s an angry guinea pig, a hamster that speaks quickly and drives even faster, a tiny mouse with sharp eyes and a lot to prove, and a strange vole on the verge of becoming wild. Each of these characters has its own personality, playstyle, and personal objectives. Games last between 60 and 120 minutes for 1 to 4 participants.


#04 | The Seventh Continent

Because it utilizes a lot of the same world building and choose-as-you-go features as Sleeping Gods, 7th Continent makes the list of board games like Sleeping Gods. They both have a huge amount of gaming time. Instead of a traditional nautical setting, this one has a distinct fantastical setting. This one is simply just tiles and no book, but the way you investigate things is fairly similar across both.

You must use every ounce of intellect and ingenuity to live in a world rife with dangers and marvels, creating tools, weapons, and shelter to guarantee your survival. The game will keep you busy for hours as you explore and investigate the seventh continent until you either figure out how to remove the curse(s) or perish trying. Games may be lengthy or short, any number of minutes, for 1–4 hours, aged 14+.

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#03 | The Fall of Avalon: The Tainted Grail

Because the narrative is excellent and the options are many, Tainted Grail joins the list of board games like Sleeping Gods. It enables you to influence the gaming world in profound and meaningful ways that are unlike anything else by combining Arthurian tales and Celtic mythology with a distinct vision.

The Guardian Menhirs, which formerly guaranteed safe passage across the realm, are gradually falling black, turning basic logistics into a complex conundrum. In order to overcome these obstacles, your character evolves along many opposing paths, such as Brutality vs. Empathy or Practicality vs. Spirituality. These characteristics open up a wide range of mutually exclusive abilities and lead to a variety of deck-building methods, making character development relevant and in-depth. Games last 60–120 minutes for 1–4 players.

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#02 | Robinson Crusoe’s Cursed Island Adventures

Because it is a great exploration/adventure on the same large scale level as Sleeping Gods, Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island joins the list of board games like Sleeping Gods. There are many things to do, and you are immersed in a compelling story. Both are very intense and have a similar vibe, although Sleeping Gods has a considerably darker tone.

You play as one of four ship crew members (chef, carpenter, explorer, or soldier) and must tackle the adventure as a group. Use your willpower to assist your colleagues, share your strategy with them, and put it into action. Deliberate, debate, and work on the best strategy you can come up with as a group. You’ll construct a shelter, a fence, and weapons, as well as equipment such as axes, knives, and bags, and you’ll do all you can to… live. You’ll have to hunt for food, battle dangerous animals, and defend yourself. Games take approximately 1–2 hours for 1–4 players.

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#01 | Dragonholt’s Legacy

Because it offers both the narrative and the vast open world choose your own adventure vibe, Legacy of Dragonholt gets the top position on the list of board games like Sleeping Gods. Everything varies depending on what’s going on, and you have a plethora of choices from which to select. The imagery isn’t as impressive as Sleeping Gods’, but the gameplay more than compensates.

Without a game master, the game retains the essence of a roleplaying game. Players may create their own unique hero and go on six noble adventures in this story-driven game. Combat goblins, thwart a wicked lord’s plan, and add a new chapter to your narrative. Choose your ethnicity, class, personality characteristics, and personal history before embarking on a journey. Games for 1–6 players last at least an hour, but since there is so much to do, they may go much longer.



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The sleeping gods: tides of ruin is a game that has been released recently. It’s a game like the Sleeping Gods, which is a series of games with similar gameplay. Other games like this include Tides of Ruin, and The Long Dark.

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