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A MMO veterans predictions on the future of New World

The future of New World is uncertain. With the game’s developers, Trion Worlds, announcing their plans to end support for the game in 2020, many players are wondering what will happen to their characters and belongings.

The new world worth it is a question that many people have been asking. The answer to this question is not easy to answer because the game has yet to be released and we do not know what the future holds for New World.

After over 165 hours in the game so far, and based on my previous experience with 20+ years of MMOs, here’s what I believe will happen in the game, as well as some recommendations for the future. Now I’m not going to address bugs since they were there in every single MMO when it was first launched. And I understand that some individuals like playing this game. Some individuals despise it. Again, both of these factions exist in the same way as they do today with every MMO release. I rate the game a 6/10 overall. First, I’ll go over what this game does well, then I’ll go over the main problems and how they’ll affect the game.

Contents Table of Contents

  1. The Positives — Sound, crafting, combat, visuals, and voice over IP
  2. The Bad
    1. Open World PvP
    2. War Mode (PvP)
    3. Variety
    4. Character advancement
    5. Balance
    6. Economy
    7. PvE

The Good

  • Sound – There are some fantastic noises in this game.
  • Gathering/Crafting – Just from the standpoint of action, they are rewarding.
  • The Fighting – I like how the combat is different from what I’ve seen in other MMOs. That said, I believe that maintaining balance will be a problem in the future, as I will discuss more below.
  • Graphics – The game seems to be well-made.
  • VOIP – I’m glad this was added; it’s not something you see very frequently in games.

The Bad

This is going to be a long run, so buckle up.

  • PvP – PvP – PvP – PvP – PvP – PvP – P As a result, the PvP design has a number of significant flaws. Instead of just one big bullet point, I’ll break this down into several bullet points in the future. I’ll also warn you ahead of time that the PvP community is typically nasty and aggressive. As a developer, you must anticipate that people will be jerks, and that if there is anything to exploit, they will do so. And it doesn’t take a lot of people to totally alter (ruin) someone else’s experience. So, based on what I’ve seen of open world PvP, I don’t think it’ll survive. Open world PvP will ultimately be put to the side when the community settles and individuals reach max level. After a time, it’s simply not as much fun, and the rewards are extremely modest. I’m already seeing individuals adopt the mindset of “why bother protecting an area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?” I’d like to start a war so we can play in the combat mode. There are also a significant number of individuals that find the PvP missions to be completely uninteresting. The other half is simply normal wandering PvP flagging. Again, there’s no compelling need to set the PvP flag. With the exception of the first few days, everyone I met in the open world for PvP was either 5+ my level or in a group. Even PvP encounters aren’t very enjoyable. And if you’ve ever played an MMO with open world PvP, you’ll know what I’m talking about. When creating optional World PvP, make sure the advantages of solo flagging well outweigh the hassles of the situations I just detailed. This is not something you do in your current iteration.


  1. Increase the advantages of flagging dramatically. 10% experience is insufficient. At the very least, I’d say 25%. Increase the likelihood of uncommon drops as well. Both of these would be strong motivators for the randoms to flag.
  2. Different resource spawning – Make it such that the resources that may be gathered differ depending on whether they are marked or not. Consider the following scenario: you have an iron ore node. It is mined by an unflagged individual. It doesn’t go away because the iron node seen by a marked person differs from the one seen by an unflagged person. When compared to marked individuals, unflagged people have their own shard of resource nodes from which to collect. Why are you doing this? It not only provides a great resource boost for flagging, but it also introduces the idea of resource battles. Something you didn’t even mention. Resource warfare is an essential element of the system in every other MMO with PvP like this. You didn’t even mention it.
  • PvP – War Mode/Owning a Settlement – Making this choice based on a faction rather than a business will bite you in the arse down the road. Mostly because it increases the motivation to stack a faction even more. The tax and settlement incentives are the only reasons you want to possess a settlement, not the actual activity of waging a war. There’s no “carrot” on the stick for anything other than pleasure. I believe that after the communal settlements and the bulk of individuals have reached the age of 60, there will be a strong preference for outpost 20v20 pvp, with war being put to the side. As a result, drama occurs in these kinds of sports. It is always the case. Company executives are unlikely to get along. Tax choices will not be acceptable to me. They just don’t like one other. You don’t want to get in the middle of any of these squabbles. To avoid two businesses battling each other in these circumstances, you want to eliminate as many barriers as possible. Because if you don’t, those annoyances will build up until someone gives up. The necessity of being on opposing sides in order to combat each other will create problems. Not only can you arrange a 100-man faction transfer, but some individuals like the aesthetics or history of the faction they’re in. As a result, you’re adding more complexities to the situation.


  1. Allow a business to go to war with another business. What is the mechanism behind this? There will be an option to go to war with another company of the same faction inside the company menu. To do so, roles in the business with the “War Vote” authorization must submit a vote indicating whether or not they consent to go to war with the selected company. This enables businesses to operate like democracies if they so choose. So they may either force all of the officers to consent to the war or make a leader the determining element. In any case, when a business goes to war, the company (or several companies) with whom it is at war becomes orange. When those fighting businesses declare PvP, they will be able to battle one another. Above and above the other groups. They may complete tasks in a zone and fill that meter with orange to take it over from another faction’s business. If you choose, you may go to war with several businesses from the same faction. There’s no such thing as a limit. Essentially, the orange hue indicates a business from the same side that is going to fight.
  • Diversity– This game is severely lacking in variety. Particularly in the 1-30 range. You’ll be battling the same creatures, but they’ll be colored differently. Seeing the same structures. Observing the same surroundings. Blightwood is comparable to the other zones in terms of props, however it is much darker. There is a sizable Lost presence here, which is great, but it will be replicated in future zones. The restless coastline isn’t all that different from other seaside zones like first light. Weaver’s fen is similar to other swamp places we’ve seen, such as Cutlass, except it’s darker. The broken mountain snowy regions and ebonscale reach are the only zones that really “stand out.” It’s not that there isn’t a difference; it’s just that the changes are so little that they’re hardly visible. The creatures are the same way. There isn’t a lot of monster diversity. Angry Earth is fun, and you get to battle them once in a while. However, you quickly get “accustomed” to the creatures and continue to battle the same ones. In addition, there is a scarcity of diversity when it comes to questing. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done about it without redoing things and adding new items to the zones. So, for future zones, you may simply have to attempt to include more diversity.
  • Character Leveling– From a character standpoint, character leveling in this game is very difficult. I’m not afraid of a good grind. But the grind in this game is just…worse. I’m not talking about leveling up your crafting skills; I’m talking about going from 1 to 60. Leveling in this game is a big grind due to the lack of variation. I’ve already seen a number of friends struggle with leveling in this game. Especially after the age of thirty. And if you don’t like creating and are leveling it with your character, the selection is much more limited. I’m not shocked that you have zergs of 20+ people rushing about trying to speed up corruption. Unfortunately, leveling in this game seems completely useless. Gaining a level provides little pleasure. It doesn’t feel like you’re making any progress. You’re mainly battling the same opponents in similar settings. Sure, after 10-15 levels, you’ll get a dungeon…but that’s all. Pvp does not seem to comply with the leveling system. It’s hard to want to flag up when 50+ level zergs are battling in an area for a fort/war when you’re leveling as a 20. Despite the scaling, the stat disparity is still extremely apparent. And while you’re progressing, there isn’t much in the way of consistent PvP to keep things interesting. Not only that, but I’ve heard that some businesses are deliberately not updating anything in their towns in order to reduce the number of townboard quests. Less exp to slow down their opponents (as I already said, the PvP community does not play kindly). While it may not be obvious right now, you’ll be in a position similar to other themepark MMOs where the game doesn’t begin until you reach max level. And if you make reaching the maximum level tough, you’ll become burned out. Between levels 30 and 50, I believe many gamers will experience burnout. During that bracket, you’ll notice a significant decrease in playtime. Outpost pvp isn’t available until level 60. The best gear isn’t available until you’re 60 years old. Higher levels will fight in wars and open world PvP, making it more difficult for lesser levels to engage. When a significant number of gamers reach 60, this emotion will strike them strongly.

Suggestions (not all of which must be followed):

  1. Increase the number of quests available. Voice acting isn’t required. Don’t worry, you’ve already got some VA in the game. Simply add additional quests. There are more side tales and things to do. You don’t even need NPCs; you may have them start from objects or story notes scattered throughout the environment.
  2. Monster kills will give you more experience.
  3. Increase your experience by completing townboard/faction tasks. The explorer and kill X missions, in particular.
  4. Increase the amount of experience you get from existing side tales.
  • Balance- Due to the complete absence of stagger, you may expect a meta to emerge in an unusual manner. Weapon masteries that can push out as much CC as possible will likely be highly favored in melee offensive roles/weapons. Slows, stuns, knocks down, and so forth. The name of the game will be these. This may be observed in the way many individuals like to use an axe and hammer. Weapons with great mobility are the next important component of the offensive position. It’s designed specifically for ranged positions. That is, once again, why the hatchet is so popular. I’m guessing the speed boost is half the reason so many folks pick that. That’s a lot of freedom.


  1. Re-insert the stagger. With no stagger, attack speed and attack timing aren’t as important when it comes to attacking. It doesn’t imply it doesn’t have a place; it just has a smaller one. As a consequence, certain weapons may be relegated to the sidelines. You don’t require complete stagger anymore. Make a mechanism out of it. Make it such that after someone is staggered, they get a 5-second cool down period during which they cannot be staggered again. As a result, make stagger resistance a real boost. Then you may design weapon functionality around stagger resistance. You may also configure it such that stagger only occurs if someone is struck from behind or during the animation of an attack.
  2. Install a parrying mechanism. It can operate in a similar way to the stagger system, where you can only parry once in a while. And you may base your whole balance/functionality on whether or not you can parry. It would make fighting a lot more enjoyable.
  • The Economy– In this game, the economy will not do well. Inflation is unavoidable. The economy for an endgame player will currently consist of the following. Repairing your goods, paying your property taxes, and purchasing and selling consumables are all things you should be doing. After a time, the price of crafted things will drop since there is no need to purchase it again after you have the finest equip. Repair components are also not difficult to get by. There aren’t enough drags on the economy to keep inflation at bay. Another important consideration is that, since the leveling experience depends so largely on making to make it more tolerable, there will be a large number of crafters at level 60. As a result, I believe you’ll have a large supply of endgame goods and insufficient demand by the end of January 2022. If you’ve ever played an MMO without complete gear replacement, you’ll know how quickly handmade things depreciate. Developers typically attempt to combat this by using time gates or very uncommon RNG mats.


  1. Replace the mechanic who is in charge of the repair component. Make it tier-based instead of having a single repair component for everything. A repair component corresponds to each layer of equipment. So you’ll need legendary repair components if you wish to fix a legendary item. These may be obtained by salvaging other legendary equipment. Include the ability to convert repair components into higher or lower levels as well. Do you have 50 white tier 1 repair parts? They may, however, be converted into tier 2 green repair parts. 10 turns green to blue. The list goes on and on, and vice versa. At the engineering workbench, this would be done. For endgame players, this will instill intrinsic worth in all goods, giving them an incentive to continue farming the resources required to create them.
  • PvE– I don’t believe there will be enough PvE in the game to keep people interested for a long time. Sadly, whether you agree with it or not, the quiet majority of players in this game come from AAA MMORPGs that have been around for a long time. Game titles include World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14, and Elder Scrolls Online. They anticipate a comparable level of involvement in the PvE finale. For the time being, I believe there will be one major expedition for level 60 players. Possibly two or three, depending on how the drops for the level 45 dungeons appear. And as for PvE arenas, I’m not sure whether they’ll be enough to keep people interested for months.


  1. The orb system is a simple idea that goes beyond simply more. Make it such that each dungeon has a level 60 variant that can be entered by creating the orb for that level. For example, at level 60, there is an orb for armine excursions. All gear, prizes, and monsters are scaled to 60 when you create this version of the orb (rather than the level 25 version). You’ll be able to keep all of these excursions relevant for endgame gamers this way.

Those are my recommendations. I believe that the game’s present state (and by current, I mean this moment in time) is sufficient. Who knows what they’ll come up with in the coming months), but the game will continue to lose gamers week after week. From debut week to today, we’ve witnessed a 15% decrease in sales. It’s not unusual for an MMO to be cancelled after the first week. However, I believe the number will continue to decline until we reach a peak player count of between 50k and 100k in January 2022. Mind you, it’s still a fantastic MMO, but yes. A good 5 or 6 out of 10, but it need improvement to ensure its long-term viability.

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New World is a new MMO that was released in the fall of 2018. It has received mixed reviews from players and veterans alike, but there are some predictions that can be made about its future. Reference: new world honest review.

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