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Best Stardew Valley Cat Mods (All Free) –

Stardew Valley is a fun, relaxing game to play. It has been around for a while now and I’m sure you have played it. If not, go download it from Steam and give it a try!

The best mods for stardew valley is a list of the best Stardew Valley cat mods that are completely free.

On Grandpa’s Farm in Pelican Town, pets are a delightful addition.

If you have great taste like me, you selected the cat as your pet (and if you have even finer taste, you got the orange one!)

And I’m sure you didn’t have a single regret.

Having said that, life is short. So let’s shake things up a little bit!

Here are some of the finest kitty-cat mods for Stardew that may offer some diversity to your feline companions.


Smoking Badass Kitty is number ten.

Take a Look At This Mod

Listen, I’m not here to encourage you to smoke.

As an asthmatic, I believe we need to tighten the screws even further.

If you married Sebastian, though, he may have taught your cat a few new tricks.

And by a “few” new skills, I mean how to puff while looking like a total Chad.

This mod includes a smoking animation, as well as sunglasses and a leather jacket for your cat. Enjoy.


Pusheen the Cat (number 9)

Take a Look At This Mod

While I am undoubtedly partial to the orange cat, I am also a huge fan of Pusheen.

His little cat cheeks have such a cute look on them.

And this mod does exactly what it says: it transforms your cat into a Pusheen that roams about your farm.

The squishy sitting sprite is particularly adorable!


Togepi Cat (number 8)

Togepi Cat Mod for Stardew Valley

Take a Look At This Mod

For all you Pokémon lovers out there, here’s a custom pet mod!

If realistic gameplay isn’t your thing (if Stardew can be called realistic—looking at you, monster mines! ), you may always adopt a Pokémon as a pet. After all, why not?

And after you’ve loaded the hack, your cat will transform into Togepi, Misty’s favorite fairy-type Pokémon.

In the game, it somehow looks fairly natural, not pushed in at all.

It’s also really adorable. If you have a Togepi on your farm, you should absolutely attempt this.


Umbreon Cat is number seven.

Umbreon Cat Mod for Stardew Valley

Take a Look At This Mod

This hack, like the last one, turns your cat become an Umbreon!

And, hey, Umbreon does resemble a cat in appearance, kind of?

It’s adorable in any case, and worth considering if you’re a huge Pokémon lover.

Maybe your farmer is a colossal geek who made a pact with Rasmodius to bring Pokémon to life? To be honest, I’m sure Abigail would approve.


6. Gifts for Cats

Cat Gifts Mod for Stardew Valley

Take a Look At This Mod

In real life, one of my favorite things about cats is how they offer you gifts.

And no, I’m not interested in dead mice or birds. But, as the saying goes, it’s the idea that counts!

Your cats will sometimes catch and give you presents if you have this mod installed.

They may leave simple goods such as seeds, or they may appear with stuff as rare and precious as diamonds.

After all, they have to make a living.

And the mod is very extensive. To calculate your odds of receiving a present, it considers your degree of friendship with your cat as well as the rarity of the goods – so start stroking and filling up water bowls!


5. Elle’s Cat Substitutes

Elle’s Cat Replacements Mod for Stardew Valley

Take a Look At This Mod

As a long-time Stardew player, I recall the days when you didn’t have an option of animal breed.

There were just two options: cat or, if you weren’t cool enough, dog.

Players now have a few breed options, although they aren’t all that extensive.

Elle’s Cat Replacements now has 51 different textures to select from so you may get the exact breed you desire.

They’ve also been sorted!

There are shorthairs and longhairs, as well as many other breeds, so you’re sure to find something you enjoy. At least, providing you like cats.


4. Bundle of Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll Cat Bundle Mod for Stardew Valley

Take a Look At This Mod

This is an excellent mod to download if you’re a sucker for adorable ragdoll kittens.

The mesh is based on the creator’s real-life cat, so you can tell it was a labor of love.

You may choose from a variety of colors and coat patterns, so even within the same breed, you have a lot of alternatives.


3. Tuxedo Cat Recolors in Black and White

Black White Tuxedo Cat Recolours Mod for Stardew Valley

Take a Look At This Mod

So, as the name implies, this mod recolors the vanilla tuxedo cat.

There’s now a black cat, a white kitty, and a kitty with both colors!

Eye color choices are also available, since tuxedo cats have more amber eyes than other breeds, which isn’t represented in the vanilla game.

It’s a good thing there’s modding.


2. Retexture Slime Kitty

Slime Kitty Retexture Mod for Stardew Valley

Take a Look At This Mod

If one cat isn’t enough (and believe me, it isn’t! ), you can now convert all of your Slimes from the Slime Hutch into adorable tiny cat slimes!

This mod transforms them all into chibi cats who perform the same functions as vanilla slimes but are more cuter.

As with the basic game slimes, there are a variety of colors to choose from.


1. Cats and Dogs in Abundance

Unlimited Cats and Dogs Mod for Stardew Valley

Take a Look At This Mod

Enter this mod: infinite pets if you don’t want to go with the slimy cat option for endless cats.

You may now adopt as many animals as you’d like.

Fill your whole farm with cats and be the crazy cat woman you were meant to be (and dogs, I guess).

Just remember to replace the water dish on a regular basis.

But take advantage of all the hugs and affection, and keep an eye out for any drinking glasses left on open tables.

The stardew valley multiple pets mod is a Stardew Valley mod that allows players to have multiple cats. This is a free Stardew Valley mod and is the best one out there.

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