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Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions pulls too many punches – Hands-on impressions

While the PS4 exclusive Creed: Champions might be a lot of fun, it’s easy to imagine that the PC version would offer way more than the Xbox version and would thus be a better game overall. Unfortunately, that is not the case: both versions of the game play very similarly and only differ in the number of matches and the inclusion of a two-player multiplayer mode. What’s worse, the PC version offers no graphics options whatsoever, as both resolutions and frame rates are locked to “high”, as opposed to the 60 fps that is the minimum requirement for the Xbox One and Steam. For those reasons, I’d say that the PS4 version offers the better overall experience, even though it is also the more expensive of the two.

I’ve been playing a lot of last year’s Street Fighter V over the past few months, and I was quite surprised at what a turn-based fighter it is. While the core mechanics of the block and parry system have been replicated very well, I can’t help but feel that fighting games are moving towards a more accessible experience on the whole, and that by extension, fighting games are becoming less of a niche title. This is not to say that fighting games aren’t for everyone, it’s just that the fighting game community has become more of a niche than it used to be. This year’s Street Fighter release, Street Fighter V: Season 3, serves as a reminder of what the fighting game scene was like back in the day.

The game was released with a number of connectivity problems, including with PSN and online multiplayer. Even with these hiccups, the game is still quite enjoyable. The tutorial was well-done, and I actually learned something. I also really like the sound effects.

Boxing games are rare and far between, thus it’s a pleasure anytime we can play one on a contemporary console instead of reverting to Fight Night and Ready 2 Rumble Boxing. Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions is odd in that it attempts to balance reality with cartoonish action, and I wish it would choose one or the other. It has advantages, but I wish Survios, the developer, had more of a “Eye of the Tiger.”

Let’s start with the combat system, which is the most crucial aspect of every fighting game. The game is fast-paced and plays like an arcade game. Incoming assaults may be blocked or countered, and you can use two distinct kinds of blows. You’re wide open after a fast jab or a powerful blow. The primary approach is to use both the jab and the powerful blows in one sweep to inflict a lot of damage. You’ll learn about your favorite character’s speed, range, and combo possibilities as you play. You may also use your jabs to perform some basic combos, and the directional buttons correlate to various powers. As you do damage to your opponent, you’ll earn a super meter, which, if used correctly, may deal a major blow to the HP bar.

Survios provided this image.

Boxing is an entertaining activity that may lead to some heated bouts. The timing of the punches is crucial to master, and predicting the opponent’s next assault may make the difference between winning and losing – this game excels at this. The swarmer, general, and slugger are three distinct kinds of fighters in Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions. Many of the characters on the roster have identical skills, which is a letdown given the developer’s access to the Rocky and Creed flicks. Regardless, the fighting is generally excellent, and the game’s simplicity adds to its appeal.

There aren’t many modes to choose from. There is no internet component, but the arcade mode is the primary attraction. Each character has a 40-minute to one-hour narrative that explains why they are facing that particular opponent. Some of the writing is pretty amusing, but much of it reads like the jalapeo that never gets eaten in a Papa John’s order. It is unworthy of your attention.

Survios provided this image.

Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions does a fantastic job at portraying characters from both the Rocky and Creed flicks. Fans will enjoy playing fantasy bouts between Adonis and Rocky when they were at their peak, and there are some interesting callbacks in the form of Ricky Conlan and Danny Wheeler. The graphics are vibrant and vivid, and the settings are full of personality. It also exactly resembles the gyms where Rocky and Adonis previously trained. The game also includes a lot of the film’s soundtrack, so you’ll be able to battle while listening to “Eye of the Tiger” and “Gonna Fly Now.” It also has some excellent R&B and Hip Hop songs.

The issue occurs because of certain of the game’s animations. With one to three disappointing blows to the opponent, the super attacks, the most powerful techniques in each boxer’s repertoire, are unimpressive. We have to disagree with Rocky’s devastating one-two punch, which puts his opponent face first on the floor; it looks terrible. I wish the game, like Ready 2 Rumble, was more animated and creative with each of the character’s actions. When it didn’t have to be, it seemed toned down. If the creators intended to concentrate on realism, they were also unsuccessful. During the battle, none of the fighters seem to have any scratches, cuts, or blood on their faces. Survios most likely intended to keep this game PG, but I would have rather to see the boxers worn down and exhibiting signs of weariness instead.

Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions is an entertaining boxing game for those looking for a different take on the sport. Survios is pulling its punches with the absence of internet, and the game’s boring arcade storylines may make it seem cheaply produced at times. If you’re a fan of the series, though, you’ll enjoy your time with Rocky’s latest video game.

This review was produced with the use of a game code supplied by the publisher.

We all love a good boxing game, but after playing through the beta for a few days, we were left feeling a little underwhelmed. The controls and mechanics just aren’t there, and the addition of the health system is just a mess.. Read more about big rumble boxing creed champions gameplay and let us know what you think.

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