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Cruis’n Blast makes me miss Burnout even more – Hands-on Impressions

Cruis’n Blast made me miss Burnout more than ever. It’s a blast to play, with tons of cars and an excellent soundtrack. But it doesn’t feel like the game I loved so much in my youth.

The cruis’n usa is a new game in the long-running series of Cruis’n games. It was released on June 21, 2018, for PC and consoles.

Cruis’n Blast may be described in a single word: jank. After a flip in the air, cars crash to the ground, physics sometimes fail, and the sound effects are too loud. However, underneath all of the turmoil, there is an enjoyable game. Is it fantastic? No. Cruis’n Blast, on the other hand, brings an action-packed arcade experience to the Nintendo Switch that is nothing but pure joy. 

The game has considerable resemblance to other well-known racing games such as the Burnout series and Split/Second. You may drift around corners to increase speed, utilize nitrous, and navigate around the game’s obstacles as you progress through each level. It’s a sight to see, although an unappealing one. Attack helicopters stalk the stage, while earthquakes create a fissure in the ground below. The Millennium Wheel on the London stage is off its hinges and rolling across the city, creating havoc. It’s thrilling, and Raw Thrills’ fast-paced vibe has arrived in arcades all around the globe.

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It performs well. Drifting is pleasurable, especially when you receive a surge of speed. You may flip racers in front of you and smash them into the walls, resulting in an explosion. The visuals are the one area where it falls short. The textures are extremely basic, with little features, and one area in particular, Death Valley, contains untextured aircraft models that seem like they came from the N64 period. Crashing seems lackluster without the crunching metal and realistic visuals of a game like Burnout, despite the fact that they’re essential for eliminating opponents. The game also suffers from the previously stated bugs, such as falling through solid ground after doing a stunt and physics problems.

Behind the awful visuals, the art design and thrilling cinematic moments are fantastic, however the textures make it seem cheap and ugly. It’s like seeing a McDonald’s ad where the lettuce is scuffed and the cheese is sliding off the meat when you receive your Big Mac.

The sound design isn’t appropriate for a console game. It’s very loud and grating on the ears. Because of how the speakers are set up in the arcade, it’s easier to hear the loud noise, but the adjustment to the Nintendo Switch wasn’t easy. Furthermore, the music is very generic. Something exciting, like the Daytona USA or Outrun games, was on my wish list. A little licensed music would have helped, but Raw Thrills probably didn’t have the funds to do so. With such a tight budget, it’s no wonder that Cruis’n Blast’s primary theme tune contains your daily dosage of cringe.

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Apart from the strong racing component, Cruis’n Blast has several advantages. Each track has three golden keys that you may gather throughout the game. These will unlock additional vehicles such as a motorcycle, a fire truck, and even a unicorn if you find them. Raw Thrills was unafraid to go off the rails. Despite the fact that the unicorn’s animation is very jank, I still like it. There are a total of 29 songs, which is a good number. The majority of them can only be unlocked by completing cups with a silver or gold rating. There are a lot of reskins of previous songs, but Raw Thrills manages to set itself apart by using new gimmicks. Although it seems to be inexpensive, Raw Thrills makes the most of what it has.

Unfortunately, there is no online option, but if you want to play on the sofa, you may bring up to three other people to play with you. I believe this game would be a good way to spend an evening, but it lacks the complexity and endurance of a game like Mario Kart 8: Deluxe.

In terms of appearance and flaws, Cruis’n Blast is an entertaining, though nasty, offering. If you like the fast-paced action of the Burnout series, it’s worth a look, although you may prefer the real Burnout Paradise, which is currently available on Switch.

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