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How to complete the Shrine of Ancient Tears in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure game that takes place in a pirate world. Players are tasked with completing quests, exploring the world, and fighting other players in PvP battles. One quest has players collecting ancient tears to help them find their way home.

Sea of Thieves is a game that was released on March 20th, 2018. The sea of thieves release date is the day that the game came out.

One of the six shrines in Sea of Thieves is the Shrine of Ancient Tears. You can take some wonderful treasure back to the surface from these shrines, but you’ll have to solve the temple’s numerous riddles before you can get your hands on what’s rightly yours. You should also prepare to battle a few of Merfolk and have your wits about you. Sailing over to the N20 grid tile and swimming straight down to the seabed will lead you to this temple.

When you arrive at the Shrine, fire the purple entry slot with a ranged weapon to drop the barrier and enable you to enter. Continue down the trail until you come to a place with a well and a ladder going down to the bottom.

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Your objective is to get out of this chamber as quickly as possible, so grab your lantern and ignite the room’s four torches. They may be found in each of the four corners. Each of these candles has a tile on the ground that you may stand on after all four of them are lighted. To open the door at the top of the stairs and continue to the next location, rapidly step on all four of them.

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However, before leaving the Shrine, you may empty the well in the middle of the chamber to get the greatest wealth. To accomplish so, take the route up from the right side of this place and up the steps until you reach a ladder. If you’re facing the ladder, you should be facing east. So climb the ladder, continue this route, and leap over the purple coral to reach the other side, where a series of steps awaits.

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Continue up the stairwell and down the walkway until you reach a walled-off room with a lever. Pull the lever down to empty the well, enabling you to go to the next chamber. You may leap down from a neighboring ledge into the wall and into the well below to get the remaining water.

When you reach the bottom, take the short route to an altar where you must ignite four candles. You may accomplish this by pulling out your lamp, approaching each one, and engaging with the wood to light them on fire, allowing you to go to the next region.

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Continue to the left until you reach the top and are on the opposite side of a wall that leads back to the main room. Pull the lever, and you’ll be back in the room, with lots of riches on the floor. You may now return to the top of the stairs and go to the Shrine’s next section.

When you got to the room, you stepped on the four tiles in the main chamber to unlock it. You’ll need to ignite another set of four torches inside the throne room. Return to the big chamber where the door facing the well will open after all of them are lighted.

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Inside the room, there will be four pillars in the middle, each with a sign above it. A butterfly, a turtle, a parrot, and a crab are among the markings.

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Butterfly corridor

The butterfly hallway is the first corridor beyond the entryway. To light the butterfly pillar, you must ignite all three torches within this corridor. Return to that hallway and interact with three levers, one near each of the torches you just ignited, to open up another chamber at the end of the butterfly hallway, looking south.

Turtle corridor

The turtle will be waiting for you in the next corridor that you will unlock. You’ll light the torches in this corridor in the same manner you did for the butterfly, but there are now six of them, two of which are concealed. All you have to do now is interact with the three turtle levers in this room after lighting the six visible ones. The two secret torches will be exposed after the levers are pushed, concealed in a tiny chamber with two chests within.

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Hallway with parrots

The next corridor is for the parrot, and you should only need to ignite four torches here. You must ignite the candles and then pull down the levers, just like you did in the previous two rooms. One of the levers in this chamber, however, is concealed. To locate it, walk on the tile under one of the levers, which will expose the hidden one at the parrot hallway entrance.

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Crabby corridor

The last corridor has four torches that must be lit. We suggest searching for those first before moving on to the levers since they are the simplest to locate. The next stage is to locate the three levers once all four lamps have been lighted. You may uncover two of them by walking on plates concealed in the wall.

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Looking at the wall for crab marks is the easiest method to discover where the concealed levers are. This shows where the levers are. Once you’ve found them all, start the timer by pulling on the visible lever, then walk on the closest plates to expose the hidden levers.

You’ll return to one side of the butterfly passage after locating the levers, and then to the center of the pillars to collect all of your well-deserved loot.