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Life Is Strange True Colors Chapter 2 Big Choices & Outcome Guide

In Life Is Strange, players have the opportunity to make a series of choices that will change the course of their story. This guide is designed to help you choose your path and determine the outcome.

The life is strange: true colors ultimate edition is a game that has been released recently. This guide will help you decide what choices to make in the second chapter of the game, and how they will affect your outcomes.

Deck Nine, Square Enix’s Life Is Strange True Colors is a graphic story-based adventure game. Once you begin exploring Haven in Chapter 2, you will encounter a variety of options and activities. The list of minor decisions and duties that you must make in this chapter may be found HERE.

There will be three major decisions to make, each of which will have long-term implications and alter your relationships with other people. Below is a quick introduction to the three major decisions you’ll have to make in Chapter 2 and their implications.

 Examine all of Chapter 1’s major decisions and consequences.

True Colors: Life Is Strange Accept the money for Ethan or decline the offer.

After exiting the dark lantern in Chapter 2, the first thing you should do is go to the flower store to look for Mac. You had received a message from Charlotte telling you to come meet her about something urgent. You won’t have as much options if you don’t go to the dispensary first before heading to the flower store.

Charlotte will inform you that the typhoon has agreed to pay a large sum of money in exchange for them not filing charges. This money will be utilized to assist Ethan in attending college. She needs the money for Ethan, but she believes that accepting the offer would be a betrayal of Gabe. You must respond to her with a decision to accept or decline the money.

If you opt to accept the money, Alex will advise you that you must prioritize Ethan and that if the money helps, you should accept it. She’ll never stop looking for her brother’s murderer. Charlotte will be grateful for Alex’s input. “That affidavit seems scummy, but…Ethan should come first,” Alex will think.

If you decline the offer, Alex will tell Charlotte that she shouldn’t sign it; she understands how difficult it is, but she can’t allow the hurricane pay her off. Alex requests more time to prove her brother’s murderer. Charlotte will appreciate Alex’s candor. “If they’re prepared to pay Charlotte to stay quiet, they’re certainly concealing something,” Alex would think to herself.

Note: In the following chapters, we’ll update how the narrative develops in relation to these major decisions.

True Colors: Life Is Strange If you don’t tell her about Gabe, she’ll be in a lot of pain.

You must accomplish a mission to assist Eleanor in recalling her memories. After you’ve assisted her in recalling the events of the day, she’ll consider why Jed bought Lillies. You must make the difficult decision of whether or not to tell her or to spare her the grief.

Alex will make reasons like this if you choose to spare her the misery. Jed, you know, doesn’t know the difference between a tulip and a lily. Eleanor will inform Alex that Gabe is smarter than he seems. She’ll be content not knowing, and Alex would believe to himself that after recalling the day, she’d finally found happiness, and she didn’t want to destroy it.

If you chose to inform her about Gabe’s wake, she will suddenly recall it, weep because she can’t believe she forgot, and blame herself. She’ll go to the back room, sobbing, and lock the door behind her while apologizing to Alex. Alex will ponder something. That was a bummer, but at least she was honest.

Note: If you want to save her the agony, go to the conclusion of the chapter, when all of Gabe’s friends and family will give him one final send-off as Alex speaks about Gabe. Eleanor will not be present. She will be there if you chose to speak the truth.

Life Is Weird Colors in their Natural State Mac Should Either Calm Down Or Walk Away

You’ll need Mac to speak up about what occurred after you locate him on the bridge. He’ll be terrified once you figure out how to get him to open up. You must empathize with his feelings and approach him. After confronting him, you will converse with him by choosing from a few options. When Mac finally opens up about everything panicking, you’ll have the major decisions to make. You could either calm him down or go away if he was panicking.

Alex will advise Mac to calm down and quit panicking if you opt to soothe him down. She understands what it’s like to be questioned by everyone and to have everyone assume the worst of you, but the truth will come out in the end. To hide the truth, Typhoon must battle with Alex and Mac. After that, Mac will be at ease, and Alex will tell her not to leave Haven until she has discovered the truth.

Alex will tell you that if you choose to walk away, you deserve everything you’re receiving. Despite the fact that he did not murder Gabe, he is complicit in the crime by failing to act. Mac might have raised an issue at Gabe’s wake or called the cops. Mac attempts to justify himself by claiming that he didn’t have a choice. Alex becomes enraged as well, telling Mac that he hopes this emotion destroys him. As Alex emerges from the room, she notices a shadow on the wall hanging. If you opt to walk away from Mac, he will depart the town.

Note: If you choose to walk away at the conclusion of the chapter, when all of Gabe’s friends and family are giving him one final send-off and Alex is talking about Gabe, you will be penalized. Mac will not be present. If you opt to Calm Mac down, he’ll show up for the last farewell.

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The life is strange: true colors platforms is a guide that will help players through the choices and outcomes of Chapter 2.

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