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Metroid Dread Raven Beak guide

The Metroid Dread Raven Beak guide is a comprehensive walkthrough for the game Metroid Dread. It includes all of the items, enemies, and bosses that you will encounter in this game.

The metroid dread raven beak wiki is a guide for the Metroid game, Metroid Dread. It includes information on how to access all of the different endings in the game.

You’ve gathered all of the upgrades, survived Experiment No. Z-57, spent far too much time dealing with E.M.M.I.s, and are finally ready to take the elevator to heaven and face Raven Beak — only to be destroyed in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us, but don’t worry, we’ve got the lowdown on how to clip this bird’s wings quickly and easily.

Raven Beak comprises three distinct stages. He’ll start with defensive shielding in the initial phase, making it impossible to damage him except with missiles. Storm Missiles are a good choice since they’re simple to charge up while avoiding his attacks:

  • He will extend his arm to the heavens and summon forth a destructive zone that will cover the whole room save for the area directly beside him. Stay close to him to prevent being hurt, but as soon as it’s over, leap in the air since he’ll try to counterattack.
  • He will conjure a rising ball of darkness that will pursue Samus throughout the room. Take down the Storm Missile Barrages first, and you’ll get health and missile ammunition in exchange. This is usually followed by Red Zone.
  • Melee Combination — If Samus is trapped in a corner, he will claw his way towards her, sometimes in a three-hit combo. Out of harm’s path, jump and Phase Shift.
  • He will glow red momentarily before rushing and striking Samus in the stomach with his dash attack. This strike is very painful, therefore leap and Phase Shift out of the path.

He’ll channel energy throughout the whole chamber — save for the very bottom — after you’ve dealt enough missile damage. So, take morph Ball down to safety and prepare for a counterattack. Continue hitting him with Ice Missiles until the sequence finishes after you’ve successfully countered.

Raven Beak glows orange thereafter and is no longer vulnerable to missiles. Instead, you must stay out of his way until he taunts you. When he does, approach him and ready to counter him twice in a row, triggering another Ice Missile sequence in the process. This should advance you to Phase 2, but the approach remains the same: charge Storm Missiles and let him have it.

Raven Beak will sprout wings and begin to fly about the area, learning new attack patterns as a result:

  • Dive Attack — Similar to Ridley in earlier Metroid games, Raven Beak will soar about the area and attempt to divebomb Samus. The easiest way to prevent this is to use Phase Shift.
  • Raven Beak will unleash a barrage of gunshots towards Samus. By Space Jumping in a circle around him, you can escape this.
  • Raven Beak will unleash a blast of energy after locking onto Samus. Phase Shift or Space Jump may be used to escape this assault.

Raven Beak will lose a wing if enough damage has been done, and Phase 3 will begin. Phase 3 is identical to Phase 1, with the exception of the Sun Orb, which is a very lethal assault. If you see this, you must instantly deploy a Power Bomb. Otherwise, you’ll suffer a significant amount of damage.

Phase 4 starts after you’ve struck Raven Beak enough times, but it’s more of a dramatic finale than a Phase, so I’ll leave it up to you to experience it. Have fun with the credits, and we’ll see you on the next assignment.

The chozo metroid dread is a guide for the Metroid Dread game. It includes all of the maps, items, and enemies in the game.

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