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The gaming industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, with a global market size of $137.3 billion. With that comes many different types of games, each with their own unique features and mechanics.

The gaming news today is a rant about questing. It talks about how the game developers are taking away the fun of questing by not giving players enough rewards for their time and effort.

Here’s where I’m going to go on a sensible rant. Thank you for attending my Ted Talk.

To begin, create them in the style of OSRS or RS3 Quest.

I’m not sure why no other MMORPG has done this. (Well, I do, and the dumb fetch / kill quests are the simplest to earn money off of.) OSRS and RS3 quest are without a doubt the finest in the category.

There’s a reason you can ask any Runescape player who’s played a fair bit of the game, “Can you name a bunch of quests from the game?” and they’ll almost certainly be able to. Because there are 150 quests in all, the quests are unforgettable. If you ask someone who has played any other MMORPG to recall a few quests from the game, they are unlikely to remember more than one or two since they all mix together.

I don’t expect anybody to read these links unless they’re really interested, but they do support the arguments.

The first reason is because it is a trip (Most)

This mission is known as

Pass for the subway. As you can see by scrolling down, it’s a long and arduous trip to accomplish this quest. This quest may take 30-40 minutes with a guide. This may take an hour or more if you don’t like instructions and prefer to figure things out on your own.

Monkey Madness is the name of this mission. To summarize, you must sneak onto a monkey island for a group of gnomes, trick a little monkey kid into giving you an item that transforms you into a monkey, transform yourself into a monkey, and convince the monkey king to make peace with the gnomes by breaking another monkey out of a city zoo and returning it to the island.

Now there are quests like Cooks Assistant, which is a simple task that requires you to acquire a bucket to milk 1 cow, 1 egg from the chicken coop, and then pick some wheat and take it to the granary mill to be turned into flour using a pot. As a result, not every mission is ideal or intriguing.

Reason No. 2: The Benefits

Animal Magnetism is the name of the mission. You can view the rewards of each quest by scrolling all the way down to the bottom. The ‘Ava’s Device’ is unlocked by completing this mission. This is a backpack that you wear when ranging that will automatically pick up your range ammunition off the ground for you so that you don’t have to continually going over to get it. You can see how this might be quite helpful, can’t you? Never have to worry about running out of ammunition. Furthermore, the stats give you a range boost. This is a quest that you may start at about level 30-40 and will benefit you until you reach level 126. Not only that, but later on in the game you’ll complete a mission called Dragon Slayer 2 that will allow you to slay a boss. You may use the head with the bag from Animal Magnetism to improve the backpack if you obtain its head as a drop (1/50).

Priest in Peril is the name of this quest. This quest may be completed at any combat level between 15 and 40, and it will open the whole region on the right side of the map, which is full with things to do at both low and high levels. Low-level Hunter/Slayer, mid-level Agility, or high-level Raids 2 or The Nightmare are just a few examples.

There are many more instances, but I’ll stop with reason 2.

Reason 3: The fact that you started the quest in the first place.

This mission is known as

The Elves’ Song is a song sung by the elves. This is a mission for the ‘Grandmaster.’ There are numerous prerequisites simply to be able to complete this quest, as you can see in the ‘Details’ section towards the top. You’ll need specific stats in battle and lifeskills, as well as additional quests in Runescape and things that you can either acquire or buy.

Recipe for Disaster is the name of this quest. Not only are specific stats, quests, and equipment needed, but 175 Quest Points are also required. Outside of the absolute mission that it identifies, you must select any other number of quests and get enough to complete them.

Because of how much effort put into it, every time you finish one of these large quests, you feel like you’ve conquered the globe.

Finally, there’s the environment.

It’s difficult for me to provide links unless I go throughout the globe capturing screen pictures, but each quest’s setting is excellent.

From the quest’s setting and atmosphere to the Chat Heads and Dialogue you get while speaking with a npc.


If you did read it, thank you for taking the time to do so. If not, don’t worry. I just wanted to vent my anger.

Also, if you’re considering of playing OSRS, feel free to join the subreddit’s extremely busy subreddit and utilize the links on the right to get Runelite for a much better experience and the ability to use HD!

Also, I know I mentioned RS3 but didn’t provide any examples; I haven’t played it in a long time, but I’m sure the quests are just as excellent, if not better.

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