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Starbase August 26 Patch Notes (EA Build 572)

Dev update: 5/26/2014 12:21pm – Starbase August 26 Patch Notes (EA Build 572)

The Starbase August 26 patch notes have been released! Let’s have a look at what’s new in Starbase with this release: Starbase August 26 Patch Notes

The Starbase August 26 Patch Notes (EA Build 572) was released on August 26th, 2017 (a Tuesday) for Star Trek Timelines (USS Enterprise’s Class “F” NCC-1701-A). The following are the Patch Notes (EA Build 572):

Starbase August 26 Patch Notes (EA Build 572)

Starbase, Frozenbyte’s open-world voxel/vertex-based space MMO, has received a significant upgrade. The Starbase August 26 patch notes for Early Access Build 572 are a big patch with a lot of changes. A health meter, player healing, and a new market station in deep space for all those long-distance passengers are just a few of the key additions.

The new Market Station may be found 300 kilometers within the asteroid belt in outer space. It contains an Auction House with a low tax rate of 2% that is not linked to the Auction Houses of the Origin Stations. Ship stores, a simple construction hall, a ship design workshop, refuel stations, insurance transfer (100km range), and a 50km radius safe zone are also available. You can’t sell your ore here since it’s purely a player-trading station.

Aside from that, we’ve included a player health meter and healing to the game. Animations, music, crafting, gameplay, and minor improvements for ship designers and simple construction are among the remaining updates.

Patch Notes for Starbase 26 (EA Build 572)

Major Characteristics

  • Bar of Health
  • When within a Safe Zone, players progressively heal.
  • Over 300 kilometers inside the belt, the New Market Station includes:
    • Auction house with a tax rate of just 2%. This AH is not linked to any of the Origin AHs.
    • All of the ship stores
    • Hall that is simple to construct
    • Workshop on Ship Design
    • Stations for refilling
    • Transfer of insurance with a range of just 100 kilometers
    • Permanent safe zone of 50 kilometers
    • Notes:
      • This station does not purchase ore or other goods. It’s just for trade between players.
      • The station is situated towards the belt’s bottom. To get the transponder to appear, you must be about 200 kilometers from Origins.
      • There will be asteroids in the safe zone at first. This is intentional, since people looking for a safe haven for mining may do so until the asteroids are exhausted. To take advantage of this, you must first go to the station. The station is also not in an asteroid belt of the greatest rank.


  • 1st person fixed The fire animation for the Pipe Tool isn’t working properly.
  • When removing a weapon from a Tripod, the animation was not properly activated.
  • When shooting the Shotgun, the fixed legs do not animate properly during movement.
  • When using the Tripod autocannon, the sprint animation was incorrect.


  • UI noises for the Pilot Chair bind menu have been added.
  • For the Auction House UI, missing sounds have been included.
  • When the Research Tree wasn’t displayed, the window’s closing noises were wrong.
  • The sound of a new audio signal device
  • When the player is working in an in-game editor, the ambient noise has been reduced.


  • Fixed a bug that caused new business ranks to fail to be created.


  • Under the “Station modules” category, a new sub-category called “Frames” was added.
  • Added Hinge B 48×48 CM to hinges & hatches node
  • All existing station modules have been classified.
  • The inability to construct Full or Refill variants of Propellant Tanks has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t make Solar Panels or Solar Panel Light Sensors.
  • In Designer of Ships test mode, crafting was disabled.
  • Resource Bridge flow in and out is required while crafting from crates.
  • Refunding is predetermined. When crafting from a crate fails, ore is used.


  • Fixed a problem with the Utility Body’s bolt profile that prevented it from bolting correctly.
  • The basic propellant consumption of the Plasma Thruster was decreased from 290 to 248.


  • When within a Safe Zone, players progressively heal.
  • Fixed a bug that led the player to respawn in the wrong place after death.
  • Ship sale confirmation was erroneously displayed on Ship spawn or Ship sell terminals due to a bug.
  • Only bespoke goods containing Ore should now be removed from inventory.


  • In the ship despawn option, the phrase “Despawn Ship” was changed to “Store Ship.”
  • A minor tweaks to the text descriptions in the Settings menu
  • Health Bar has been added.


  • New lunar landscape was added, the moon was rotated, and the City was elevated above the earth.
  • The city should now have longer “beam legs,” meaning it should no longer float.
  • Ground level of New Moon 1, ground forms and textures
  • Moon city currently has three insurance transfer stations, each with a restricted range of 100 kilometers, situated at the city’s main entrance, the major aircraft port, and the tournament monument.


  • On The Mako, the Tengium beams were replaced by Bastium beams.
  • Description has been added for:
    • A-Frame
    • EVO Akantha
    • Apis
    • Barrow40
    • Auto Blood Hound V2
    • Laser Blood Hound V2
    • Plasma from the Blood Hound V2
    • Buzzard
    • Cyclone
    • Dart MKI
    • Smooth FRS
    • Fal-4F3L
    • Scarab of Fire
    • Huginn
    • K9-Kalman
    • Leoforeio
    • Mantis is a kind of insect (1)
    • Mantis is a kind of insect (2)
    • Muninn
    • Svafa A
    • The Mako
    • Standard UMT.1.0 “Badger”
    • Advanced Workhorse
    • Workhorse Supply is a company that specializes in supplying workhor
  • Updated:
    • Croc
    • Pincer has been updated with the following information:
      • The ship’s control layout has been modified.
      • The ship now has two batteries and a new generator adjusting script, resulting in increased fuel efficiency.
      • The EcoMode button also includes a warning that it should be turned off before activating the Cargo Lock Beams.

Ship Designer

  • When an error about failing to load scene file data is shown, some extra information has been added to the error message.
  • In test mode, a crash occurred while entering a group session.
  • Snap points were wrongly represented due to a bug.
  • F5 test mode toggle is not allowed when the scene is saving, loading, or the purchase custom ship dialog is active, or while a state transition is in process.
  • Closing the purchase ship dialogs while the buy process is ongoing was prevented.

Easy Build Mode for Ships

  • When re-entering, Easy Build caused ships to flip.
  • Fixed name for Basic 2 T1 Fuel Rod & Rack module
  • When a module is installed for the first time, the resource containers are occasionally empty.
  • If a ship’s thrusters are removed from the ship, the ship will duplicate.
  • Corner 1 Ore Crate module has been fixed with welding.
  • When the player is working in an in-game editor, the ambient noise has been reduced.


  • Factory Hall Areas have been correctly saved.
  • Rotation of the Fixed Station Foundation during installation
  • The initial Easy Build Mode module may now be placed anywhere within the Easy Build Mode area instead of adjacent to the Station Foundation module, due to a bug.
  • When a Factory Hall Area was deactivated around them, the gadgets did not correctly turn down.
  • Devices were not allowed to work on stations outside of the Factory Hall Areas.
  • The name of the new trade station has been changed to “Trading Station Markka.”


  • By hovering your reticle or mouse over durability faults in game, you may now see them.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Building Tool from repairing itself.


  • Camera distance bindings to instructional hints have been added.
  • A Quickbar Edit lesson has been added.
  • After logging out and back in, the ship respawning for Repair Job was not always functioning during the final part of the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue where the game erroneously displayed the quantity of ores possessed during the Crafting lesson.
  • During the lesson, the quickbar highlight was changed to not highlight any non-visible quickbars and to pick the quickbar with the lowest screen position.
  • Outside of instructional mode, the new Mineral Discovery messages now function.


  • Handheld weapon magazines now have brief descriptions.
  • The main menu has been modified to include the new Starbase logo.


  • Fixed typo in Mounted Weapon Barrel locales: “Elelctricity” -> “Electricity”
  • The reload animation for the tripod weapon was not playing.
  • Tripod Autocannon’s locations have been improved:
    • Better instructions on how to operate the weapon and basic stats comparable to those seen on mounted ship weapon barrels.

courtesy of FrozenByte

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