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The Best Duct Tape Combos in Enter the Gungeon –

Enter the Gungeon is a roguelike bullet-hell dungeon crawler by Dodge Roll. It’s been out for a while now, but it still has tons of secrets to uncover and interesting characters to meet along the way.

The best duct tape combos gungeon is a list of the best duct tape combinations in Enter the Gungeon.

Before entering a boss chamber in Dodge Roll’s Enter the Gungeon, I frequently find myself debating which weapon to use to confront the monster.

After all, making the incorrect decision might be the end of my run.

What if you didn’t have to choose?

Duct Tape is a high-quality, one-time-use active item that unites two weapons, allowing one of them access to the other’s projectiles as well as their own.

In Enter the Gungeon, there are just too many weapons to remember which combinations work and which don’t… However, by looking at our best duct-taping combinations in this list, you may acquire some excellent duct-taping concepts.


Mega Douser + Moonscraper = ten.

Taking two poor weapons and merging them to create a great one is one of the finest applications for Duct Tape.

One of the most unusual combinations is Mega Douser + Moonscraper.

These two beam guns don’t deal much damage even when taped together, but their combined knockback blasts opponents away in an instant.

This is excellent for keeping the Gundead at bay and allowing you to avoid their bullets.

If you sum up the damage done by shoving opponents down pits, I’m sure the DPS would match some of the game’s more powerful weaponry.


9. Crown of Guns + Face Melter

Duct Tape may take your power fantasy to the next level with weapons that shoot in all directions.

Tape the Face Melter and Crown of Guns together and you’ll have a Touhou boss blanketing the screen with bullets.

The Face Melter still has the option to mount an amplifier turret that shoots in four directions, much like the cannon.

Furthermore, these turrets will fire the Crown’s bullets, giving them an enormous advantage.

It’s a little disorganized, but it’s extremely showy – and it’s great for emptying rooms.


Hexagun + Sniper Rifle

On the first few levels, everyone likes the “one shot, one kill” rhythm that some weapons (like the Sniper Rifle) can provide.

Duct tape may help you keep the beat running for a longer period of time.

Simply combine the shots of two powerful semiautomatic weapons, such as the Sniper Rifle and the Hexagun, to create a more powerful weapon.

Although it’s technically “two bullets, one kill,” you just have to squeeze the trigger once, making it just as enjoyable.

The Hexagun also adds something more to the table:

One out of every five opponents is turned into a chicken.

You can probably imagine what happens when a sniper shot hits a chicken.


7. Vulcan Cannon + Left Hand of Robot

The Vulcan Cannon + Robot’s Left Hand combination is another great illustration of how taping together two identical weapons may produce amazing effects.

The Vulcan Cannon’s vertigo-inducing 20 rounds per second firing rate is difficult to equal, but the Robot’s Left Hand manages a respectable 10.

The Robot’s Left Hand, unlike the Vulcan Cannon, must reload – however the time is cut in half once it is taped together. Just keep in mind that everything must be done manually!

The DPS you can get with this barrage of bullets and blue lasers is incredible.


6. Stinger + Demon Head

Duct-tape weapons are unique in that they do not need reloading.

As a result, they may speed up the reload time of some of the game’s slower weapons.

The Demon Head + Stinger combination is an excellent example.

It allows you to launch missile after missile before the first one even reaches the target.

It may chew up your ammunition, but it will save you a lot of time and hassle while fighting bosses and opponents that are bullet sponges.

This will also work with weapons like the Particulator or the Makeshift Cannon, which are both deadly yet slow to reload.


5. Mega Hand + Heroine

Most adversaries in the Gungeon can be dispatched quickly with charge-up weapons like the Heroine and the Mega Hand — and if you tape them together, the number of survivors decreases dramatically.

You’ll still need to charge them up, but having double the firepower may really help.

It’s also a bomb against bosses, allowing you to take them out in half the time you normally would.

This Duct Tape combination pays tribute to two of 2D gaming’s most iconic blaster-wielding icons: Samus Aran and Mega Man. It may motivate you to persevere through difficult moments in the Gungeon.


4. Makeshift Cannon + Plunger

Consider holding out for a powerful low-ammo weapon like the Makeshift Cannon if you ever find yourself with Duct Tape and a plunger.

The Plunger isn’t the most powerful weapon in the game. However, by standing on toxic goop, it may refill all of its ammunition.

This benefit is transmitted to any gun that has duct tape applied to it.

Because the Plunger really pours a lot of poison on the ground with each shot, reloading your bullets is simple, and the Makeshift Cannon has practically limitless ammo.

Poisoning opponents is also a great additional amount of harm.


3. Mourning Star + Gungine

The Gungine, which can reload at no cost anytime you’re standing over any liquid or fire – to which it renders you immune – has a similar but increased effect.

While you may use it with the Makeshift Cannon, the Mourning Star is the ideal companion.

Wherever you aim this cannon, it summons a laser from space.

You may now aim it while pumping your enemies full of lead with this S-tier bullet hose, which is now attached to the Gungine.

The fact that the laser leaves a blazing trail allows the player to take use of the Gungine’s fire immunity and reloading effects is what makes it such a strong combination.

Most bosses are easy to defeat with this combination.


2. Yari Launcher + Fightsabre

The Fightsabre + Yari Launcher is another match made in heaven, taking use of the former’s bullet-reflecting reload animation and the latter’s enormous damage potential.

The fact that these two have comparable clip sizes makes them a great match.

Furthermore, you’ll be reloading often to deflect shots, allowing the Yari Launcher to keep launching missiles indefinitely.

Of course, the additional damage caused by the Fightsabre’s own shots should not be overlooked.

This combination provides you with the most effective defense and attack.

It’s a complete power fantasy to wield it.


1. Duct tape Plus whatever is already in your inventory

Finally, the greatest Gungeon Duct Tape combination is the one you actually create and enjoy.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten the Duct Tape only to die while still waiting for the right combo, when duct-taping two of my less-than-ideal weapons would have ensured my life.

Don’t get lost in the long-term game and perish with wasted resources unless you’re at the top of your game, smashing speedrun records and performing no-damage runs.

Perfection is less essential than survival.

These are just taped-together weapons, people.

They’re all very awesome!

Enter the Gungeon is a roguelike bullet hell shooter game. It has a lot of guns to choose from, but there are some that work better together than others. Here are some of the best combinations for each gun in the game. Reference: how to combine guns in enter the gungeon.

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