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Unfairly banned twice. Blizzard not helping. Annoyed.

In a recent interview, Blizzard Entertainment CEO Mike Morhaime said that the company has no plans to help players who were banned by mistake. The only recourse for these players is to appeal their ban through the support team, which can take months and often does not work.

The blizzard appeal ban is a situation that many gamers may find themselves in. Blizzard has not been helpful to players who have been unfairly banned twice.

In the last two weeks, I’ve been banned twice for “botting” yet I don’t bot. In my search for other people’s experiences with this, I’ve come across similar instances, as well as a lot of comments along the lines of “you got what you deserved cheeter!!” so react accordingly. This is unlikely to help me be unbanned, but it can’t harm.


I’ve been a subscriber from the beginning and have never had any measures taken on my account. I was running Blackrock Foundry on my hunter for transmog items on September 10th when I got disconnected. When I try to get back in, it states my account has been canceled forever. The following email was sent to me:


I’m perplexed since I don’t use any third-party bot software, I don’t do any multiboxing, and I don’t perform nearly enough farming to be mistaken for a bot. My account has an authenticator, and no one has accessed it without my permission. Because I live alone, no one else is accessing my account without my permission (unless my cat is). I filed a ticket, and this is the answer I got.


I’m extremely angry right now since I’ve been permanently banned without having done anything wrong, and they won’t even tell me what I did wrong. Looking around the internet and seeing other reddit postings (such as this one: was wrongfully banned blizzards broken system/), it seems like the problem will take a few tickets to fix. So, I guess I’ll have to file some more tickets. I maintain a polite demeanor in them (the typical “I’ve worked in customer service, therefore I know how it works” answer).


The next step is to respond. There’s still no word on what I did.


They lower it from a lifetime ban to a six-month suspension after a thorough inquiry (I thought they done that already?). They also claim that I was reported by other players this time, although they don’t elaborate on what I was doing.


Again, “my case” is mentioned, as if the person on the other side knows what I’m accused of but refuses to tell me.


Another “in-depth” review with no specifics.


The email is same. This happened after I tried utilizing the live chat option to reach a person (which didn’t work) and then attempted using live chat again to contact a different human (which also didn’t work) (did not work).


Nothing has changed.


Although a human reaction, it is nonetheless unhelpful. The explanation has now reverted to “hacks” after being “reported by gamers for cheating.” He cites future crimes, but he never tells me what the first infraction was. He also says that repeatedly filing tickets is punishable, which I can only take as a thinly disguised “stop sending tickets or you’ll be blacklisted.”


Exactly the same answer.




I’m not sure why the writing is purple on this, but it’s the same message, so there’s no sense in reading it.


I wrote out a response, but it didn’t help.


I wrote an answer, but it didn’t help. At this point, I was hoping for at least some insight into what went wrong so I wouldn’t repeat the mistake. If I made a mistake, I don’t want to repeat it! I appreciate the need to keep ahead of bots by not being completely open about what gets someone caught (“we spotted wowcheat.exe”), but I think some kind of information would be helpful. This strategy resembles getting pulled over by a policeman, who gives you a fine and a link to your state’s law website and tells you to sort it out on your own.

My account will be un-suspended in six months, even if I am still upset about the concept of the situation. I decide that because Shadowlands is on sale and has a boost, and stuff isn’t too difficult to come by, I’ll simply create a new account. (This is a sign of defeated surrender, not of guilt.) I purchase a new account and RAF it. I level up and boost another DK. My buddies and guild mates are kind and assist me by running SoD on LFR and normal to share some loot with me so that I can get a head start on gearing the character. On reset, I prepare to tank heroic.


Since my account is suspended, I file a request to see if I may have guild leadership transferred to someone else. They continue to be very helpful, as they usually are!

I spent the whole week playing the game as usual. I participate in raids. For transmog, I do some old things. On the auction house, I sold a few items. Torghast is something I do. I’m on a mission. Another hunter was leveled by me (I do have to say the new leveling experience is a lot better). I’ve stopped filing tickets on a daily basis since it’s obvious they’re not going to alter what they’ve done; I’ll get my characters back in six months, which is annoying but unnecessary. I decided to keep submitting tickets on Tuesdays in the hopes of winning the lottery and having someone check into it and discover they made a mistake.


This is the ticket I handed in the other night.

I went out today and checked my phone to see an email from Blizzard. I open it fully expecting to find yet another cut-and-paste answer at best, or worst, my account being threatened because I’m filing tickets. Rather, I was welcomed with this!



I’m beyond angry at this point and simply feel blank. I paid Blizzard additional money for a new account since they refused to correct their first error, I leveled and equipped another character so I could continue to tank for my guild, and then that one was banned as well. I don’t have any unlicensed cheat programs or hacks. Even if I did, it doesn’t make sense: why would I keep doing it after they’ve already caught me? The money I put into the account was taken from me, and they don’t have the decency to inform me what I did wrong.



Again, I don’t believe that putting this on Reddit would be of any use to me. Blizzard isn’t reading this to assist in improving customer service (though hey guys, you could use some PR wins right now). They also don’t read the support tickets, and no matter what time I filed one, they would always wait for me to log out and send an email instead of interacting with me (I guess I am a second class citizen because I do not have thousands of twitch followers). I also attempted to use Twitter, but the social media staff in charge just instructed me to file a ticket. But, because I can’t play the game, I’ve got some time to write this.


If you’re reading this six months from now and were also unjustly blacklisted, please accept my condolences. It’s a pain. I wish I knew what to say to help you. Take a look at another game (I know someone who is using this as a big push to say hey go try FFXIV). Right now, I’m undecided about whether or not I want to pay the business any money for D2R.

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The appeal silence wow is a post that was made on the Blizzard forums. The poster has been unfairly banned twice and Blizzard has not helped.

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