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15 Creepiest & Scariest Legend of Zelda Enemies (Ranked) –

Whether you’re a veteran or new to the Legend of Zelda series, these 15 enemies are sure to send chills down your spine. From Ganon’s hand-like appendages and eyeballs on his hands to one of Nintendo’s most famous villains, it seems as though every enemy in this list has a spooky story behind them.

The “15 creepiest places on earth” is a list of the 15 scariest Legend of Zelda enemies. The list also includes their ranking, from 1 to 15.

The scariest moments occur when you least expect them.

We anticipate terror in Dark Pictures Anthology and Resident Evil Village, yet a shock may penetrate your mental barriers and deliver a devastating blow while playing something bright and carefree like Super Mario.

Despite being a game series aimed towards children and teens, The Legend of Zelda has some frightening undertones.

Its most terrifying foes are at the top of the list. Nobody thinks a Chu Chu is dangerous, yet Hyrule is full of zombies, ghosts, misshapen insects, and other terrifying creatures.

Here’s our list of Zelda creatures that will give you the shivers.


Bomskit is number fifteen (Twilight Princess)

I’m not aiming to give anybody a heart attack, so we’ll start with the modest Bomskit and work our way up from “mildly frightening” to “OMG GET IT AWAY FROM ME.”

Twilight Princess featured this adversary for the first and only time.

The Bomskit isn’t very dangerous to the player, but if you look attentively, you’ll definitely get freaked out.

The enormous eyes and horrible mandibles of this minuscule insect-like monster are disturbing enough on their own, but when paired with the Bomskit’s spindly legs, it looks downright terrible.

It’s fortunate that they’re so little.

They’d be a huge danger to my mental health if they became any larger.


14. The Great Poets (Twilight Princess)

Big Poes have been present since The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, when they terrorized the Hyrule Field in the dark future when Ganon had triumphed.

They weren’t as frightening as they were deadly back then, but that changed with Twilight Princess.

These scary ghosts resemble those in Fatal Frame, which is a terrifying game.

The ordinary Poe, their smaller counterpart, is also rather spooky.


Shadow Beast (#13) (Twilight Princess)

Shadow Beast from Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess is the darkest and most bleak game in the Zelda series.

It’s no surprise that it’s home to a variety of terrifying monsters.

These dark beings, also known as Twilit Messengers, would descend from the sky in the form of red portals to imprison Link and try to overwhelm him with numbers.

What terrifies me about Shadow Beasts is how they used to be typical Twili.

Their grotesque shapes conceal the agony of a previous human who was corrupted by Zant’s power and is now nothing more than a seething cadaver.


12. Do You Like It? (Ocarina of Time)

Like Like from Ocarina of Time screenshot

Despite appearing in over 10 TLoZ games, Like Likes are a little-known foe.

It’s probably because of their amorphous worm-like shape, if I had to guess.

Our minds don’t register this species since there are so many worms and serpents in TLoZ.

However, there is one incident that will not simply be erased from your memory – one that you will wish to forget.

Ocarina of Time’s low-res materials and low-poly shape give the Like Like a weirdly lifelike worm appearance. It seems to be fleshy and rotting, and the prospect of it swallowing you up is terrifying.


Seahat is number eleven (Wind Waker)

Seahat from Wind Waker

Peahats are strange, plant-like flying creatures that feature in practically every Zelda game. They’re not really frightening since they’re generally simply flowers, but its aquatic equivalent is a different matter.

The Seahat has evolved from plants to fish in order to adapt to life on the Great Sea.

It’s still a mystery how they achieved it.

These foes defend their turf in packs, ramming ships passing by in an attempt to kill the crew and feast.

It may not seem to be very dangerous on the surface, but being attacked by a swarm of Seahats in the middle of a storm far from shore makes you feel vulnerable. They’re a nightmare!


Guardians (nine) (Breath of the Wild)

Guardians from LoZ Breath of the Wild

Guardians are another opponent that will make you fearful due to the harm they bring.

These ancient automatons were created by the Sheikah to combat Calamity Ganon. The majority of them have become obsolete as time has passed, and Ganon’s influence has corrupted those that do work.

In the early phases of the game, coming across one of them will almost certainly result in your death.

You’ll learn to dread their flashing crimson eye once you know their overpowering strength.


Guardians of the Silent Realm (Skyward Sword)

Silent Realm Guardians from LoZ Skyward Sword

The Silent Realm Guardians are the offspring of divine power, produced only to defend the Goddess’s might. If the Guardians in Breath of the Wild are the result of science and knowledge, the Silent Realm Guardians are the children of divine power – formed only to safeguard the Goddess’s strength.

To gain the Goddesses’ favor, Link must enter the Silent Realm and gather the Sacred Tears of the Goddesses.

It doesn’t seem so horrible until you know that the game’s most powerful opponents will attempt to stop you – and you’ll be defenseless.

These missions are the epitome of anxiety.

The guards are persistent, and unless you’re an expert at hunting down magical artifacts, you’ll be caught several times.

Given how many players have abandoned the game at this point, I’d think these guardians are rather terrifying.


Stalchild, no. 8 (Ocarina of Time)

 Stalchild from Ocarina of Time screenshot

When I first played Ocarina of Time, the Hyrule Field was a realm of marvels.

I recall running about awestruck by the environment around me, enthralled by what I thought was the most lifelike thing I’d ever seen on my television screen.

Then darkness descended.

Imagine my surprise when these ominous animated skeletons began to creep out of the dirt. Although they were low-poly, their flashing red eyes were enough to make me put the game down till the morning.

No matter how many you put down, they’ll keep coming. When you kill enough of them, a massive Stalchild will arise.

For an E-rated game, this is some pretty tough stuff.


7. Stallion (Twilight Princess)

Stalhound Twilight Princess Enemy

Start Twilight Princess and go to the Hyrule Field at night to witness something that will worry your adult self as much as the Stalchildren did when I was a kid.

Stalhounds are skeleton canines who follow anybody who ventures out at night.

The eerie green light of their eyes sends shivers down anyone’s spine as they rise from the earth as if creeping out of the tomb.

The tufts of rotting fur covering various sections of their bodies add to the creepiness of these zombie hounds. It serves as a reminder that these were previously common hounds. They’d look like they belonged in a museum if they didn’t have it.


Floormaster, no. 6 (Wind Waker)

Floormaster from Wind Waker

The Floormaster was first presented in Ocarina of Time as the Wallmaster’s floor-dwelling relative.

Both of them assume the guise of phantom hands that inflict pain in various ways. A Floormaster, for example, may seize you and drag you back to the dungeon door.

The Hand of Pure Darkness that erupts out of the earth at the Earth and Wind temples in The Wind Waker is the Floormaster that scares me the most, particularly because it may attack your friends.

Getting Medli or Makar out of their jail is never enjoyable, and if you are caught, you’ll have to fight your way back through some of the game’s most difficult (and terrifying) dungeons.


Wallmaster is number five (Ocarina of Time)

Wallmaster from Ocarina of Time

The Wallmaster, like the Floormaster, appears as a disembodied hand intent on preventing Link from reaching the dungeon’s finish.

While the Wallmaster from Ocarina of Time wins the crown for most fearsome, its traditional form from the original TLoZ is undoubtedly more legendary.

The combination of low-poly models and simple textures forces you to fill in the blanks with your imagination. It seems gory and decayed, and you’re left wondering what happened to the rest of its body.

The fact that they might appear from nowhere and surprise you further adds to the terror.


Skulltula is a kind of skulltula (Ocarina of Time)

Skulltula from Ocarina of Time

Since their famous introduction in Ocarina of Time, skulltulas have been a frequent opponent in The Legend of Zelda.

I wasn’t afraid of Skulltulas at first, but a visit to the House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village permanently scarred me.

This dreadful location is home to a family cursed with the fate of becoming Skulltulas and spending their days in anguish.

Through the Skulltula’s abdomen, you can still see a portion of their human faces. It was a very traumatic event.


3. Shadow Temple (Dead Hand) (Ocarina of Time)

Dead Hand in Shadow Temple / Ocarina of Time Screenshot

I couldn’t complete the first, second, or third playthroughs of Ocarina of Time… I was just too inexperienced.

There is, however, a silver lining:

In the Shadow Temple, I never saw Dead Hand.

This monstrosity seems to be the spiritual successor of Resident Evil 4’s Regenerador.

It’s a monstrous humanoid with sickly pale skin, blood spots all over its body, and enormous fangs capable of ripping Link’s head apart if given the opportunity.


2. Cuccos

Cuccos from TLoZ Ocarina of Time 3D


You shouldn’t be, however.

We’ve all been pursued by a pack of Cuccos at some point.

Even if you’ve never gone out of your way to fight Cuccos, you’ve probably seen a video of Link being jumped by hundreds of cuccos seeking vengeance on the hero.

Can you imaging how terrifying it would be if a chicken called 30 or more pals to peck you?


1. The ReDead (Wind Waker)

ReDead from Wind Waker screenshot

Zombies are common in horror films and video games, but I’ve never seen anything quite like the ReDeads.

These reanimated corpses will pursue Link and attempt to hop on his back in order to bite his neck and drain his health.

While ReDeads have haunted my nightmares since I was first captured by one in Ocarina of Time, the Wind Waker version takes the title for creepiest and most unsettling monster.

They may be found in the Earth Temple, which is arguably the scariest spot in the game, and their cry can paralyze Link and you.

You won’t know how simple they are to kill unless you try.

And, if you’re anything like me, you’d want to flee as quickly as possible.

The “scariest hackers” is a enemy that has appeared in five different Legend of Zelda games. The first game the enemy was featured was A Link to the Past. This enemy is very dangerous because it can teleport at will, making it difficult to avoid. It also doesn’t attack with physical contact, but rather by shooting lasers from its eye.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most creepiest thing in the world?

A: The most creepy thing in the world is a fear of spiders.

What is the creepiest thing alive?

A: I am not sure what you mean by the creepy thing alive but for this response, I will say alligators. They are known to eat people and one was found in Florida with a human skull in its stomach!

What is the most creepiest video?

A: There are a lot of creepy videos on YouTube. You can find some by searching for creepy or haunted. Some good examples include the video entitled, The Painscope – The Most Disturbing Video Ever, and the video titled, Cute Baby With Scary Eyes #1 – Creepiest Kid In History!

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