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Beginner to Winner – How to Strengthen Your Hand at Online Poker

There is a reason that poker has attained a reputation as a “cool” game. There are dozens of games that can be played at an online casino, but only one has become the focus of a well-funded and often televised World Series. And the reason for poker’s popularity, above all else, is that it is a game that rewards cool heads and clever decisions. So when you first come to an online poker table, it’s understandable that you might be apprehensive.

If you want to make a decent fist of playing online poker, then it’s useful to have a few things in your favor. Having access to the best sites, such as the ones recommended on, is one thing. Another is gaining the ability to play poker consistently; you may have enjoyed playing cards with friends before when it was utter chaos, but if you want to play for money and play more often, you’ll need to make sure it’s as smooth and experience as possible. And you’ll need to learn how to play like the pros – the following tips will help with that.

Learn What Beats What

Poker is a fascinating game, because the version that you play at an online casino may not be the one that you played with friends at school or college. Every game, when played among friends, takes on its own rules, and those may not be the agreed rules of professional poker.

You will need to learn the definitive order in which hands beat others; not everybody realizes that five cards of the same suit (flush) beat a full sequence of cards by number and face value (straight). Or that three-of-a-kind beats two pairs. There is a specified rule for what beats what in poker, and you need to know it so you can work out which cards you need.

Play at Small Stakes Initially

You can academically know how to play poker well, but doing it practically is another thing entirely. That’s an important thing to realize because even those of us who study the game well before we play for real make mistakes. Mistakes are OK; they’re how you learn. But expensive mistakes are not OK, not when you can play for lower stakes until you’re more confident at the table. Will you regret aiming low if you keep winning on your first trip to the poker table? Yes, probably – but not nearly as much as you’ll regret going in hot and losing.

Play at Peak Times

If you were to form a soccer team tomorrow and wanted to get some wins under your belt, it would be a good decision to pick a league in which everything is a bit disorganized and messy, and the fewer regulars there were, the better. Poker is precisely the opposite. If you’ve done the groundwork of learning the game, the best time to turn up is when things are busier.

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Why? Because more players equal more casual players. More bad players. If you can get good at playing poker, many tables during the evening rush will be like a watering hole surrounded by zebras, and you’re a cheetah. Picking them off may not seem very gallant, but their money is worth the same as anyone else’s.