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CN forums Reactions about FPX vs RGE/ Translated interesting meme

CN forums are buzzing with reactions to the new game, FPX. The game has been compared to RGE and is causing a lot of discussion about how it will be received by players.

The lockpickinglawyer memes is a meme that was created by the user lockpickinglawyer. It’s a reaction to the game Fate/Grand Order and has been translated into multiple languages.

CN’s game video station, FPX, versus RGE1.2 million plays, 19,000 comments.

Administrators are present in the comment section. Comments that are very harmful will be removed.

Please accept my apologies for my terrible English……



The bad news is that FPX has returned home.

The good news is that LPL are unlikely to have to battle each other.

—— Remember RGE’s encounter with FPX, “fxxk [email protected] jankos”?

——”Thanks jankos” if RGE wins C9 next.



FPX, the whole world is assisting you, yet you refuse to assist yourself.

——Audience begins to boo FPX; I’m not together, but FPX deserves to lose; I’m feeling fxxking terrible.

——Ah P(Perkz) gives a fresh opportunity to doinb, but RGE annihilates FPX.

“FPX, I give you a chance, but you are weak,” says P.




“Phoenix comes first, then the other teams.”

Teddy’s (a LPL commentator) prophesy has come true. It’s now time for the last prophesy.

——Phoenix is the first team to return home, while the other teams take it easy (in Chinese, “follow” and “take it easy” sound the same).

——Phoenix is the first team to return home, while the other teams are easily slaughtered.




For the first time, DK was defeated:

For the second time, you’ve lost against DK:

For the first time, C9 was defeated:

For the first time, you lose against RGE:

For the second time, we’ve lost against RGE: (about RGE)

——I’ve always been this way (for DK C9 RGE)


These emoji are:Fan Audience Anti



Be patient with them——by a S9 RNG fan. Don’t get too worked up. Greetings and good night.

——Isn’t S9 RNG 3-3 out?

—— Yes, RNG has faced more assaults, and their public image has deteriorated dramatically over the last three years. The disparity in level should be chastised, but I hope you will be more reasonable.

——It’s similar to S9 RNG, which was released at the end of last year, and just a few fans believe it will be successful. But, FPX, the rest of the world thinks you’re the greatest. You are the first to leave.



Not only did FPX lose tonight, but so did KFC.

KFC didn’t even provide a discount. (This is a new collaboration.) If FPX wins, KFC will provide live fried chicken vouchers.)

——The game was awful, and I believe KFC sales have soared(LPL meme: When the game is bad, LPL supporters think they can utilize it as a side dish)




The effect of watching the game on one’s mood

——Isn’t that the case?

Everyone gave FPX a second opportunity. ——LMAO, I believe FPX will not be able to return home before the winner of Game 8. They, on the other hand, really do it.




1.We are going to win everything next.

2.FPX is a double-elimination victim.

3. FPX has a chance to win MSI.

  1. Jarvan IV isn’t a snare.

5.The weakest team in Group A is the favorite to win the title.

6.I’m a clown, therefore I stay up till 2:00 a.m.

The Phoenix Suns are first, followed by the other teams!!!

——No. 4 is correct.

——As well as the finest mid-doinb




Until S12#, #FPX kept fried chicken coupons hidden.

(This is a new collaboration.) If FPX wins, KFC will provide live fried chicken vouchers.)

——I know FPX withheld something! (Some believe FPX withheld methods)

——Fxxk, they kept this hidden. That’s fantastic.

——Your coupon for fried chicken is carefully concealed.



Everyone already said that doinb has a distinct game-playing style. On the map, he can swim. He is, after all, the first person in S11 to swim home.





Ask a hidden question: Which takes longer for FPX to play and isolation?

——Protocol for Precision

—— The greatest ture harm is ture damage.

——Sure, seclusion for 21 days and a 7-day health test.



The show was a hit with audiences all around the globe.

Other LPL teams were taught a valuable lesson.

DK receives a new toy.

KFC get……saved a lot of cash

Khan receives PentaKill.

Even FPX is able to purchase an airline ticket.

Only I squandered a night, became enraged, became hungry, and spent $3.5 on a midnight snack.

——Do you have a plane ticket? The others swim back, leaving just one for Nuguri.

——Nuguri returned to LCK on a one-year deal.



EDG: No issue, keep going slowly.

RNG: There were a few errors, but they were minor.

LNG: It’s becoming better and better, with a bright future ahead of it.


——FPX is missing G, therefore they must GG first.

——In game, G,GG is missing.



KFC: I didn’t give out a single piece of fried chicken.

——KFC: Right now, I’d want to turn Phoenix into fried chicken.

——It’s possible that the Phoenix couldn’t stand seeing the same fowl suffer.



This video will go down in history, much like S8 G2 against RNG.

——RNG wins two games in one night, but FPX loses four games in one night, setting a new record.

——In “bo5”, RNG lost 3 and FPX lost 4.

——RNG won the whole year, while FPX finished second in the LPL.

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lol worlds is a reaction image of two people looking at each other with their mouths open in shock. It was originally posted on the CN forums, and translated into English.

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