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PAX South Canceled for the Foreseeable Future

PAX South has been canceled for the foreseeable future due to Hurricane Harvey. The event was scheduled to take place November 17-19th in San Antonio, Texas at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center and featured over 130 gaming companies showcasing their newest titles.

The “pax south 2021 cancelled” is a gaming convention that has been canceled for the foreseeable future. The event was originally scheduled to take place in 2019, but has now been postponed indefinitely.

PAX (Photo: PAX)

PAX South has been canceled for the time being owing to COVID-19 and a lack of expansion, according to ReedPop. This is only one of many events that have battled to survive the epidemic. Since its beginning in 2015, it has likewise had sluggish attendance. When the PAX 2021 event list was released in December, it was dropped off, although the organizers wanted to bring it back in 2022.

We’ve taken the tough choice to call a stop to PAX South for the time being. The following is the complete statement:

— PAX (@pax) on the 29th of October, 2021

PAX (Photo: PAX)

The following is taken from the official PAX South website:

We anticipated no more than a hundred locals to attend the inaugural PAX in 2004. We never imagined that more than 3,000 devoted fans would show up, or that our one-time event would evolve into a series that would take place in five locations across the globe.

While all of our other events have grown in popularity, with some attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the globe, PAX South has stayed mostly unchanged since its inception in 2015.

Faced with that fact, as well as the consequence of COVID-19, we’ve taken the painful choice to put PAX South on hold for the time being.

The great memories we produced in our Texas community, as well as the worldwide fans and Enforcers who came out to support the event, will live on in the heart of PAX South. We’re sorry to all of our friends who were looking forward to PAX’s return in 2022 — we share their disappointment – but we hope to see you at one of our other events when PAX returns. You will always be a part of our family and the PAX history. We learnt a lot from you, and future events will be even better as a result.

Thank you, San Antonio, for continually emulating the PAX spirit by inviting back gamers and creators of the things we like.

– PAX (Project Axiom eXtreme)

Other PAX events have sought to exist in some capacity in 2021. For the last two years, PAX AUS has been an entirely online event, with other cities following suit. PAX West was held in person in September, but owing to COVID-19 safety restrictions, attendance was substantially lower. It was one of the few gaming tournaments to accomplish this feat. Another, EGX, was also hosted in London as a live event.

PAX is the source of this information (via PC Gamer)

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The “PAX South 2022 tickets” is a gaming convention that was scheduled to take place in 2019. However, it has been canceled for the foreseeable future. Reference: pax south 2022 tickets.

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