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Prominent Personalities Who Influenced The History Of Gambling

Gambling went through a long way. There’re people who made important contributions to the development of the area. Read about them and their achievements for the US online casinos

The history of a gambling legislation is very long and exciting. The industry came through a hard way to become one of the most popular ways to pass the time among modern punters. Even today, not all countries accept gambling as a legal activity.

However, due to the development of the Internet, the area went into the online space. And today, users all over the world can have access to their favorite gambling games. In our article, we’ll observe the key points of the gambling history and speak about the most prominent figures in it.

World History of Gambling

People have always loved risk. It gives a chance to experience very special feelings and emotions just like using donny burger strain cannabis. And this is the main reason for the popularity of gambling games since ancient times.

The first forms of this activity were found in Ancient China, according to the books of history. Those games were very similar to today’s lotteries. And this is possibly how Keno appeared.

As many researchers claim, the first card game was also born in China.

It was in the 19th century. However, it turned out to be impossible to find any details such as rules to know about that game.

Another ancient game was discovered in Greece in 500 B.C. During that time, people played dice. There’re also researchers who assure that the same pieces of dice were found in Ancient Egypt (in tombs). They referred to 3000 B.C.

Roman and Greek people were also known for their passion for gambling games. The things that they wagered were their own belongings. As soon as currency was invented in the 7th century, people started to play for money mostly.

The first land-based clubs offering gambling games were established in the 1600s. There’re guesses that Italy was a casino homeland. And later, the issue expanded to other European countries and finally reached the US.

The issue of gambling has always been controversial. The activity was banned many times throughout history. And finally, the issue has become more or less legal in certain countries.

Thus, many European countries (such as Greece, France, Spain, Italy, etc.) legalized gambling and created controlling bodies. The changes touched the USA as well. Thus, in many states, the activity is allowed. It concerns both land-based and online gaming facilities.

Speaking about the history of online gambling in the United States, it’s necessary to mention the following stages:

  • 1800 – the activity first appeared in the US
  • 1850 – the first known pokie machine was invented
  • 1930 – the activity became legal in the definite states, and the first gambling hubs were born (for instance, Las Vegas)
  • At the end of 2000 – the industry became multibillion-dollar
  • 2010 – mobile gambling became a common issue thanks to the invention of smartphones and the development of IT.

Today, there’re many not just land-based but also US online casinos, which attract thousands of punters and provide a secure and exciting gambling experience.

Key Personalities in Gambling

There’re so many historical gambling figures that it’s impossible to enumerate all of them. We just offer to consider a list of the most prominent ones, in our opinion:

Person Role in gambling

Bill Hickok

He’s a well-known gangster, who was also very fond of poker. His life was full of adventures and risks, which is why there’re so many books and movies based on it. His passion for poker started in early years, so Bill spent almost every evening playing with his friends. When grown-up, he showed up in every saloon to beat the opponents. Once, Bill lost the match & his opponent started laughing at him. Finally, Bill shot him in the head. And no one dared speak anything bad about his poker skills anymore.
Isai Scheinberg We should thank this man for the creation of the best and most popular online poker site, PokerStars. It was one of his innovative ideas, which is still on top among punters. It was indigence, which made him work hard and study diligently. The first interest in poker was mentioned in the army. Isai became an expert player very fast. However, only 20 years after, he decided to use his skills. After participation in the WSOP, he decided to create his own poker website. By now, it’s a billion-dollar enterprise.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky This Russian writer of the 19th century was not just a world-known genius but also a gambler. He was so addicted to gambling that he had sometimes to write in order to deal with debt. At the same time, his addiction allowed him to create such legendary written works as The Gambler, The Idiot, and many others. The writer was known for his passion for card games. In his later years, he was more interested in roulette.

Henry VIII

It might seem that loyalties have no time to practice gambling. This is completely wrong when we speak about Henry VIII. During that time, gambling became very popular in England. And the king adored every possible form of it. Henry liked playing diverse card games, betting on sports events, and even trying his luck in dice games. He was so addicted to gambling that once wagered and lost the Jesus bells of the old St. Paul Church.
Calvin Ayre This man is one of the well-known figures in online gambling. Thanks to him, we have such a legendary sports betting site as Bodog.

Calvin was inspired by the successful bookmaker Ronald Sacco and decided to develop software to make even more money. By 2000, he made a decision to organize his own bookmaker site, which would meet the requirement of every single bettor. Calvin became the face of his own website. The man made millions of dollars and even was accused of money laundering and illegal gambling. Due to that, he didn’t come to the US for several years. Nevertheless, his site still works and offers a wide range of betting options.

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These are just a few prominent people in the history of betting and online gambling. There’re many legendary winners, criminals, and other peculiar personalities in the industry.

Some of them made really significant contributions to the development of the area in the US and throughout the world.


The industry of gambling is characterized by a very interesting history. Its development still continues. It’s connected with new technologies, which talented people create, and changes in the laws of modern countries.

Modern developers work hard to meet the requirements of today’s punters. That’s why their products and software are now better in quality and more comfortable to use from any device.

More states today have become indulgent in gambling and online betting. It might denote a positive tendency, following which more countries might legalize land-based and Internet casinos and create regulatory bodies.

Look for more prominent figures aimed at improving the industry and enjoy the latest additions.