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Remove an OtterBox Symmetry Case

1. Open the case by pressing on the latch at the top.

2. Slide your phone out of the case.

3. To reattach the case, line up the latch with the opening and snap it into place.

If you’re having trouble removing the case, try using a small amount of force. If the case is still proving difficult to remove, consult an OtterBox customer service representative for assistance.I had a great experience with my OtterBox Symmetry case for my iPhone 6. It was slim, lightweight and provided great protection. However, I recently decided to remove the case and found that it left some residue on the device. I tried cleaning it off with a few different methods, but nothing worked.

How to take popsocket off otterbox

1. Start with the case open.

2. Locate the small notch at the bottom of the case surrounding the OtterBox logo.

3. Use your fingernail or a small tool to gently pry up on the material around the notch.

4. Once you’ve lifted up the material, grab hold of the popsocket and pull it off of the case.

5. To reattach the popsocket, line up the adhesive with the hole in the case and press it into place.

You may need to use a small amount of force to get the popsocket to snap into place. If you’re having trouble, consult an OtterBox customer service representative for assistance.If you’ve ever had a PopSocket on an OtterBox case, you know that it can be a pain to take the PopSocket off. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to do it easily so that you don’t have to struggle anymore. Keep reading to learn more!

Gently peel off the adhesive around the edges of the case

Apple has done it again with another sleek and chic product design. The new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are taller, thinner, and have larger screens than any iPhone before them. They’re also a little more delicate, so you’ll want to make sure you protect your investment with a good phone case. But not just any case–an adhesive case. These cases stick to the back of your phone using an adhesive that won’t damage or leave a residue on your device. Just peel off the adhesive around the edges of the case and stick it to your phone. Simple as that!

If there is any adhesive residue left on your device, use a gentle cleaning product to remove it

iPhone cases are a necessary evil. They keep our phones protected from scratches and bumps, but they also make them bulky and harder to use. Plus, they can be expensive! Here’s a trick to removing the old case without damaging your phone:

Gently peel off the adhesive around the edges of the case. If it’s not coming off easily, try heating it up with a hair dryer. Once the case is off, you can clean any adhesive residue with some rubbing alcohol. Enjoy your new, phone-naked device! 🙂

Reattach the top and bottom pieces of the Symmetry Case

If you’re like me, you’re always misplacing your phone or leaving it somewhere and not being able to find it. I’ve tried all sorts of cases, but none have worked as well as the Symmetry Case. The design is very minimalistic and sleek, but I recently managed to break the case. I was so bummed out because I loved the way it looked and how slim it made my phone. But then I had a genius idea! I could just reattach the top and bottom pieces of the case! It was actually really easy to do and now my phone looks brand new again! Check out this tutorial on how to do it yourself!