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Saving Stream in Twitch

Utility that runs in the background and keeps track of your stream activity. If you are thinking, “I don’t need this; I can simply run Live streamer with player twitch.” This is true for some people! The Twitch Stream Delay was made because it solves one issue that may affect many users.

The issue is that when you are live, Twitch will actually buffer the video in two ways. First, news feeds are cached so they load much faster when users are browsing them. Second, your computer will have a certain amount of time to play what it has buffered before playback starts.

The benefits of saving stream

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How to save a stream on Twitch

Twitch is a live streaming video platform where gamers can watch, share, and chat about gaming. Gamers can also save their favorite streams to watch later. In this post we’ll show you how to save a stream on Twitch.

-How to Save a Stream on Twitch Desktop App: The first way to save a stream on the desktop app is by opening the video player and selecting the “Save” button. The second way is by copying the URL of the stream you want to save and pasting it into the “Save Video” section of your dashboard. -How to Save a Stream on Twitch Mobile App: To save a stream on the mobile app, open the video player and select the three dots in the top righturs.

How to fix the issue

To fix the issue, you can use Live streamer to increase the amount of time that Twitch buffers. The most common values are 1 minute and 3 minutes. This allows you to come dangerously close (if not actually) pass the buffer limit set by Twitch.

Do I need to worry about my stream delay if I’m just watching other people’s streams ?

Yes. If you watch other people’s streams, it is very likely that you will always see them a few seconds ahead of time (depending on your setup). This may make you think, “If I’m watching an event no one else can view yet, and I’m seeing it before they do, this means the stream has been manipulated.” However, this is not the case. The reason you see the stream a few seconds ahead of time is because Twitch has already buffered those few seconds before you began watching it. In other words, to your eyes, those seconds have been pre-loaded!

Common misconceptions about Twitch Stream Delay

Twitch Stream Delay is not an extension or plugin that, when activated, makes your stream available to others in some way. Twitch does not do this (and I believe they never will). People sometimes say “I don’t need it because I’m streaming live”. The “live” part of the sentence is crucial, it means you are already past the buffer limit set by Twitch. This is why you are only seeing yourself in the chat.

How to avoid delay on other games/streams

The only way to avoid delay on other games or streams is by increasing the size of Twitch’s video cache. The easiest way to do this is by using a Live streamer with a big number for max delay.  This will allow you to increase the maximum number of seconds that can be buffered before playback starts.