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Sweetch AIPowered’s technology and Entreacute Capital’s investment

sweetch 20m entreacute capitalbetueltechcrunch

Sweetch AIPowered, a technology-driven preventive health network, has announced a $20 million investment from BetuelTech, an international, multinational venture capital and private equity firm.

This investment marks the first institutional capital for Sweetch. It will allow them to expand their global reach and invest in product innovation to further support their mission of helping create healthy communities worldwide.

This article will discuss the investment and its implications for Sweetch AIPowered and the healthcare industry.

Sweetch AIPowered Secures $20M in Entreacute Capital from BetuelTech

Sweetch AIPowered is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven marketing and design company with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, London and Tel Aviv. Founded in 2015 by technology entrepreneur Zafrir Kanevski, Sweetch has developed proprietary algorithms to optimize how businesses interact with customers for enhanced results. The company’s product suite includes engagement optimization tools to increase online engagement through AI-powered website personalization; creative automation suite handles creative production from concept to completion; and insight platform provides insights into brand performance.

Sweetch has now raised a $20M Series A investment round led by Tekle Capital, joined by Intel Capital and BetuelTech Ventures. This iconic entrepreneurial journey began in Israel and is now going global. Sweetch’s AI powering solutions are available in 22 languages across multiple industries such as banking, retail, pharmaceuticals and hospitality. With the new capital injection, Sweetch will continue to scale its product offering globally and create a large ecosystem of partners that could benefit from its technology-driven marketing solutions.

Sweetch AIPowered Secures $20M in Entreacute Capital

Sweetch AIPowered, a San Francisco-based AI startup, recently announced that they have successfully secured $20M in Entreacute Capital from BetuelTech. The funding will further Sweetch AIPowered’s mission to develop AI-enabled products and services for businesses.

With this investment, Sweetch AIPowered’s total funding is about $28M. Let’s take a closer look at this remarkable development.

Overview of the Investment

Sweetch AIPowered has secured $20 million in Entreacute capital from BetuelTech, to help expand its business operations. A combination of existing and new investors provided the funding. It will be used to continue to develop the company’s Artificial Intelligence-powered solutions and expand its global reach.

The investment further highlights the strength of Sweetch AIPowered, a leading provider of AI-driven solutions that enable enterprises to quickly identify, predict and respond to opportunities. Its AI-enabled solutions provide actionable insights about customers and their experiences, enabling enterprises to better understand their customer preferences and behaviors. Sweetch AIPowered’s proprietary algorithm also dynamically adjusts customer journeys using real-time feedback.

In addition, Sweetch AIPowered looks forward to continuing its investments into artificial intelligence and building out its global talent network. This new round of funding enables it to continue making research advancements in this growing area within Technology Solutions while taking its enterprise capabilities globally,” said CoFounder & CEO Janos de Winde.

BetuelTech’s investment will be complemented by strategic initiatives such as partnerships with relevant industry stakeholders that are intended to increase customer engagement through data-driven insights, predictive analytics and intelligent automation technology. This will foster greater product advancement while expanding the platform’s reach into enterprise systems across multiple regions via various channels – from web browsers, mobile apps and other devices.

sweetch series entreacute capitalbetueltechcrunch

Benefits of the Investment

The new capital from BetuelTech will help Sweetch AIPowered scale operations, develop new AI technologies, and enhance customer satisfaction. This additional funding will play an important role in Sweetch AIPowered’s mission to become a leading AI-powered enterprise solution provider for businesses worldwide.

The investment from BetuelTech will allow Sweetch AIPowered to expand its R&D capabilities, continue to develop and foray into cutting-edge digital technology for clients, and gain access to machine learning and knowledge engineering expertise. Sweetch AIPowered will be able to use this capital to increase customer engagement by providing more personalized and professional experiences for clients.

Sweetch AIPowered will tap into BetuelTech’s international network of technical resources designed to speed up the development process while conserving resources. In addition, these strategic partners are expected to provide insight into business trends that could be beneficial in formulating the right strategy tailored for each customer segment.

BetuelTech Invests in Sweetch AIPowered

Sweetch AIPowered, a cutting edge AI-powered analytics platform, recently announced that it has secured a $20M investment from BetuelTech. This significant infusion of capital marks an auspicious milestone for Sweetch and their mission to revolutionize the analytics industry through their pioneering platform and technology.

Overview of BetuelTech

BetuelTech is a global venture capital firm specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and enterprise technology investments. Founded in 2019, the firm has built an extensive portfolio of investments across various markets, from robotics to pharmaceuticals to predictive analytics. BetuelTech has invested in everything from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, and its portfolio spans more than 50 countries worldwide.

The firm is backed by an experienced team of venture capitalists and technology entrepreneurs and has invested in more than 300 projects over the past two years. BetuelTech’s portfolio represents some of the most innovative companies in industries such as fintech, e-commerce, health-tech, edtech, AI/ML and many more. Its investments are tied together through a common approach to technology – leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies to drive better customer experiences and create business value.

BetuelTech’s current portfolio includes Sweetch AIPowered (Secures $20M in Entreacute Capital), an artificial intelligence-powered enterprise platform providing instant customer segmentation capabilities for businesses across retail and finance verticals. In this latest round of funding led by BetuelTech, Sweetch AIPowered has secured $20M in entreacute capital that will be used for further product development and scaling efforts. Using their proprietary AI algorithms powered by advanced machine learning techniques, Sweetch AIPowered can quickly uncover customer insights based on their behaviors and preferences which enterprises can leverage for better decision making thus driving enhanced customer experience and improved business performance.

sweetch 20m entreeacute capitalbetueltechcrunch

Reasons for BetuelTech’s Investment

BetuelTech invested $20 million in California-based AI-powered health and lifestyle insights provider, Sweetch AIPowered. This financial investment reflects the progress Sweetch has made towards its disease prevention mission in recent years.

BetuelTech’s key reasons for investing in Sweetch include:

1. Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence: Sweetch leverages its powerful AI algorithms to provide health insights that empower people to make smarter lifestyle choices, ultimately reducing their disease risk and improving their overall wellbeing.

2. Customizable Platform: The platform is easily customized and integrated with different health partners, paving the way for customized user journeys enabled by intelligent analytics.

3. Proven Track Record: Leveraging AI technology and clever data analysis, Sweetch has amassed a proven track record of improving healthcare outcomes globally, helping millions lead healthier lives.

4. Strong Leadership Team: Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs with unique experience in healthcare technology, logistics optimization and machine learning engineering, the team at Sweetch are well suited to bringing about greater healthcare access for all users worldwide.

5. Comprehensive Solutions Suite: With a comprehensive suite of products—from its Intelligent Health Coach app to a portfolio of innovative analytics tools—Sweetch aims to provide global health access through one unified platform that supports granular user control and as predictive analytics-driven health practices.

Impact of the Investment

With the strategic investment of $20 million from BetuelTech, Sweetch AI Powered can now push forward and achieve greater heights in their technology development. As the funding will be used to expand the scope and scale of their products and services, this investment has the potential to provide a platform for long-term growth and sustainability.

Let’s take a closer look at the impact of this investment.

Impact on Sweetch AIPowered

Sweetch AIPowered, a tel Aviv-based start-up that offers an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for predicting customer behavior in real-time, has announced the closing of $20 million in Entreacute capital from BetuelTech. This funding will help Sweetch AIPowered accelerate its product development, expand its engineering team and drive further penetration of its AI technology across global markets.

The injection of Entreacute capital will allow Sweetch to innovate in AI-assisted decisioning and customer engagement. Specifically, Sweetch will use the funds to further develop their predictive customer models, enhancing their ability to create value for customers through better decisioning and smarter strategies. Using machine learning algorithms on a data lake that combines actions taken in multiple touch points over time, Sweetch helps companies optimize customer engagement and channel efficiency by delivering personalized experiences at scale.

This investment marks a substantial step towards realizing the long-term goal of providing an AI platform that delivers innovative customer insights based on real experience.

Sweetch’s CEO, Michael Biton added: “We are delighted to receive this funding from leading venture capitalist BetuelTech which thoroughly endorsed our vision for leveraging artificial intelligence to make real customer experience improvements”

This investment reinforces Sweetch’s commitment to open source software developments and investments in Artificial Intelligence initiatives; setting it apart as one of the leading forward thinking global organizations actively working with leading brands to provide groundbreaking solutions which not only benefit clients but also have potential application beyond its core business offerings — demonstrating the same level innovation that its investors may have come to expect”.

sweetch aipowered 20m entreacute capitalbetueltechcrunch

Impact on the Industry

The recent investment of $20 million by BetuelTech in Sweetch AIPowered is expected to be a game-changing moment for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry. Sweetch AIPowered is set to refine the use of AI in various industries, providing better and more efficient solutions. With this large influx of capital, Sweetch AIPowered can now also branch out into new markets it was formerly unable to reach.

The impact of this investment on the industry could be far-reaching. With access to this additional capital, Sweetch AIPowered can put more research and development into its AI-powered solutions, eventually leading to better products and services for those who use them. This investment could also spur competition in the space and progress in an area that has not had much success before.

The potential impact of this investment on the industry should not be overlooked. It could mean increased innovation across the board regarding AI-related technologies and solutions, setting a new standard for performance and accuracy that other companies may need to follow suit on if they wish to stay competitive. Sweetch AIPowered should be commended for their courage and foresight in making an ambitious move with their venture, which may open up previously untouched markets for using AI intelligently and usefully.


Sweetch AIPowered has taken a big step forward in its development by securing $20M in Entreacute Capital from BetuelTech. It is a testament to the potential of Sweetch AIPowered and the faith investors has in its capabilities.

This investment means a lot to the future development of Sweetch AIPowered and shows just how far the company can go.

This article will conclude the developments regarding Sweetch AIPowered and its secured investment.

Summary of the Investment

Sweetch AIPowered, an artificial intelligence-powered ecommerce solution provider, recently secured $20 million in venture capital as part of a Series A round led by BetuelTech. The funding round was joined by venture capital firm Redpoint Ventures and growth equity fund BRV Capital. The investment will be used to further develop and scale the company’s AI-driven ecommerce platform, which has been steadily gaining traction since its launch in 2020.

The series A funding round marks a significant milestone for Sweetch AIPowered as it works to expand globally; the company will use the investment to drive product development and accelerate international growth. As part of the agreement, Sweetch CEO Steven Lin will become President of BetuelTech and work closely with BetuelTech’s team to increase the reach and impact of their AI platform. Redpoint Ventures’ Managing Partner Sameer Gandhi stated, “We are excited about investing in Sweetch’s goal of leveraging AI to improve how ecommerce works.”

The investment round underscores the growing need for end-to-end ecommerce solutions powered by artificial intelligence which help businesses increase visibility, engagement, customer service and conversions. With this new influx of capital, Sweetch is primed to strengthen its platform offering while accelerating its mission of reinventing how ecommerce works worldwide.

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