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The Difference Between the Asus Chrome Book CX5 and CX9

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Asus ChromeBook is a line of laptop computers launched in 2017 running on the Google Chrome operating system. It’s designed to work with the apps and services of the Google ecosystem, making it ideal for cloud computing. The Asus ChromeBook CX5 and CX9 are two of its popular models, boasting great features for both students and professionals. In this article, we share key information about these laptops, such as their design and specifications, as well as their features, price range and overall performance. By reading through this guide, you can easily determine which model best suits your needs to make an informed buying decision.

Asus Chromebook CX5 for Gaming, CX9 for Work

Asus Chromebook CX5 and CX9 are two of the most popular Chromebooks available on the market today. They have many similarities, but there are also some key differences in their design and display. The Asus Chromebook CX5 is designed with gaming in mind, while the CX9 is designed with work in mind. Let’s take a closer look at what sets these two Chromebooks apart regarding their design and display.

Asus Chromebook CX5

The Asus Chromebook CX5 carries a sleek and sophisticated design with a stunning 15.6 inch full-HD NanoEdge ComfyView display. Its refined chassis is made with multiple layers of anti-glare coating that takes in-plane switching technology to ensure optimal image clarity for an immersive viewing experience.

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In addition, this pocket-friendly laptop comes packed with dual high-performance stereo speakers that audio experts specially tune at Harman Kardon to provide balanced sound from the deepest lows to the highest highs – ideal for movies, shows, and video calling.

The ChromeBook CX5 boasts an elegant exterior with its 15.6” display housed within an ultraportable frame and weighing only 1kg so you can take it wherever life takes you – whether at home or on the go! Its iconic spun-metal finish adds subtle sophistication to your style while keeping your device looking fresh and new on the inside. It also has an ergonomic keyboard design that helps reduce typing fatigue during long hours of use.

Asus Chromebook CX9

The Asus Chromebook CX9 is an ultra-slim laptop designed with portability in mind. This lightweight laptop has an 11.6-inch Full HD display, 1GHz Intel Celeron processor, and 4GB DDR3 RAM. It can run Chrome OS or Android apps and connects to the internet via Wi-Fi 5 connectivity or a USB-C port with gigabit speeds of up to 10Gbps. The CX9 integrates Intel HD Graphics 600, so you can enjoy smooth visuals while multitasking or streaming high-resolution content. With up to 8 hours of battery life, the CX9 ensures all your day’s tasks can be completed without worrying about recharging too frequently. Furthermore, its ergonomic design allows for an easy typing experience by helping keep your hands comfortable for long periods of use.


When considering the Asus ChromeBook CX5 and CX9, one of the most important factors is performance. Therefore, knowing how well they will run different tasks is important. Regarding gaming, the Asus Chromebook CX5 has a more powerful processor, more RAM, and a dedicated graphics card, giving it superior performance. On the other hand, the CX9 has a less powerful processor, less RAM, and no graphics card, making it better suited for working on tasks that don’t require a lot of power.

Asus Chromebook CX5

The ASUS Chromebook CX5 offers exceptional performance in a lightweight and affordable system. It is powered by an Intel Celeron processor, with 4GB of RAM and 32GB eMMC storage capacity. With a long battery life of up to 10 hours, the CX5 is ideal for long days at the office or on campus.

In addition to its impressive processor, this device relies on Intel HD graphics for clear visuals. Its 13-inch size makes it perfect for easy portability, while its Full HD IPS display provides an immersive viewing experience of content like videos and images. The Chromebook CX5 also features a spill-resistant design, making it more rugged and durable than some regular laptops.

On top of that, the ASUS Chromebook CX5 has various connectivity options to enhance your online experience. It includes two USB-C ports on either side and two USB 3.0 ports for added accessibility and convenience when connecting external peripherals or transferring data such as documents or photos from your phone or tablet to the laptop via USB cable. Additionally, its 802.11ac Wi-Fi ensures a strong connection throughout your use without having to worry about constantly locating a network hotspot outdoors or when you’re moving around in public places—it’s always connected!

Asus Chromebook CX9

The Asus Chromebook CX9 is the more powerful of the two Chromebooks in the CX series. It features a 10th generation Intel Core i3-10110U processor and integrated Intel HD Graphics 620. In addition, it offers fast memory speeds of 8 GB of RAM and 25GB of storage, with SSDs up to 256GB accommodating large applications or a large library of files and documents. The CX9 also boasts a card reader and an HDMI port, allowing easy access to multiple types of external media.

The display features a 15.6-inch FHD+ NanoEdge anti-glare display with incredibly thin bezels. This display provides clear visuals in any lit environment while offering superior power efficiency to match its performance specs in terms of battery life. Its 50 watt-hours battery is expected to last up to 12 hours on a single charge, perfect for portability for a day’s worth of activity unplugged from wall power outlets.

Battery Life

Battery life is an important factor to consider when buying a Chromebook. The Asus Chromebook CX5 and the Asus Chromebook CX9 both feature ultra-long battery life, but there are some noteworthy differences between the two models.

The CX5 provides up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge, while the CX9 offers an impressive 12 – 15 hours of continuous use. Both Chromebooks also include a 45W power adapter that helps you charge quickly and easily. Additionally, both models have fast charging capabilities and can reach roughly 80 percent capacity in less than an hour.

In addition, the CX5 has an advanced power management system that allows for even longer battery life if not at full capacity. The 9th Generation Intel Core processor ensures this device does not compromise on performance and power efficiency when the screen is dimmed or if the device has minimal activity in the background.

Overall, both models come with all-day power and great performance benefits that make them efficient for work or play — even if you’re away from your charger for extended periods.

asus chromebook androidauthority flip cx9 titan


The price is the first major difference between the Asus ChromeBook CX5 and CX9. The CX5 has a lower starting price than the CX9, at around $359 for a base model. There are also higher-end configurations of both laptop models with prices increasing accordingly. The higher-end versions of the CX5 can reach up to $749 while the highest priced option for the CX9 can get up to around $999. Depending on which features are most important to you, one laptop may be more suitable than the other.

In terms of hardware, both models sport an 11th generation Intel Core processor and 4GB RAM with a 64GB eMMC storage option. However, where they differ is that the CX5 has an HD 600P display while the CX9 has an FHD 1080p display. Both laptops also have touchscreen capabilities but only in full HD on the Chromebook CX9 instead of 1280×800 on the Chromebook CX5. Other differences include thickness and weight where The Chromebooks have a .63 inch thickness and 2 pound weight whereas The Chromebooks have .71 inch thick and 3 pound weight dimensions respectively.

asus chromebook androidauthority flip cx5 intel


Overall, the Asus Chromebook CX5 and CX9 have a lot in common, and either one could be an excellent choice depending on your needs. The differences between the two models mainly lie in their outward design, such as the display size, chassis thickness and weight spectrum.

The Asus Chromebook CX5 has a more budget-friendly 11.6-inch HD display and weighs less than 3 pounds. Meanwhile, the Asus Chromebook CX9 offers an impressive 14-inch FHD display that can be manipulated up to 180 degrees while still weighing less than 4 pounds. In addition, both devices have a 10 hour battery life, so you can stay productive throughout the day without worrying about power or charging.

Either way, you can’t go wrong when purchasing either of these fantastic Chrome OS devices from Asus. They offer all the features you need for daily activities – a long battery life for staying productive, plus lightweight designs to easily fit inside most backpacks or bags. No matter what you need your Asus Chromebook for, it can deliver an amazing computing experience with flagship features at budget price points for everyone!

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