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The Ultimate List –

The Ultimate List of Gaming Phrases that will help you sound like a pro.

The “the ultimate list anime” is a list of the best anime movies, shows, and games. The list has been compiled by an individual who has watched more than 1000 hours of anime.

You’ve heard it said that art frequently imitates life…

Of course, I’m making a lighthearted joke about anime culture there, but there’s some truth to it. As you can see, anime characters are like humans. Real individuals with genuine lives and, unsurprisingly, real interests.

And why would they chose any interests other than those that make them seem like a giant nerd?

After all, they’re the finest hobbies to have!

So, by rating our favorite nerdy anime characters, this list is a celebration of all things geeky, nerdy, and everything in between.


Erika Karisawa (no. 20)

Durarara!! is an anime series.

Be cautious what you say around Erika; if you bring up an anime-related subject, she could simply start babbling nonstop!

Given their mutual love of all things otaku, I could have included Walker here as well (in fact, I use couples a few times later down the list, so I’m not sure why I didn’t!)

However, I choose Erika since she seemed to be the more enthusiastic of the two.

If you’ve watched the anime, you’ll know what I’m talking about!

If you haven’t already, I recommend seeing a few other anime series since Erika speaks nearly entirely in allusions.

That’s not anything I could connect to… Anyway, let’s go on!


Takeyama, number 19

Takeyama from Angel Beats! anime

Angel Beats is an anime series.

Have you ever encountered someone who is so enamored with geek culture that they want to encapsulate it in their own name?

I’m sure I have.

Takeyama, a sci-fi manga-obsessed afterlife school student, has begun to requesting others to call him “Christ” in this situation.

“Christ” is correct.

It’s no surprise that no one wants to go along with it.


Nagi Senzenin is 18 years old.

Nagi Senzenin from Hayate the Combat Butler

Hayate the Combat Butler is a Japanese anime series.

Tell me this isn’t the ideal scenario: being an otaku with so much money that money isn’t an issue. Consider the manga collection you might amass!

Nagi Senzenin, for example, would rather spend her time watching her favorite anime than worrying about the massive fortune that has been thrust upon her.

Of course, with so much money comes a lot of problems – extortion, abduction, and other crimes are so widespread that her butler is always rescuing her.

She frequently returns to playing video games or reading comics after that.

In her circumstances, I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same.


Tsuyoshi and Yukiko are 17 years old.

Tsuyoshi and Yukiko in Nijiro Days anime

Nijiro Days is a Japanese anime series.

This is the first of a few posts on “couple characters.”

It would be hard to separate Tsuyoshi and Yukiko, even for distinct list entries, since they are so close.

Their mutual love of all things geeky, such as video games, comics, and cosplay, makes it even more difficult to keep them apart!

Yes, they cover almost every aspect of geek culture in their combined efforts.

And, if you ask me, the fact that they have so much in common, including a shared love of genres and forms, makes this a clear case of couple objectives.


Hajime Tsunashi is the sixteenth member of the Hajime Tsunashi clan.

Nijiro Days from I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying in Anime

Because of the technical terminology and jargon they employ on a daily basis, a computer programmer might be difficult to comprehend.

A computer engineer who also operates an anime blog as a side hustle to supplement his income?

That’s a formula for a conversationally impenetrable person!

That’s Hajime Tsunashi’s storyline and character story, in one of the most well titled anime I’ve ever seen.

Is it possible to be paid to write about anime? That’s a job I wholeheartedly recommend!


Megumi Chihaya is number fifteen.

Megumi Chihaya Servant x Service anime screenshot

Servant x Service is a Japanese anime series.

Megumi, a dedicated cosplayer, is one of those persons that really, really wants you to understand what she enjoys.

So much so that when she’s not attempting to get her friends to join her in cosplaying, she lends them her manga collections so they can better comprehend who she’s dressing up as.

This resonates to me on a personal level as a guy who was exposed to manga (and later anime) at school via borrowed and well-read volumes of manga.

So have Megumi as a buddy at all times.

You may develop a new passion for life as a result of their persistence.


Subaru Uchimaki, No. 14

Subaru Uchimaki from This Art Club Has A Problem!

Anime: There’s a Problem With This Art Club!

Subaru Uchimaki has a distinct taste in females.

So, how specific are you looking for? Well…

See, he’s a sucker for everything two-dimensional: manga, anime, you name it. This, however, includes his preferences for who he wants to date and ultimately marry.

As a gifted artist, he often creates representations of his ideal spouse, noting that he prefers them to remain 2-D.

Oh, and they have cat ears all the time.

Because, of course, they have cat ears all the time.


Sakamichi Onoda (nineteen)

Sakamichi Onoda in Yowamushi Pedal Go!! anime

Yowamushi Pedal Go!! is a Japanese anime.

You wouldn’t think an anime about a bicycle club would have much time for otaku craziness.

That’s where you’d be mistaken, since we’ve got a geek on our hands!

Sakamichi finds himself in the cycling club by chance before learning he has a talent for hill climbing on a bike. But, no, it isn’t the reason he’s on the list.

No, it’s his unwavering devotion to anime, notably the anime-within-an-anime “Love Hime,” that has landed him in this position.

He’s so enamored with it that he can frequently be seen humming the theme song while riding his bike up especially difficult hills.

I can’t say I blame him. I mean, I use the Attack on Titan tunes to motivate me in the gym, so it must work!


Tamako Arai is 12 years old.

Tamako Arai from Barakamon anime

Barakamon is a Japanese anime series.

Tamako Arai is an aspiring mangaka who creates her own horror manga (talk about a date!).

She begins as a cautious and bashful young lady.

This doesn’t take long to alter, as when she’s chastised for her self-drawn manga being too “gory,” she erupts and thrusts a bag full of comics at her reviewer, attempting to educate him on the style.

There’s a classic example of creative talent on exhibit right there.


Itaru Hashida (#11)

Itaru Hashida Steins;Gate anime screenshot

Steins;Gate is a Japanese anime series.

For better or worse, everyone’s beloved video game turned anime Steins;Gate includes a slew of unforgettable characters.

But no one ever loves Itaru, or “Daru,” as much as he deserves (in my opinion).

He is, without a doubt, a gigantic geek, both physically and metaphorically. And, well, his twisted nature may irritate certain people (no, that isn’t a pun).

But his hacking talents and unrivaled nerd-isms make him a likable figure in his own right. Particularly if he loses his twisted side.

Because even I despise that aspect of him!


Yutaka Itazu (#10)

Yutaka Itazu in Eden of the East anime

Eden of the East is a Japanese anime series.

To add to the list, here’s another coder turned hacker extraordinaire.

Because of his amazing abilities, Yutaka Itazu was once dreaded by the Japanese government.

That is, until the episode with the “pants.” I’m not going to give anything away since the program is much too wonderful to be ruined. However, he became a laughingstock as a result of it.

Yutaka is a nerd character who resembles a near-stereotype.

He is a self-described “NEET” who enjoys comics and everything to do with computers.

Just don’t refer to him as “Pants.” You’ll discover why.


Ken Kubo (nine)

Ken Kubo from Otaku no Video anime

Otaku no Video (Anime)

I believe it would be hard to create a list about anime geeks without including a tale based on the famed Gainax animation company’s beginnings, wouldn’t it?

To be honest, I could have chosen any of two dozen characters from this series to include. But I went with Ken Kubo, the protagonist, who is a purposefully boring everyman, so as not to draw attention to anyone’s geeky inclinations. In any case, I believe!

The program is a pop-cultural pleasure, chock-full of geek culture allusions, many of which were created by Gainax themselves.

And Ken is just one of the many endearing geeks you’ll encounter along the way.


8. Shiro and Sora

Sora and Shiro in No Game No Life

Anime: Without a Game, There Is No Life

Another gaming power couple (but not a real pair, since they are step-siblings!).

Sora and Shiro exemplify the stereotypical video game junkie.

When it comes to gaming, the two are about as near to geniuses as you’ll find. From playing tens of games in a day when they first met to finding new methods to conquer the current titles at breakneck speed, the pair are about as close to geniuses as you’ll find.

They’re so wonderful, in fact, that they’ve become virtually legendary on the internet, leaving a trail of tales and legends in their wake.

When it comes to video games, it doesn’t get much nerdier than that!


Tatsunosuke Sakonji is number seven on the list.

Tatsunosuke Sakonji KochiKame anime screenshot

KochiKame is a Japanese anime series.

You don’t always realize who the actual geeks are — the ones who blend in – until you find out how much of an otaku they are.

Take a step forward. Tatsunosuke Sakonji, whose passion for comics and video games is given more screen time than his job as a cop!

That’s correct, you won’t see much uniformed action – definitely not anything like the underpants-wearing gaming sessions with which I’m sure many of you are aware.


Kazuyoshi Usui, No. 6

Kazuyoshi Usui from Sket Dance anime

Sket Dance (anime)

Here’s a character that is so “at home” with computers that he uses a voice synthesizer to talk.

Over time, Kazuyoshi’s geeky hobbies became even stronger.

Kazuyoshi became an anime enthusiast as a result of his self-imposed isolation after blaming himself for unfortunate occurrences. That’s a word I don’t throw around lightly.

His near-encyclopaedic knowledge of the anime series featured in the program is often used for laughs. But it demonstrates just how serious an otaku he is.


Izumi Sena is number five on the list.

Izumi Sena in Love Stage!! anime

Anime: Stage of Love!!

Prepare yourself for geek behavior on several levels!

Yes, in addition to operating his own high school otaku club, Izumi Sena (not to be confused with the other Izumi Sena from a completely different anime) is also an aspiring mangaka who enjoys reading whatever book he can get his hands on.

He’s a lot closer to obsessing about being a mangaka than I am.

This features multiple lengthy moments of Izumi not quite drooling over posters of his favorite anime character, but it’s as near as you can go without getting spit on stuff.


Mikoto Mikoshiba, No. 4

Mikoto Mikoshiba from Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun anime

Mikoto already had a lot going for him when it came to attempting to capture the hearts of women.

In fact, he’s so attractive and pleasant that he’s liked by half of the lads!

But, regrettably, it’s all a ruse. In real life, Mikoto is a very timid character. He felt that he wanted to practice charming ladies someplace, despite his amazing looks.

As a way in, he chose dating simulators and figurine collecting.

Given his goal of talking to actual women, I couldn’t think of two worse things for him to do.

As a result, Mikoto’s fixation with the two evolved to the point that he was a straight-A otaku. What a way to get off on the wrong foot.


3. Keima Katsurugi (Keima Katsurugi)

Keima Katsurugi in The World God Only Knows

Anime: Only God Knows What Is Going On In This World

Mikoto is nothing compared to Keima Katsurigi, despite the fact that I just mentioned a character who likes dating sims.

He’s in charge of them.

After all, to earn a moniker like “The God of Conquest,” you had to have some pretty great abilities!

While he isn’t simply interested in dating sims (at one time, he practically locked himself in his room for three days to play games), it is the major reason I consider him to be one of the anime world’s greatest geeks.


Umaru Doma is number two on the list.

Umaru Doma Himouto! Omaru-chan anime screenshot

Himouto! is a Japanese anime series. Omaru-chan

Given her superb grades, lively social life, and amazing but modest nature, you may not believe Umaru was a serious otaku at first glance.

This, however, is just her outside mode.

Until her interior mode is activated, her otaku side is kept secret.

Then what? She’s the polar opposite of how most people see her.

A slacker gamer who simply wants to spend his time watching anime and reading manga.

Although appearances might be misleading, you have to feel bad for her brother, who is the only one who gets to cope with her indoor behavior!


1. Kae Serinuma (Kae Serinuma)

Kae Serinuma in Kiss Him, Not Me anime

Kiss Him, Not Me (Anime)

Here’s the serious geek who inspires all other nerds.

Kae Serinuma is, without a doubt, our deserving number one.

She has bodypillows of her favorite characters, limitless volumes of manga, and enough anime allusions to make even the most ardent geek feel out of their depth. Kae is unquestionably the Queen of Nerd Culture.

She’s such an anime and manga fanatic that she’s utilized everything she’s learned from them to do things she’d never done before, such as winning a soccer trophy.

And, just in case you needed more proof that she deserved to be here, she also ships her buddies. The case is now closed!

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