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Why People Prefer Fortnite Zero Build

As you may know, Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale games online. That’s because the title caters to many different tastes, offering the classic battle royale experience with some interesting twists to the gameplay.

With that said, you should know that Fortnies is also very competitive. There are two modes: the standard and Zero Build, and both have ranked matches. These matches are what make people have a hard time and often look for a Fortnite ranked boost.

Considering that, we’ve decided to introduce players to Zero Build and explain how exactly it works and why so many prefer it. We’ll point out the best traits of this Fortnite mode and even give you tips on how you can get better at it to be able to complete and win ranked matches.

What is Fortnite Zero Build

Fortnite Zero Build is a game mode introduced by Epic Games. It was created to be an alternative to the traditional game experience, where you can build structures, which many found tiring and complex.

In Zero Build, gamers can forget about the construction aspect of the game, as there are:

  • No material gathering.
  • No structure building.

This means you’ll have to survive barely using the terrain of the map without relying on building structures to hide behind.

This makes the Fortnite mode purely focused on survival, creating more thrilling battles with an entirely new set of strategies.

The extra shield is a new thing you’d face in Zero Build that compensates for the lack of building and gathering. A rechargeable one worth one big blue potion of 50 Shield Points.

As it’s rechargeable, this shield prevents players from being one-shot or surviving an ambush. It also ensures that they’re able to react and not die without even trying a counterattack.

Ranked Play and Tournaments in Zero Build

Like with the standard Fortnite mode, in Zero Build, you can play ranked (due to the sheer popularity of the game). This mode is extremely competitive and allows players to earn ranks, showing off their skills.

The ranked system includes the following tiers which are:

  • Bronze (I, II, III)
  • Silver (I, II, III)
  • Gold (I, II, III)
  • Platinum (I, II, III)
  • Diamond (I, II, III)
  • Elite
  • Champion
  • Unreal

In addition to the ranked matches, you can participate in various tournaments in Fortnite Zero Build.

In those, you’ll see popular competitions promoted even by some professional players and streamers. You can see these within the game called Nar from your lobby. Each tournament is not only popular due to its participants but also due to its potential rewards.

What Makes Zero Build so Popular in Fortnite

Fortnite Zero Build is a mode that has not always been popular. In fact, it’s not been that long since streamers and pros have switched to it from the standard one.

Some of the reasons for that include the following:

  • Simplified gameplay mechanics. Players join Zero Build because there’s no building. Hence, learning and playing in it is much easier, making it more accessible to newbies.
  • The focus is solely on combat. With the building mode stripped down from the game, players focus solely on combat, developing skills like stealth strategies and better aim
  • The Zero Build is more balanced. This means players do not have the advantage of building on the high ground, isolating opponents, and so on. You can rely only on yourself and your team.
  • Matches are generally faster. You do not need to wait for players hiding in their forts, which shortens the overall match time.
  • Shorten queues. With the rising popularity of the mode, queues are much shorter, especially considering how fast matches are.
  • Chances to compete with many people. In Zero Build, it’s much easier to play in ranked matches and tournaments. This makes such competitions much more interesting.
  • There are no lagging and low FPS matches. Thanks to the lack of building mechanizing, the matches run much smoother, and there are no FPS drops when you’re in heavy-built areas, which is why many pros choose the mode.

How to Get Started in Fortnite Zero Build

Starting in Fortnite Zero Build is not difficult but rather an easy and straightforward process, especially if you’re familiar with and already have the game. If you own it, simply log into the title, check the lobby, and pick Zero Build from the modes.

Now, if you’re totally new to the game, you have to follow and complete a few extra steps as follows:

  1. Get yourself an Epic Games account.
  2. Now go into the store.
  3. Find Fortnite by writing the game name in the search bar.
  4. Add it to your library.
  5. Open the library and proceed to download Fortnite.

Once the game is installed, you’ll need to open it. Once you do so, you can simply choose the Zero Build mode and start playing!

How to Get Used to Fortnite Zero Build

If you’re new, you’ll need to start with the controls. You must learn how to play the game, how to move, how to shoot, crouch, sprint, and jump. To do so, you can try a custom game with no players.

Now that you know how to play, learn the map. Each season has one map that has not changed for months, so learn it. This will allow you to learn about key locations, loot spots, common drop zones, and so on.

Play solo practice matches, trying to gain some experience so you will have an easier time later on. Once you feel ready, join a squad, try to play with other people, form strategies, and help each other so you can have fun!

11 Tips on Getting Better in Fortnite Zero Build

If you want to be good at Fortnite Zero Build, you ought to know the game’s little tips and tricks. Therefore, we’ve decided to point out important things that you could consider when playing.

  1. Master aiming and shooting at your opponents. In a battle royal like Fortnite, the most important thing is to take down your enemies, including shooting them.
  2. Learn different weapons. The game does not guarantee what weapon you can use at the start. Therefore, you should master at least a few of these weapons, preferably for close, mid, and long range.
  3. Use the exciting landscape and buildings for cover. To protect yourself from enemy fire, you should use boulders, trees, hills, cars, and so on.
  4. Improve the way you move. It’s wise to practice strafing and other movement techniques that will make you a harder target.
  5. Do not go into the storm unless necessary. It’s best to stay out of it, especially in the late stages, even if it means abandoning a teammate.
  6. Join calls and communicate. Many do not do that, and this makes gaming as a team more difficult. If you communicate, strategizing and responding to enemy attacks is much easier.
  7. Steal experience from others. When we say that, we mean watching pros and streamers, learning their strategies and tips, and improving your gameplay.
  8. Adapt your play based on the situation. You cannot play the same way each game. You should be flexible and adjust to the opponent’s actions.
  9. If possible, maintain high ground. Feel like Obi Wan and keep the high ground for strategic advantage over your opponents.
  10. Keep your inventory in the game organized. Do not take useless items. Have shields, heals, and the weapons you’re best with.
  11. Be calm and focus on the game. We all know that at times, Fortnite sessions can be under pressure, but try to stay calm. Do not flame or rage; just breathe and focus on winning.

Adhere to these tips, and you will have a much easier time playing in Fortnite Zero Build mode.

Why Should You Try Zero Build in Fortnite

As you see, Fortnite Zero Build is a game mode that offers a refreshing take on the traditional formula. It strips down the annoying building mechanics and makes the game more enjoyable for the masses, often with better FPS. This creates not only accessibility but balance and even makes the game much more interesting by requiring a whole new skill set. So who should try Fortnite Zero Build in 2024? The answer is everyone, including any fan of the Battle Royale games, should try this title because it’s inclusive and engaging.

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