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You Do With The Console In Subnautica

For those who don’t know what the console is, it’s an in game command line where you can enter certain commands. I recommend using Notepad to make it easier for yourself (to copy and paste). There are 2 ways to bring it up: one way is by opening your inventory screen while playing, moving your mouse to the top right corner where the button is to open it, and press F1. The other way is by pressing your tilde (~) key located under escape on your keyboard.

I’m just going to give you a list of commands. This is not an instruction manual of what each command does, so read the titles to see if you want it for yourself. I’ll also mention there are commands that require certain items or tools in order to use them. If you don’t have it, simply ignore it for now.

How to access console commands in subnautica

  1.  Go to your PDA and press F1 (or go to Main Menu>Inventory>Misc)
  2. Move the mouse cursor to top right corner where “Console” is located, and click it or press enter/return on your keyboard.

Player Commands

  • nav_fog_density [number]: Changes the fog density. Lower the number to make it clearer
  • nav_fog_color [R G B A]: Changes the color of the fog. Enter a RGB code, or just play around with numbers until you find a color you like
  • (These two commands won’t work if you have your map up)
  • time [number]: Changes the time of day. The number determines how fast it changes
  • day : Normal time of day
  • night : Normal night time with no moon out
  • dawn_hrs : Starts to get lighter outside at 4 AM, mid-day sun will be out at 12 PM
  • dusk_hrs : Sun sets at 4 PM, moonlight will be seen at 12 AM
  • light_time [number]: Changes the day night cycle speed. The number determines how fast it changes
  • fast : Ends night quickly, starts morning quickly. If you use this with full brightness (sun_hrs), it will brighten up the sky before the sun is out!

You can use the console to craft items

But you need certain requirements first. If you don’t have the requirements, just press up arrow on your keyboard to see what you need to do or where to get it from. If you want to use the console to craft items, and you know the requirements and how to get it, then just enter this in:

player.additem [Item ID] [Number of Items]: Adds the item with the number next to it into your inventory. You will need enough room in your inventory for that specific item. If you want to make more of it, just go back to player.additem and enter the same command again (with different numbers, of course).

Building Commands

These are where things get interesting. You can change certain blocks into their base parts that you need for your subs like alloys, titanium etc. If you don’t know what each block’s base part is, press the up arrow (on your keyboard) for a list of their names. If you want to make more of them, go back to player.additem and change the numbers as you wish.

  • absorbant_sheet : Used in making certain blocks like alloy panel or glass panel. You need this for the glass tank
  • absorbant_fibre : You need this for your fabricator, or oxygen tanks
  • advanced_alloy_frame : Used in alloy frame and small sub parts
  • aquarium_glass : To make aquariums that give more health
  • basic : Makes basic panels/blocks like steel panel or diamond mesh
  • chrystal_plate : Used in making chrystal blocks and superconductor panels


I hope this helps you out in your Subnautica journey! You can use these console commands to help you out with whatever it is that you’re doing. There are a lot more, but I didn’t want to put them all here as there were too many for me to write about.