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All collectibles in Alan Wake Remastered Episode 1 guide

With the release of Alan Wake Remastered, players can now explore the game’s original story in a new light. The game offers an all-new perspective on its narrative and features many collectibles that were previously inaccessible. This guide will help you find everything from the first episode of the game.

In the Alan Wake Remastered Episode 1 guide you will find a list of all collectibles in the game.

Each episode of Alan Wake Remastered includes a lot of goodies for you to discover. Items that are put throughout the environment simply for fun as well as those that enrich the narrative fall under this category. We’ll teach you how to locate and collect every collectable object in Episode 1 in this guide. As you go through the narrative, all things are listed in the sequence in which you may discover them in the Episode.

#1 Thermos for Coffee

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This is the game’s first Coffee Thermos. Run from your starting point to the bridge, which seems to be obstructed. You may, however, go past the objects in your way and grab the Coffee Thermos that’s on the road just beyond them.

#1 QR Code

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As you exit the highway, we discovered a strange QR Code on the message board. Scanning it leads to a YouTube movie that was posted four months before Alan Wake Remastered was released, implying that this is fresh material for the game.

Can Pyramid #1 be a success?

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Close to the message board is the first Can Pyramid. A fence with cans piled on top can be seen to the left of the walkway. To get it, shoot the Can Pyramid.

Thermos #2 for coffee

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Continue walking along the road until you reach a cutscene. When you reclaim control of Alan Wake, he’ll be in a region that deviates from the main route. It will lead you to a hole in the earth. You’ll have to go inside and get the second Coffee Thermos.

Thermos #3 for coffee

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Continue on the main route until you reach the road again. You’ll be pursued by a massive tornado at this moment. To go to the buildings ahead of you, stay on the road. Look to the right as you approach them to find the third Coffee Thermos sitting on a bench, ready for you to take it.

Thermos #4 for coffee

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The fourth Coffee Thermos will not be accessible until Alan has disembarked from the boat. When he picks up the key to the cabin, he goes to the back of the diner.

Thermos #5 for coffee

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You won’t be able to use this Coffee Thermos until you get at the cabin. Turn around and run back up the trail while Alan and his wife are standing at the bridge gazing at the cabin. Continue climbing until you reach the vehicle. The Coffee Thermos is just in front of it.

Radio #1

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The game’s first radio may be found on the cabin’s balcony. Enter via the front entrance, then exit by the rear door directly in front of you. You must switch on the radio on the floor to your right in order to get it.

Thermos #6 for coffee

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Before you switch on the electricity, you may take a Coffee Thermos from the cabin. It’ll be standing on the counter in the kitchen if you look.

Page 1 and 2 of the manuscript

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A cutscene in the game will give you the first two Manuscript Pages. If you stick to the narrative, you’ll get them without having to do any additional effort.

Page 3 of the manuscript

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In the lumber yard, you come upon this Manuscript Page amid the heaps of logs. The route will diverge to the left, and you must take it. Because it lights on the floor, the Manuscript Page should be very visible.

Thermos #7 for coffee

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A pickup vehicle is parked to the left of the upper Manuscript Page. Run over to it and you’ll see another Coffee Thermos next to the rear tire.

Chest #1

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Shine your torch throughout the lumber yard. In the light, you should begin to pick up some yellow paint. This paint has arrows guiding you in the right way, and they lead to a chest. Follow the paint around the building to the left, then turn right to go behind it. A big emblem will be placed next to the chest.

Page 4 of the manuscript

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You’ll come upon a yellow digger as you continue through the lumber yard. A derelict shack may be seen out to your left in the distance. You may grab a Manuscript Page from the table in the shack.

Thermos #8 for coffee

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Soon enough, you’ll be climbing over dead trees to reach the cliffs and cross the roaring river. After passing through the huge uprooted tree, turn left into the woods to discover a Coffee Thermos hidden amid the rocks.

Page 5 of the manuscript

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You’ll come to a kind of bridge constructed of logs piled side by side after crossing additional logs. For the time being, disregard it and go to your right. A comparable wood bridge leading to a rock with a box on it should be built. On the box, there is a Manuscript Page.

Chest #2

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As you return to solid ground, you’ll discover more paint. A couple stumps have paint on them that will ultimately lead you to a ladder. Climb the staircase and up the path to the cabin, where you’ll discover the treasure.

#9 Coffee Thermos

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You’ll notice a pile of logs on the right-hand side with a ladder after you’ve returned to the main area following the chest. Climb the ladder and take a glance back. You may grab a Coffee Thermos that’s resting on a rock in the distance.

Page 6 of the manuscript

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Look for the yellow generator once you’ve defeated the opponents in this section. There’s a hut behind it with a Manuscript Page inside.

Chest #3

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You’ll be on a slope after you’ve moved the logs to create a bridge and crossed it. Follow the yellow paint up to a cabin on the left. There’s a chest outside it for you to rummage through.

Radio #2

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A radio may be located inside the cabin that you’ve just discovered thanks to the chest mentioned above.

Can Pyramid No. 2 be built?

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The primary route ahead passes via the second Can Pyramid. A table and several seats may be found to the right. To gather the Can Pyramid, shoot it on the table.

Page #7 of the manuscript

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If you keep walking to the right of the Can Pyramid above, you’ll find another Manuscript Page on the floor. It’s laying on the ground, somewhat concealed from view.

Thermos #10 for coffee

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Even further off the beaten path is this Coffee Thermos. It’s the final object in this region, and it’s out to the right of some rocks.

Page #8 of the manuscript

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The next region is teeming with opponents and loot. The most apparent object is the Manuscript Page, which can be seen glowing in the distance to your left and up the hill.

#11 Coffee Thermos

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Then there’s a Coffee Thermos on the rocky ledge at the bottom of the area. You’ll have to walk around a bend to the left, which will spawn a few opponents, but if you use a flare rifle, you should be able to pick up the item without difficulty.

Chest #4

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You’re going along a scary path after that incident. A stump with paint on it stands next to the equipment that will move as you approach it. To locate another chest, follow the paint off the road and along a trail.

TV #1

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Return to the road and follow it to a structure at the gate. To locate a television, you must walk inside the building. To gather it, turn on the television. If you wish, you may even stay to watch an intriguing but dubious episode of a niche program.

Page 9 of the manuscript

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On the road outside the building is a Manuscript Page. It’s impossible to miss.

Thermos #12 for coffee

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Now you’re nearly done with Episode 1. If you stick along the route, you’ll find yourself in a boss battle. Make your way over to the huge digger to grab the Coffee Thermos off its caterpillar tracks before you leave.

Page #10 of the manuscript

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Before entering the gas station, there are a few items you need gather. The first is the Manuscript Page in the courtyard, which you passed on your way up.

Thermos #13 for coffee

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Take a peek at the price of petrol at this particular gas station. At the bottom of the sign is a Coffee Thermos.

#14 Thermos for Coffee

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You must now take the route to the left, away from the petrol station. It goes down to a tunnel’s entrance. There’s a vehicle parked nearby with a Coffee Thermos waiting for you. As you rush away from and toward the light, be aware of the enemies that will spawn.

TV #2

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You’ll notice a television as soon as you enter the petrol station. To gather it, turn it on for some scary narrative material.

1st in history

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Finally, there’s a poster on one of the gas station’s shelves. To gather it, you must first read it.

The alan wake collectibles reward is a list of all the collectibles in Alan Wake Remastered Episode 1.

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