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The Ultimate Ranking –

The Ultimate Ranking is a list of the top 100 games for 2018. It includes all genres, from action to strategy, and is an authoritative ranking that will be updated every year.

The best ultimate frisbee team in the world is a ranking that ranks the best ultimate frisbee teams. It includes teams from all over the world and has been around for years.

When you’re battling an opponent in the Dark Souls series, it’s common practice to either avoid their blows or hide behind anything.

While your dodging tools are restricted, there is a huge sea of shields from which to select and hide (depending on your circumstance)!

Small, normal, and greatshields are the three types of shields available.

Small shields offer the fewest defensive benefits, but they also have the fewest prerequisites, are extremely light, and may occasionally improve your parries.

Dark Souls’ bread and butter are standard shields. They have better defenses and are more stable, and any build can get even the finest standard shield with little stat investment.

The big villains of the shield family, Greatshields have the greatest physical and elemental resistances, as well as the most stability. To wield one, you’ll usually require a lot of strength points, and its heavy weight may take a toll on your rolls.

Because there are so many shields (74 to be precise), rating them all would be a lengthy post, I’ve hand-picked the top ten that are worth utilizing. And I’ll attempt to include a few from each category.


10. Leather Shield of the Transgressor

The first item on our list is a tiny situational shield that may be useful throughout your travels.

When infused with dark, the Transgressor’s Leather Shield deals 100 percent less damage to dark assaults like hexes.

It only requires 7 strength and has a weight of 3, thus it may be used by anybody who needs protection against the evil arts!

How to acquire it: Chancellor Wellager sells it.


Drangleic Shield (number 9)

With 100% physical damage mitigation, the Drangleic Shield may be the quickest and simplest shield to get.

It’s especially helpful in the beginning, when the majority of the opponents you’ll encounter only employ physical assaults.

It is eventually surpassed by a few other ordinary shields, as well as the majority of greatshields. However, it is powerful enough to get you through the most of your first playing.

Originally, I placed the Defender’s Shield here, but I opted to put a shield on display during the early game instead.

How to acquire it: After the Pursuer bossfight, it was discovered on a corpse (the one with the ballistas).


Shield of the Blossom Kite

The Blossom Kite Shield may be used for a variety of purposes.

One explanation is its relatively strong poison and bleed resistance, which reach 100% and near to it after an infusion, respectively.

The second reason is its passive “stamina recovery” function, which may be used while two-handeding your weapon.

It can’t be equipped and then swapped out for anything else – it needs to be on your hand or on your back!

Sinner’s Rise may be located in the first chamber to your left, in the flooded region.


7. Small Shield of the Cleric

Why is a shield with mediocre stats ranked so high on our list?

Of course, there are Parry frames!

The Cleric’s Small Shield is an unusual shield that is mainly utilized for its longer animations, which make parries easier to catch.

The shaming motions are shared by other tiny shields like the Buckler or the Target Shield, but the Cleric’s Small Shield has higher stats and can also parry spells.

It’s really useful!

How to acquire it: Cromwell the Pardoner’s treasure may be discovered in the same chamber as the treasure.


The Drakekeeper’s Shield is number six.

The Drakekeeper’s shield is a direct improvement over the Drangleic Shield, with amazing resistances all around.

It’s a flexible option that can take on any opponent in the game.

Because it only needs 17 strength, players may choose it over some of the heavier shields further up the ranks.

The sole drawback is that it may only be obtained from a single opponent throughout the game.

Dropped by Drakekeepers with swords and shields.


5. Greatshield Greatshield Greatshield Greatshield Greatshield Greats

The Gyrm Greatshield is the first greatshield on our list.

This dwarven greatshield achieves complete protection against physical and fire attacks without any infusions, making it very helpful against a broad range of foes (such as dragons).

A greatshield is generally associated with high stability, high strength needs, and a hefty weight, and the Gyrm Greatshield is no exception.

Gyrm Warriors drop it as a reward.


Llewellyn Shield is the fourth shield in the Llewellyn Shield series.

Dark Souls 2 Llewellyn Shield screenshot

“A masterwork of the renowned blacksmith Llewellyn,” says part of the description of this shield.

That is something I agree with.

Because of its incredible resistances and lightweight characteristics, the Llewellyn Shield outperforms the competition in its category!

It’s an excellent choice with few criteria that most beginning courses may meet just by existing.

Stone Soldiers will drop it for you.


3. Shield of the Old Knight

Dark Souls 2 Old Knight’s Shield screenshot

The Old Knight’s Shield, another in the line of “Drangleic Shield, but Better” shields, is almost similar to the Drakekeeper’s Shield in many ways.

For a few reasons, though, I decided to rate it higher.

Aside from the little boost in defenses and stability, the Old Knight’s Shield responds to infusions far faster than its rivals, making it a viable choice against any foe.

The only issue you may encounter is one of durability.

If your shield is often breaking, I recommend switching to the Drakekeeper’s shield.

How to acquire it: In No-Wharf, Man’s sword and shield-wielding Old Knights and the Aurous Knight evil spirit (only spawns at 2+ bonfire intensity) drop it.


2. Greatshield of the Rebellion

Dark Souls 2 Rebel’s Greatshield screenshot

Our semifinalist is a greatshield that will defend you from all kind of assaults except physical ones.

In terms of math, the Rebel’s Greatshield has the greatest overall resistances of any shield, with over 90% reduction to every element (except dark, which finishes up at 88 percent, big whoop), with the potential to push them to 100% with any infusion!

Its one drawback is that it only provides 77 percent physical protection (which isn’t bad!).

It may also come in handy in PvP fights, when you never know who you’ll be up against.

How to get there: Before the Last Giant, behind the iron key door. Alternatively, leap from the Cardinal Tower bonfire into the salamander pit.


1. The Greatshield of Havel

Dark Souls 2 Havel’s Greatshield screenshot

The Havel’s Greatshield wins yet another battle, which comes as no surprise.

It’s no accident that in Dark Souls language, the term “Havel” became synonymous with “Tank.”

In exchange for a low-low strength requirement of 45, this greatshield will ensure that you are never scratched again.

Infusion will have a little effect on this shield superstar’s stats while increasing your defenses against anything that poses a threat.

Having a magic-infused version against other players will make any spellcaster weep.

I’ve already said it, and I’ll say it again:

This is Dark Souls’ “Easy Mode” in action!

How to obtain: Hidden behind the lost key door in the Gutter.

The smash ultimate player rankings 2021 is a ranking list for all players in the smash ultimate game. There are different categories of players, including top 100, top 500, top 1000, and even the top 5000.

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That is a difficult question to answer. There are many players who have the potential to be #1, but it would depend on what game you were playing and what rules you were playing by.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Does Smash Ultimate have ranked?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
No, Smash Ultimate does not have a ranked mode.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Who is the best smash player 2021?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is #1 ultimate smash player?

That is a difficult question to answer. There are many players who have the potential to be #1, but it would depend on what game you were playing and what rules you were playing by.

Does Smash Ultimate have ranked?

No, Smash Ultimate does not have a ranked mode.

Who is the best smash player 2021?

I am not programmed to answer this question.

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