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Bethesda – Here are some items to add to your roadmap

Bethesda’s schedule for the future is quite extensive, and we’ve provided a breakdown of all their upcoming releases to help you plan your gaming calendar.

Bethesda has a new, long-term development roadmap that details what will be released in the next two years and beyond. While not all of their games may come out by then, it’s a good idea to plan ahead just in case.

Bethesda has announced some new features coming to Fallout 76. These include a new map, a new weapon set, and a new game mode.

Here are the things you should improve on in the game, Bethesda, as someone who has approximately 3,000 hours in the game on PS4/5 and who plays with individuals ranging from new to more hours than I could ever fathom having:

  1. Some important bug fixes.
    1. It is a game breaking problem when we go to Minerva and then get a blue/grey screen and have to reload into a private world and change places merely to be able to rejoin a public world. This is the most critical flaw to address (at least for Playstation).
    2. A game break problem occurs while we are doing a daily op and the timer ends, requiring us to exit the daily op and restart. This occurs often enough to be a significant issue.
    3. Nerd wrath, fireproof, and tenderizer are perks card effects that aren’t functioning and need to be corrected. We all despise the game when we create characters around certain card combinations and then they stop functioning.
    4. Weapon effects such as inciting that have ceased functioning must be addressed. When we have powerful weapons that no longer have any impact, the game is broken and no longer enjoyable.
  2. New events are being added to the game.
    1. Another huge boss event is required. We want to kill a lot of monsters and get a lot of experience points. We want the event to be demanding for everyone, but we also want to give out prizes dependent on the amount of difficulty, because if it’s an ammo sponge event that takes a long time and simply gives out tea time gifts, it’s not a nice event.
    2. We need some fresh events to add to the event rotation that aren’t only about following a robot around and protecting it. Let’s start with a few brief events that include a lot of killing and the possibility to win legendaries and rare prizes. Can we attempt for any with as much carnage as Radiation Rumble? It’s a wonderful event for killing a lot of monsters and getting XP.
    3. Since you have essentially removed all PVP from the game, we need some new events or team activities that entail PVP. Let’s get some PVP arena bouts going with equal armor and weaponry, so that it’s all about talent rather than legacy, or team vs. team events.
  3. More camp building options and everyday stuff
    1. We need a lot more than 50 lights in a camp — let’s aim for 2000 lights at the most.
    2. Boost the camp budget, particularly in the shelters.
    3. Allow certain changes to the landscape in order to make it flat enough for construction.
    4. Increase the maximum display count to 50. (not five).
    5. Stop repurposing old products and instead offer us new carpet runners, bed sheets (in various colors), dishes, towels, and other common household items.

Although I appreciate the fresh stuff that periodiallcy produces, it only lasts a few hours until we return to the same old grind. That is why we should have new events and other upgrades available on a regular basis. Daily operations and the improvements to them were excellent wins, but now let’s have new things instead of versions of old stuff.

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For the game Fallout, write “Bethesda – Here are some things to add to your roadmap.”

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