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Finclusion’s Expansion Plans For Africa

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Finclusion, a digital banking and credit provider, recently announced that it has raised $20M in a series A funding round from Al-Rousan and Endeavor Catalyst to expand its operations across Africa. The company plans to use the funds to develop an advanced platform that offers credit products and services relating to savings, current accounts and banking.

With these new funds, Finclusion has ambitions of becoming Africa’s most comprehensive financial service provider, creating accessible credit solutions for people who are often unable to access traditional lenders.

The Finclusion platform will offer a state-of-the-art technology-driven neobank for business and consumer customers. The platform is expected to be available across multiple African markets within the next few years, allowing customers in these countries to benefit from tailored financial solutions with secure banking technologies and services. The company also aims to leverage its robust analytics capabilities to deliver data-driven insights into customer behavior which it can then use to create more personalized user experiences.

With this new expansion plan, Finclusion will be able to expand its offerings beyond simple loan products into a fuller suite of financial services, making them even more accessible than ever before. It is clear that Finclusion’s ambition is set high: they plan on bringing their innovative financial products across Africa with investments in their digital product suite and marketing strategy much needed to reach an even larger audience. In doing so they could provide millions of users with access not just to credit but also banking services – potentially revolutionizing how consumers can bank across Africa.

Finclusion’s Vision

Finclusion is a financial inclusion startup seeking to build out its credit-led neobank offering across Africa. The company recently raised $20 million to fund its ambitious expansion plans.

Finclusion views itself as having a unique product offering which bridges the gap between traditional banking and the digital world. Finclusion’s goal is not to replace traditional banking, but to provide access to credit and financial services for those who might otherwise not be able to access them.

The recent funding will go towards establishing a presence in several African countries, to roll out its product offering in selected markets by the end of 2021. This will involve developing partnerships with local banks and regulatory bodies to understand and facilitate Finclusion’s mission in their respective countries.

Currently, Finclusion offers an AI chatbot that can conduct financial health assessments and provide personalized feedback on how users can improve their financial wellbeing. It also includes money management tools such as budgeting, savings goals and spending insights among other features tailored specifically for emerging markets like Africa which are largely unbanked or underbanked.

Additionally, users will get access to low cost loans, enabling them to access credit when needed and compete with traditional lenders in terms of prices and speed when it comes to approving loan applications online or via mobile devices.

Through this ambitious expansion plan, Finclusion hopes they can help bridge the gap between emerging markets by bringing equality in accessible financial services across Africa and unlocking opportunities for economic dynamism on the continent through credit accessibility products that are both profitable and sustainable.

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Finclusion raises $20M to build out credit-led neobank offering across Africa

Finclusion, a credit-led neobank offering, recently raised $20 million to expand its footprint across Africa. This funding round will enable Finclusion to reach more African consumers and businesses, allowing them to access financial services such as credit, savings, payments, and investments.

With this funding, let’s look at the expansion plans Finclusion has for the African Continent.

Expansion into Nigeria

Finclusion aims to expand its credit-led neobank offering throughout Africa, starting with Nigeria. Finclusion has established a regulated entity in Nigeria, providing Nigerian customers access to affordable, secure financial services. In addition, Finclusion will partner with local banking groups and organizations to leverage their distribution network and expand its customer base across the nation. The company also plans to launch Initial Public Offering (IPO) on Nigerian exchanges next year.

Finclusion has invested heavily in technology specifically designed for the African market to further enhance its reach across Nigeria. With this investment, it will focus on developing software tools to better detect fraud or financial crimes and provide innovative data analytics solutions that help identify potential risks associated with lending activities in African markets. In addition, the company plans to combine these software tools with its white-label solution platform and open API capabilities, creating a tailored solution that helps bring access to credit to the unbanked population online and offline.

In addition, Finclusion is working hard to build out an experienced team of local professionals and international experts who are familiar with the local markets and regulations. In this way, it wants to ensure that its new model complies with all laws of Nigeria while providing high-quality services that meet customer needs and delivers positive outcomes for customers financially.

Expansion into Kenya

Finclusion, a neobank offering easy access to credit services in emerging African markets, has announced plans to expand its operations into the Kenyan market. The $20 million raised in its Series A funding round will be used for this purpose.

Commenting on the expansion, Finclusion CEO Saurabh Saxena said, “We are very excited about our expansion into Kenya. It is one of Africa’s most dynamic and vibrant financial ecosystems, and this is a great opportunity for us to make much-needed credit services more accessible to individuals and businesses alike.”

The company will also introduce more digital banking solutions that enable users to access a range of services remotely from anywhere in the world. This includes card payments, transfers and other forms of payment – all delivered through an integrated mobile app interface designed using Finclusion’s innovative platform technology.

Finclusion’s CEO added, “We plan to use technology to revolutionize how people access financial services on the continent by making it easier than ever for customers to manage their money across different accounts and use multiple payment options. We want Kenyans to experience how secure, simple and fast accessing these services can be without having to step foot inside a bank or visit numerous ATMs around town.”

The company plans to launch its neobank service in early 2021 across several African countries, including Kenya – where it will provide new applications that reduce time-consuming paperwork typically needed when applying for loans or other financial products from traditional banks or fintech companies operating in Africa.

Expansion into South Africa

South Africa plays an important role in Finclusion’s expansion strategy. The country has experienced a rapid growth in adoption of digital banking services and usage of mobile-enabled payment applications, as well as favorable development in the financial technology sector.

Finclusion plans to leverage these dynamics in the South African market to deploy its credit-led neobank offering. The company has already secured $20 million to support its expansion plans into South Africa and other African markets. The raised capital will be used to build and introduce the lending products and consumer and small business banking services for South Africa’s population of over 58 million people.

The company also intends to partner with local banks and financial institutions as part of its strategy to bring innovative, technology-driven banking solutions that can benefit financially underserved individuals, including those without access to banking or those with limited credit histories. Finclusion is confident that this expanded presence will contribute significantly to economic growth within the region.

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Finclusion’s Funding

Finclusion recently announced that it has raised $20M in funding to expand its credit-led neobank offering throughout Africa. Various investors backed the funding, including tech-focused venture capitalists, development finance institutions, and local investors.

This round of funding is aimed at helping Finclusion become the leading digital payments platform in the region. First, look at the funding and what the company plans to do with the money.

Finclusion’s $20M funding round

Finclusion, a blossoming financial technology provider, recently raised $20 million during a funding round – aiming to grow its credit-led neobank offering across various countries in Africa. The successful funding round was oversubscribed and co-led by Initial Capital and well-known venture capital firms Target Global and Accel.

The fresh funding brings the fintech company’s overall valuation to $165 million; it will leverage this capital to further expand its services in 8 African countries, including Ghana and Kenya. Finclusion also plans to add advanced features such as digital payments, savings products and SME lending capability on its neobanking platforms.

Further plans include robust collaborations with the continent’s traditional banking sector to scalably transform Africa’s financial industry – enabling more African citizens to obtain digital bank account access and other fintech services without any hassle or delay. According to Finclusion’s CEO Anthony Okojie, the firm will use this opportunity to “double down on giving our customers access not just to credit — but other types of financial products — allowing our consumer base to take control of their finances more than ever before.”

Finclusion’s investors

Finclusion, a neobank offering in Africa, recently announced it has closed a $20 million investment round led by the Vostok New Ventures fund. This comes as part of the company’s ambitious plans to expand and build out credit-led banking for African consumers and small businesses.

The other investors include existing financier IC Global Partners, InsurTech Fund from Oman Insurance Company, Plug and Play Ventures from Silicon Valley, Firebolt Ventures from Tel Aviv, Eight Roads (Fidelity) from London and AlphaCode Club from Johannesburg. The participation of these leading global funds will help Finclusion to increase its market penetration.

The injection of funds will be used to develop the neobank’s offering across Africa. It will broaden the list of financial services the venture provides across all countries where it currently operates with upgraded technology infrastructure and enhanced customer experience options. Finclusion also plans on using the funding to build out its management team with new C-level executives with extensive banking experience across Africa.

Overall, this new wave of financing will give Finclusion’s neobanking ambition a huge boost towards achieving success in creating access for unbanked economies throughout the continent. Moreover, this is poised to be an exciting new venture for many African citizens looking to improve their financial security and stability in an ever-evolving digital banking world!

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Finclusion’s Services

Finclusion, a neobank offering credit-led services in Africa, raised $20M in series A funding to pursue their expansion plan across the continent. Finclusion will apply the funds to build out its services, including savings and payments capabilities, that aid Africans in gaining access to banking services.

This article will explore Finclusion’s services and how it helps the African population.

Credit-led neobank offering

Finclusion, a fintech focused on digital banking, has made significant strides towards their goal of servicing the African market by raising $20 million in Series A funding. The investment will develop and expand Finclusion’s credit-led neobank offering globally.

Based in South Africa, Finclusion has already established a presence in Nigeria and Kenya. They are now looking to bring access to their core product – a digital payment network that enables customers to track and manage their finances – to more countries.

At the core of Finclusion’s credit-led neobank offering is an open platform for on-demand banking services such as loan origination, portfolio management, loan servicing and debt collection. In addition, this platform offers flexible repayment schedules and tailored financial advice from Finclusion’s team of experts.

Additionally, an automated decisioning engine leverages real-time analytics to assess a customer’s creditworthiness. This will help Finclusion better serve customers with limited access to traditional financial institutions or are new to financial services altogether.

Finclusion’s neobank offering is built upon stable infrastructure to ensure accessibility and convenience through traditional channels such as mobile phones or tablets and future-oriented initiatives like blockchain technology for secure transactions and two-factor authentication for added security measures. Finally, given its data protection capabilities using cloud technology, Finclusion can provide advanced analytics enabling individuals and businesses to gain greater value from their data usage.

Through its innovative credit-led neobank offering with enhanced security measures which enables both accessibility and convenience across Africa at an affordable cost, Finclusion is helping democratize access to quality financial services for different groups of people – from tech savvy millennials who want quick digital banking solutions or rural communities who lack access financial institutions or services – all at once.

Digital payments

Finclusion has been focused on leveraging digital payments in Africa as part of its ambitious expansion plans. A key element of this is the ability to securely transmit domestic and international payments. By building a robust payments infrastructure, Finclusion hopes to revolutionize the payment landscape in Africa, providing greater financial access and reach for individuals, businesses and institutions alike.

Finclusion’s mobile-first platform provides comprehensive coverage of various major digital payment methods. These include mobile money such as Safaricom’s M-Pesa, e-commerce digital wallets such as PayPal and direct debit services through its bank partnerships. Furthermore, the company has developed a tech-driven neobank offering that allows customers to move funds from their Finclusion account to any bank or mobile wallet provider across Africa in real time – offering unparalleled convenience and reliability.

Financial literacy

Finclusion is committed to providing its users across the continent access to financial literacy opportunities and products to ensure they can better understand their financial options. Accordingly, we aim to significantly increase the number of financially literate African consumers who are prepared for financial challenges. To this end, Finclusion is building a set of tools and services to help make personal finance more accessible, understandable, and complete.

We are particularly focused on investing in fintech products designed to increase access to digital banking, credit score tracking, debt management services and techniques for emergency savings. We are also working towards facilitating more affordable banking options for those who may not have access to traditional banking providers. To this end, Finclusion’s offerings include products like our Mobile Shop platform that allows customers to purchase phones through affordable monthly payments and other services such as our Pay-As-You-Go contracts where customers can access mobile airtime minutes with no upfront cost or credit check.

Many of these innovative products leverage mobile technology and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies like facial recognition or voice recognition to provide an enhanced user experience while reducing transaction friction points like time taken and cost associated with using banking or insurance services. Finclusion’s focus on increasing financial literacy by making it easier for users across the continent to understand their finances is closely aligned with our mission of expanding access to affordable high quality financial services across Africa in larger numbers than ever witnessed.


Finclusion’s expansion plans for Africa have been bolstered by the successful capital raise of $20 million. This will enable the startup to expand its credit-led neobank services globally. This injection of funds is a testament to Finclusion’s commitment to global financial inclusion and digital banking solutions.

Such investment opportunities are beneficial not only for Finclusion, but for African countries as a whole; enabling access and solutions to reach a far wider audience than previously thought possible, improving inclusivity regarding access to financial markets and digital banking services. The possibilities are endless, as Finclusion plans to use its proprietary technology platform, Finhealth, and expand into other countries such as India and Brazil in the coming years.

Finclusion’s concurrent focus on sustainability shows that despite their determination to grow exponentially in Africa and other regions worldwide, they remain committed to leaving an ecological footprint with minimal environmental impact while embracing responsible business practices. With this commendable combination of innovation, ambition, and respectability, we can expect great things from Finclusion soon – they are surely ones you will want to watch!