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Atmospheres Recent Accomplishments

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Atmosphere, a startup focused on cloud-based solutions for industrial applications, has recently closed its Series B funding round, raising $25 million from Valor Equity Partners.

This funding will help accelerate product development, scale the team, and invest in the continued expansion of its industrial cloud landscape.

This article will explore the details of this investment and Atmosphere’s recent accomplishments.

Overview of Atmosphere

Atmosphere is an enterprise-grade cloud applications platform provider based in the United States that enables enterprises to rapidly create and operate cloud native software applications.

The company recently closed a $25 million Series B funding from Valor Equity Partners. This infusion of capital marks Atmosphere’s third round of funding, following rounds from existing investors Lightspeed Venture Partners and Canaan Partners.

This new investment will expand Atmosphere’s engineering and go-to-market efforts and position the Company at the forefront of cloud technology companies – providing opportunities for enterprise customers to rapidly develop, test, and deploy highly available, secure, feature-rich web and mobile applications.

The company was founded in 2017 by seasoned entrepreneurs Michael Stoppelman and Kenneth Friar. Michael has previously cofounded companies like Yelp Inc., an online local search service; VectorVest Corporation, a financial analysis software product; and WordFu Limited, a real time search engine optimization tool. Kenneth has held several leadership positions in startups such as AtomJump Solutions Inc., an early stage messaging platform focusing on information privacy; and Whoop Inc., a mobile software startup.

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Atmosphere Closes $25 Million Series B Investment from Valor Equity Partners

Atmosphere, the leading provider of intelligent automation and artificial intelligence technology, has recently made headlines due to its accomplishments. The company recently closed a $25 million Series B investment from Valor Equity Partners and other strategic investors, a move that is sure to boost the company’s growth and development.

Let’s examine why this funding was so important for Atmosphere and what it could mean for the company’s future.

Atmosphere Closes $25 Million Series B Investment from Valor Equity Partners

Atmosphere, the leading on-demand execution platform for sales operations and shared services automation, has closed a $25 million Series B investment led by Valor Equity Partners with participation from 8VC. This round of funding brings Atmosphere’s total capital raised to date to $50 million as it continues to power digital sales transformations for enterprises worldwide.

This strategic investment advances Atmosphere’s mission to empower enterprises with intuitive, intelligent automation of sales operations and shared services tasks — unlocking revenue opportunities that were formerly constrained or invisible due to manual burden or complexity. With the additional capital, Atmosphere will build out additional capabilities through machine learning and artificial intelligence, further innovating its platform to advance customer experiences with intelligent automation and scaling globally at an unprecedented rate.

With this funding, Valor Equity Partners Executive Partner Salil Deshpande will join Atmospheres Board of Directors as they continue their mission to revolutionize enterprise sales operations processes through guided self-service automation technology. This strategic investment and board appointment helps solidify Atmosphere’s next stage of growth as they usher in an era of modern enterprise customer engagement powered by AI-driven automated technologies more efficiently enabling customer outcomes while driving increased ROI across customer service organizations everywhere.

Atmosphere Launches New Platform for Automating Data Center Operations

Atmosphere, a cloud-based automation platform provider for data centers, today announced its launch of a new platform that provides customers with enhanced insights and automated workflows to improve their IT operations. This new version of the Atmosphere platform will enable customers to quickly discover, analyze, and manage their IT resources while reducing operational overhead by allowing them to automate time-consuming manual tasks such as system updates and configuration modifications. The platform also enables better visibility into the health of customer applications and provides actionable insights into customer IT environments.

Atmosphere’s launch of its new platform coincides with the close of its Series B funding round led by Valor Equity Partners. Atmosphere raised $25 million in total funding which will be used for research, development and marketing initiatives supporting this product release and future product innovation. This round also includes support from existing investor Insight Venture Partners along with additional investment from Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator.

This launch is an exciting step forward in Atmosphere’s mission to provide customers with modern cloud automation solutions that increase business agility and optimize resource utilization. The new cloud automation platform offers advanced capabilities for scaling infrastructure faster, predicting needed maintenance workflows more accurately, maximizing resource utilization across public clouds, private clouds, on premises data centers or any hybrid environment — all tasked with ensuring successful customer deployments in a cost effective manner.

With this launch Atmosphere provides customers with unprecedented access to critical data center operations insight and visibility through an easy to use interface allowing customers to make changes quickly while optimizing their use of resources across hybrid cloud environments — significantly reducing operational overhead costs associated with deploying applications in the data center space.

Atmosphere Announces Strategic Partnership with Microsoft Azure

Atmosphere, a pioneer in cloud-based scenario provisioning and testing solutions, announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft Azure to enable clients to quickly provision cloud-ready environments and validate cloud applications.

The partnership will expand Atmosphere’s reach into the customer base of Microsoft Azure, as clients and organizations benefit from these integrations to build trust in their digital transformation journeys.

With this partnership, Atmosphere is now part of the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. The company offers its services through the Azure Marketplace for partners, allowing for easy manual or automated deployments via Terraform. This enables customers to access cloud-ready environments with high fidelity data sets that mimic production scenarios from both their desktops and internal networks on dedicated servers backed by world-class infrastructure. In addition, atmosphere’s patented technologies helps IT teams do testing, development and validation in an automated manner on all modern platforms such as Kubernetes, OpenShift and AWS Fargate with true scalability at any scale.

Also as part of this partnership announcement, Atmosphere has recently closed a $25 million Series B investment led by Valor Equity Partners who join existing investors including Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures, Amplify Partners, PJC and Blue Ivy Ventures.

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Benefits of the Investment

Atmosphere, a leading cloud management and security company, recently announced that it had closed a $25 million Series B investment from Valor Equity Partners. This investment will allow the company to accelerate its growth and product innovation. This includes expanding the product portfolio, the research and development team and scaling customer support. Additionally, the investment will provide the company with resources to help develop their cloud platform and future products.

Let’s look at some of the key benefits of the investment.

Increased Funding to Accelerate Product Development

Atmosphere’s recent $25 million Series B investment from Valor Equity Partners is expected to accelerate its product development and spur innovation across the IoT platform. This significant capital will strengthen the company’s position in the market, provide additional research and development resources, and enable more sophisticated product integration capabilities. In addition, this enhanced level of investment will ensure that Atmosphere can push forward with transformative technologies, including cloud-based edge computing, advanced machine learning models, MLOps packaging and deployment systems, modernized authentication standards and accessible developer SDKs.

The funding infusion will also support Atmosphere’s customer success initiatives by allowing its teams to continue expanding their services offering and investing in customer relationships. Additionally, improved investments allow the company to progress into different industry sectors through strategic partnerships with multiple industry players—all creating greater opportunities for growth in additional markets.

These investments enable a deeper level of customer relationships that transcend the traditional customer engagement model where teams aboard customers but don’t extend beyond discovering pain points. With access to continued capital investment, Atmosphere can develop modernized features tailored to their customers’ needs from initial onboarding through problem solving and implementation.

Expanded Team to Support Growing Customer Base

Atmosphere is proud to announce their $25 Million Series B investment led by Valor Equity Partners to continue their development of the industry-leading. This investment is intended to support the company’s tremendous growth and permit them to expand their team and customer base.

With an expanded team, Atmosphere can more quickly achieve its mission of providing a single, trusted platform for holistic business operations that drives innovation and successful customer engagement. The new funding will help Atmosphere build additional capabilities for marketers, product teams and practitioners. Additionally, the increased staff will provide deeper integrations into customers’ existing technologies, improved scaling across large enterprise companies and further demand from top brands looking to leverage Atmosphere’s platform.

Atmosphere’s leadership has seen dramatic growth for the past three years; an impressive portfolio including over 400 customers; exceeding 1 billion user tests completed; over 35 million unique monthly users on system worldwide; gaining 350 new customers in 2020 alone. This latest round of financing provides deeper resources towards continuing this momentum into 2021 and beyond while allowing product teams to operate more efficiently than ever before using Atmosphere products – increasing Return on Investment (ROI), scalability, integration options and automation capabilities creating modern software that is both user-friendly and incredibly powerful at helping businesses succeed in creating best practices around product exploration through experimentation & validation.

Access to Valor Equity Partners’ Resources and Network

Investment from Valor Equity Partners provides Atmosphere with access to the resources and network of Valor Equity Partners, one of the world’s most renowned private equity firms. Valor Equity Partners focuses on venture investments in cutting-edge technologies through university labs and start-ups and investments leading up to and following an IPO. This increased level of investment provides access to a much wider range of resources and capabilities that would typically be far beyond the reach of a small or mid-sized business.

This new relationship will offer two key benefits to the Atmosphere. Firstly, it opens up various opportunities for collaboration with other portfolio companies that share similar opportunities or problems. For example, Valor has invested in businesses such as Kodiak Robotics which could potentially contribute engineering talent and capabilities, or Advano which would provide additional resources related to battery technology innovation. In addition, this connection could enable increased market intelligence and insights given Valor’s deep knowledge base within its portfolio companies.

Moreover, receiving this latest round of funding amplifies Atmosphere’s potential even more; by obtaining additional investment alongside access to a prestigious network such as Valor’s, Atmosphere can scale up commercialization efforts faster than anticipated while keeping costs low due to shared resources between companies present within the portfolio. Having a platform such as this allows Atmosphere valuable early access into previously unreachable markets that require further capital investment before landing customers; securing strategic customers with the help from improved investor relations is key for long term success for any organization.

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Atmosphere announced the completion of their Series B investment round in November 2020, closing with $25 million in funding from Valor Equity Partners. This has been an incredible milestone for the company, as they continue to develop cutting-edge technology and services to meet the needs of their growing global customer base.

This article will provide a conclusion to the accomplishments and progress made by Atmosphere in the past few months, putting the funding round into perspective.

Summary of Atmosphere’s Recent Accomplishments

Atmosphere, the leading provider of atmospheric intelligence solutions, has recently closed a $25 million Series B financing round led by Valor Equity Partners. The round also included participation from existing investors Lux Capital and Atomico and new investor Tao Capital Partners. This funding brings Atmosphere’s total venture funding to nearly $50 million since launching in 2017.

This new capital infusion will help Atmosphere to accelerate its efforts in providing atmospheric intelligence to industries such as agriculture, environment and safety services, energy providers, and more. With this additional capital, Atmosphere plans to continue innovating and developing its platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution for managing outdoor environments through atmospheric sensing technology. In addition to utilizing the investment for the advancement of their platform offerings, Atmosphere plans on expanding its sales and engineering teams based in Tilburg, The Netherlands; Berkeley California; Denver Colorado; Bangalore India; Amsterdam Netherlands; Cambridge United Kingdom; Ohio United States; Lansing United States; Madaya Syria; Wuhan China and more.

The investment from Valor Equity Partners comes on the heels of several major accomplishments by Atmosphere over recent months. In early 2019 the company debuted their home product, Air Mentor – a personal sensor that empowers consumers with actionable outdoor environment information through an easy-to-use mobile application. The company also earned platinum certification – Facebook’s highest mark – across all five of their products offered within its Atmospheric Intelligence solution suite including Weather Reporting System (WRS), Ground Environment Surveillance System (GES), Cloud Coverage Analysis Platform (CCAP), Skylight Data Analytics (SDAS) and Air Mentor mobile application. Finally earlier this year Atmosphere announced they are collaborating with UCLA professor Shelley Goldman who is leading a project designed to monitor air quality globally leveraging small drone technology developed by DroneSense Inc., IBM Watson AI software via IBM’s Mobile Platform for Weather Certification Program and Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Safety Rail edge sensing products that are powered by Atmosphere’s Cloud Coverage Analysis Platform (CCAP).

The close of this Series B round will allow Atmosphere to further invest in delivering real time atmosphere intelligence innovations that can make a tangible difference worldwide in industries such as weather forecasting, environmental protection or safety services.