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Genshin Impact: All Hydro characters ranked

Genshin Impact is a new mobile game from the makers of Hydro that has been released on iOS and Android. The game allows players to collect, train, and battle with their favorite characters from the franchise.

The genshin impact tier list is a ranking of all the characters in Genshin Impact. It includes their strengths, weaknesses, and how they rank against each other.

The characters in Genshin Impact are split into several elements, and each one has a different level of utility. It’s nice to have characters from various elements to mix up your teams and elemental responses, so knowing which characters from each element are worth rooting for is crucial.

In Genshin Impact, the Hydro element is one of the most useful elements, since it may be used to spark several strong elemental reactions. The Vaporize response delivers some of the game’s most powerful damage, while the Freeze reaction makes battling opponents much safer. One of the greatest methods to use the Electro reaction is via the Electro-Charged reaction.

There aren’t many Hydro characters in the game right now, unfortunately. The Hydro element has the least presence in Genshin Impact, with just five presently available. Despite this, several of these characters still hold prominent positions in the game’s general meta. Xingqiu, for example, is a must-have for many meta teams.

All of the Genshin Impact Hydro characters have been rated from least helpful to most powerful.


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Barbara is one of Genshin Impact’s first heals, although she’s not very effective in the current meta. Because healing isn’t emphasized in many of the game’s most challenging areas, Barbara isn’t a viable choice.

However, she’s helpful if you don’t have any Hydro characters. With her Elemental Skill and Normal Attacks, she can effectively apply the Hydro element. As a consequence, if you’re missing a character like Xingqiu or Mona, Barbara will always have a spot as a backup unit.


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Unfortunately, Kokomi isn’t that much better than Barbara. They do a lot of the same things, and she isn’t necessarily stronger than Barbara. However, because of her Elemental Burst, Kokomi will end up inflicting more damage, but Barbara may be able to outsmart her in areas like Hydro application.

As a consequence, Kokomi is a rather weak unit. If you don’t have a unit like Xingqiu or Mona, she’s an excellent backup choice, much like Barbara. However, if you believe you need the survivability, such as if you’re bad at evading strikes, Kokomi is a good choice.


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Mona is now a powerful, though specialized, unit. Her most useful ability is her high-damaging Elemental Burst, which may also help with the Freeze response. As a consequence, Mona is a must-have unit for teams who need to keep their opponents frozen at all times.

As a support character, she’s often paired with characters like Ganyu or Ayaka. Mona’s teams are pricey, but she is very good at what she does.


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Xingqiu is debatably stronger than Tartaglia at times. His Elemental Skill can do a ridiculous amount of damage, and his burst is useful for applying a huge quantity of Hydro. He’s also a four-star unit, so he’s much more approachable than Tartaglia.

Although the two characters perform comparable tasks, Tartaglia has one of the best teams in the meta right now. Xingqiu is better for friends who deal with single-target damage, while AoE damage is better in Genshin Impact. Still, the difference between Tartaglia and Xingqiu isn’t significant, and the two may be interchanged depending on who you ask. That testifies to Xingqiu’s collective strength.


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Tartaglia is, by far, the most powerful Hydro character in Genshin Impact. He isn’t a hyper-carrier by any means (none of the Hydro characters are, for that matter), but he can do a lot of damage when combined with other units.

Elemental Reactions are extremely useful in his Elemental Skill form since it allows him to spend a lot of Hydro. As a consequence, he has assembled some of the game’s most formidable squads. Tartaglia, Xiangling, Bennett, and Kazuha, in particular. Beidou, Fischl, and Sucrose are all personalities he gets along with well.

The best hydro character genshin impact is a ranking of the top Hydro characters in Genshin Impact.

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The best hydro character is Genshin Impact.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Who is the strongest character in Genshin impact?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The strongest character in Genshin impact is the protagonist, who has an unknown power.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is Kaeya a hydro character?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Kaeya is not a hydro character.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best hydro character Genshin impact?

The best hydro character is Genshin Impact.

Who is the strongest character in Genshin impact?

The strongest character in Genshin impact is the protagonist, who has an unknown power.

Is Kaeya a hydro character?

Kaeya is not a hydro character.

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