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How to defeat Leshy (Act 1) in Inscryption

Inscryption is a new game that uses blockchain technology to create an immersive, cross-platform experience. Players control their own character and explore the world as they discover secrets and battle monsters. The game’s unique design allows players to earn rewards for completing quests and challenges, which can then be used to purchase items or trade with other players.

Inscryption is a game that has been around for quite some time. It’s most popularly known as the Save Our Hides game, which you can play here.

After defeating the Prospector, Angler, and Trapper, the last remaining monster in Act 1 is Leshy, the card dealer himself. Since he’s spent the whole of the game ridiculing your failings and immortalizing them as Death Cards, it’s a chance for vengeance. Even if these cards prove to be very helpful in later runs, it’s still not a very pleasant thing to do. So now is the moment for retaliation.

Getting ready for the last fight

You should have solved the many riddles in the cabin at this stage in the game, putting you in a strong position for Act 1’s final fight. Look for the Woodcarver as you go across the map so you can get the Hoarder totem bottom to go with your squirrel topper.

Simultaneously, stop at the Sacrificial Alters and Campfires for chances to enhance the power of your cards with extra sigils, health, and attack power. Ideally, you should invest in a strong Death Card, but any low-cost card would suffice. Finally, keep the Stinkbug or any card with the Stinky symbol since beating Leshy’s final level will be a piece of cake.

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Getting close to the cabin

You must travel up to the cabin before the final fight starts, and if you pass a few checks along the route, you may get some helpful bonuses. To begin, choose the card type that you are most familiar with in your deck. You may choose one of three Boons if you succeed. They’re all helpful in their own way, but the Bone Lord’s Boon is perhaps the finest option.

You’ll have to pass another check after that. This one, on the other hand, is a foregone conclusion once you’ve solved the cuckoo clock problem. Pick the Ring card first, then the second Boon. They’re all helpful, once again. Just make sure it matches the rest of your deck.

There are a lot of masks.

Leshy, unlike the previous CEOs, has three stages to contend with. To utilize the powers of the Prospector, Angler, and Trapper masks, he will cycle between them throughout the first level. If you’ve done your homework, you’ll be able to quickly play a card that does enough damage in one round to advance to the next level.

You’re haunted by your history.

Leshy will summon a slew of Death Cards that you’ve produced after losing runs to attack you in the second phase. This phase of the fight may be difficult if you’ve produced some strong cards. You should be able to defeat them if you spend the whole of your current run boosting cards. Leshy will also cycle between the masks of previous bosses, so defeat the second phase fast to prevent losing your strongest cards. It won’t be a problem if you have a card with the Stinky sigil, however. It’ll simply take a little longer.

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Towards the Moon

Leshy transforms the Moon into a massive card that takes up his whole side of the board during the final phase of the fight. It has three sigils, a single attack, and a whopping 40 health. Mighty Leap, Moon Strike, and Tidal Lock are the three sigils. The first prohibits you from using Airborne monsters to attack Leshy directly, while Moon Strike lets the card to strike each of your squares. Finally, Tidal Lock will exterminate any tiny animals you have, such as squirrels.

It creates a threatening shadow, but it has one easily exploitable flaw. The Moon’s attack will be lowered to zero if you play a card with the Stinky symbol, leaving it nothing more than a gigantic health bar to whittle down over as many rounds as it takes. Leshy will lament your strategy, but he won’t be able to do much about it. Continue hitting until the Moon’s health is reduced to zero, then strike it directly once it has vanished.

You’ve now vanquished Leshy, Act 1’s last boss. It’s a visually stunning end to the first act, but it’s not a very tough job if you plan ahead. After that, you’ll go on to Act 2, which has a whole different set of difficulties and mechanics.

Leshy is the name of a mythical monster in Slavic mythology. In Inscryption, you encounter Leshy as Act 1 boss. Reference: leshy mythology.

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