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How to beat the Endsinger in The Final Day in Final Fantasy XIV

Today we take a look at how to beat the Endsinger in The Final Day, one of the most challenging raid bosses in FFXIV. We’ll cover game mechanics and strategy for this fight.

The “knights of the round ff7 remake” is a game that was released in 2017. It is a remake of Final Fantasy VII and it has been highly anticipated by gamers.

Ultima Thule, you’ve pushed yourself to the far end of the cosmos. You’ve been through the events that have led up to this ultimate encounter with the architect of the Final Days. While we will not reveal the events that led up to this point, we will do our best to prepare you for the ultimate confrontation. In The Final Day, here’s how to defeat the Endsinger.

Because of the plot, you won’t be able to complete this trial using trusts, thus you’ll have to utilize the Duty Finder to finish it. The battle is fast-paced and protracted, so paying close attention to the monster and her strikes is essential. The following is an approximate chronology of the Endsinger battle and how to cope with her strikes.

Phase One

Endsinger will start the battle by casting Elegeia, an arena-wide magical strike that cannot be deflected, necessitating healing and mitigation to mitigate the damage. She’ll then reveal Stellar Collision, one of the fight’s most important elements. On the outside of the arena, two planets will appear, one sluggish and the other quick. The speedier planet will catch up to the slower one and inflict explosive damage throughout the whole arena. Identifying which planet is slower, anticipating where it will erupt, and going to the other side are the keys to avoiding this.

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Galaxias, who drops a meteor in the center of the arena, will be her next move. Because the meteor will push you back — and yes, you can go over the edge in this trial — you want to be as near to the centre as possible. She’ll then cast Elenchos, which comes in two variants. Her lips will flash white in the first, indicating that the strike will come from the center of the arena. However, in the second form, her wings will rise, signaling that the arena’s sides are not secure.

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The next assault is Death’s Embrace, which is employed for the duration of the battle. This strike fires line projectiles at each party member, thus everyone must split horizontally away from Endsinger to prevent stacking and absorbing more damage. Get acclimated to this technique now since it will be employed in combination with other assaults later in the battle.

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Get ready for the following two assaults, which will need a lot of mobility. First, she’ll drop feathers on your places, so make sure you maneuver in such a manner that you avoid colliding with another feather. She will then spawn miniature Endsinger heads, which will cast smaller copies of Elenchos around the arena. This may be readily avoided if you choose a secure area and go towards it.

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She will now cast tankbusters on both tanks at the same time, as shown by the whirling red circles on each of them. They must escape away from everyone else, or else non-tanks will suffer heavy damage. She’ll then cast Elegeia Unforgotten, a more powerful form of Elegeia that also triggers another Stellar Collision. The assault will be replayed this time, with the game message “The impact event has been recorded!” appearing and the Stellar Collision repeating. Later in the battle, this becomes much more crucial, although she will use this move multiple times.

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Exstasis is the following strike. Endsinger will spawn multiple black-blooded heads over the landscape. Because the black blood spreads to cover 90% of the arena, choose a safe area and stay still. Do not move or attempt to rush through it. She’ll disappear after this strike and cast Elenchos again, albeit from a new angle, so keep a watch on the arena’s perimeter.

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The rest of Phase One is spent cycling through the attacks mentioned above and combining two of them into a lethal combination, so keep dodging her strikes and pushing her below 40% health, when she will enter Phase Two.

Phase Two

Endsinger will cast Planetes, which will turn the conflict into a cutscene and mark the universe’s end. She will generate a new target in the arena, the Kakodaimon. If you don’t beat the Kakodaimon before the Despair meter reaches 100%, you’ll lose the battle. On the exterior of the arena, Kakodaimon will create planets, but these will trace a path into the arena, indicating where they will crash. To avoid being caught in the explosion, you must keep an eye on the lines and move accordingly.

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Endsinger will launch Oblivion when Kakodaimon is destroyed, allowing you 10 seconds to reply. The game message “Transcend your limitations to survive!” should appear on the screen, indicating that a Limit Break is required. Tanks must utilize Limit Break to keep the group alive after the countdown reaches roughly 5 seconds.

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The rest of the encounter is story-heavy and includes spoilers, but if you’ve made it this far, you already know how to handle it – all of her assaults are repetitions or variants of previous attacks. Warriors of Light, best of luck.

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