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Practical ideas that would improve the core BF2042 experience

In a game like Battlefield, the players are responsible for carrying out every action. As such, it’s not uncommon to see them hallucinating and going on shooting sprees with no real consequence. This can be highly detrimental in some cases; however, there is always room for improvement!

The “best settings for battlefield 2042 pc” is a topic that has been discussed on many occasions. There are many ways to improve the core BF2042 experience, but some ideas may be too extreme and will not work with other people’s hardware.

I’ve been playing for a few weeks now, and here are some low-hanging-fruit suggestions that I believe would enhance everyone’s experience (achievable ideas, I hope, that would not require completely changing the game).

You’ll notice a common thread running across all ideas: pushing players to make choices in order to succeed in the game.

  • Make spotting balls/proxy balls, or whatever you want to name them, need line-of-sight to their targets. I get that they aren’t going away, and that calculating distance is more difficult, but they would be so much more balanced if people had to think about where they placed them rather than just throwing them about.

  • Boris turrets: give them a 180-degree rotating range when putting them, demanding considerable deliberation and decision-making. This implies that if you’re flanked, the turret won’t turn on your flanker automatically. Alternatively, if you wish to guard a flank, position your turret in that direction.

  • The ranger: I’d make it such that it can only aim at seen targets or targets that its owner is actively dealing with; otherwise, it won’t be able to differentiate friend from foe. Alternatively, you may make it a critical hit location.

  • The Bolte: I’d take away the 30mm Bolte turret’s ability to spin 360 degrees and confine it to a 270-degree cone pointing ahead (creating a 90-degree blind spot behind it). This compels the Bolte driver to confront his opponents and make better decisions when engaging, which I believe is all the nerf the game needs (once the splash damage slowdown bug is fixed.)

  • Sundance: it should not be feasible to strike the ground like a lawn dart and then walk away. Sundance should always be the fantastic, fun flanker she is, but a parachute or soft landing should be necessary. It would also be good if she made some noise upon landing, but I suppose that’s too much to expect. I was thinking that a 3- or 5-second stun effect after a heavy landing could be enough of a nerf for her.

  • Smoke grenades: I’d make them burst a little faster and linger a little longer. They may also scrub Paik’s spots and blind him. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s referred to as “smart smoke.” Paik, to be truthful, isn’t the OP operator I expected when she was originally presented.

  • Quads: Because the maps are so large, each side should include roughly 8 quads. I should be able to spawn with a quad with a short cooldown if I wish to.

  • Close-up opponent visibility: in this odd new era of everyone playing as the same set of models, things have been surprisingly well (though not perfect) when dealing with foes beyond around 3 meters. However, since their highlight dot is off your screen while they are in melee range, it is now impossible to identify friend from adversary. I’ve been astonished a few times when I kill an opponent and then see another player emerge immediately alongside them (spawning, or racing out of the darkness) who I presume is a buddy since they don’t have a dot. Is there a green or red LED band on the front of all the outfits? When an opponent would normally have the red dot above them but it is off-screen, I would recommend switching to a rim highlight or making sure the dot doesn’t leave the screen.

  • Map flow: let’s face it, almost every map could use additional cover for infantry to go about in. If you have to, just strew some more cargo containers about, but intriguing inside would be excellent. People have been raving about the rooftop objectives, so all I have to say is that I think they could add a few more means to get up there, and/or a level below each rooftop that counts as part of the goal to spread defenses and make the game more enjoyable. Even the option to scramble the elevator floor indication would be excellent, so when those doors open, it’s a real surprise. Attackers should also receive a number of extra transports.

What additional realistic, doable suggestions do you have for making the game better? What kind of low-hanging fruit are you seeing right now? Is there any specialized or vehicle that may benefit from a change to make it more skill-based? Obviously, there are bugs and problems with hit reg that are detracting from the experience right now–but beyond that, what would improve the game in your perspective without affecting the game’s overall direction?

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For the game Battlefield 5, post “Practical suggestions that would enhance the fundamental BF2042 experience.”

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