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How To Get Aquamarine in Stardew Valley (And What To Do With It) –

“How do i get cloth on stardew valley” is a common question that many players ask. Cloth can be obtained by killing the fish in the river, or by catching them with your bare hands. If you don’t want to kill any fish, there are other ways to obtain it.

Stardew Valley was released in 2016 to widespread acclaim. The game has captivated players with its expansive farm, compelling character development system and emphasis on community building. While the game’s developer is still sticking around for now, it will not last forever. Some gamers are eager to cash out their Stardew Valley experience by turning their in-game farms into real life ones full of crops they can eat or sell at market prices when the time comes – but how do you achieve this? Here are some tips from our experts.]

After level 40 in the mines, aquamarine is rather easy to come by. It might be on the ground in the mines, or it could be hidden within barrels or an Aquamarine Node.

You may also find aquamarine when fishing, panning, or looking through trash cans.

It may be used for a variety of things in the game, like as strengthening your weaponry or adding additional light to your farm.

It’s also a perfect present for Dwarf, Emily, or Clint!


Locations with Aquamarine


Within the Mines

Aquamarine is most often discovered when exploring the mines.

You’ll probably come across something that looks like a blue gumball while mining – but don’t attempt to chew on it!

After you’ve achieved level 40 in the mines, that gumball is really aquamarine, a mineral you may obtain in numerous nodes.

This may be found directly on the ground, or it can be obtained by breaking Aquamarine Nodes or barrels in the mines.


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When you’re fishing

You can come across a treasure box while fishing for the fish you’re hoping to capture every now and then.

You may discover a variety of goodies in these treasure boxes. It may just include a few pebbles, or it may hold more precious objects such as aquamarine.

Aquamarine may also be found by panning in regions where the water is bubbling if you’ve acquired the panning ability in Stardew Valley.


Garbage Cans Inside

After scouring the rubbish cans around town every now and again, you could come upon some aquamarine.

It’s a delightful treasure to find, particularly because trash cans are more often associated with – well, rubbish.

Just keep in mind that aquamarines will only start to appear on your garbage diving expeditions after you’ve reached the mines’ lowest level.


Uses of Aquamarine



If you’re anything like me, you may overlook the fact that you can add some light to your farm to keep it from being completely dark at night.

Building a marble brazier is a stylish method to do it.

These exotic lights are built from aquamarine, marble, and stone, and they turn out to be very lovely!

The recipe is available from Robin, but you must first acquire all of the other recipes (you can only buy these Brazier recipes in order).

Here’s a list of everything you’ll need to acquire, along with their prices and ordering:

Brazier Cost
Brazier made of wood 250g
Brazier made of stone 400g
Brazier for barrels 800g
Brazier for Stump 800g
Brazier made of gold 1,000g
Brazier with Carvings 2,000g
Brazier with a skull 3,000g
Brazier made of marble 5,000g


Aquamarine as a gift

Aquamarine is a lovely mineral, and many of your Stardew neighbors would appreciate it if you give it to them as a gift.

Aquamarine is a favorite of Dwarf, Emily, and Clint. If you decide to give it to them, they will be overjoyed.

Pierre, Linus, and Leah, on the other hand, will be disappointed if they get aquamarine as a present.

Apart from those two categories, aquamarine will appeal to the majority of Stardew characters.

As a result, it’s often a nice present when you’re stumped for what else to get a certain character.


Aquamarine’s Other Uses

This mineral has primarily three additional broad applications:

1. Tasks 2. Weapon enhancements 3. Bundle of Dye

Along your adventure, you may come across a few tasks that need aquamarine.

Wanted signs at Pierre’s, fish pond missions, and Gem Bird puzzles are examples.

Aquamarine may also be used to boost the strength of your weapon if you wish to become a melee specialist.

Finally, aquamarine is required to complete the dye bundle found on the bulletin board at the community center.

It’s really a lot more handy than it seems!


Aquamarine’s Market Value

Each piece of aquamarine may sell for up to 180g on its alone.

Aquamarine is on the lower end of the spectrum when compared to other jewels. It is, nevertheless, far from useless.

Aquamarine isn’t the only stone that can help you earn extra gold:

Gem Value
Jade 200g
Emerald 250g
Ruby 250g
Diamond 750g
Shard of Prismatic Light 2,000g

The gemologist’s charges are not included in these pricing.

It’s a fantastic idea to choose that job if you want to generate even more cash by selling jewels.

The “stardew valley aquarium” is a new feature in Stardew Valley that was released with the 1.3 update. It allows for players to have an aquarium that they can watch their fish swim around in. The player will need to collect Aquamarine, which can be found by mining or fishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with aquamarine in Stardew Valley?

A: Aquamarine is a deep blue gemstone that can be mined with an iron or copper pickaxe. It has low value and no practical use in the game, but its still nice to have around as decoration along with your other gems.

What do you do with rubies Stardew Valley?

A: You can use rubies in the shop to buy weapons, tools and equipment for your farm.

What is Topaz used for in Stardew Valley?

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