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Physna Raises $56 Million to Make 3D Object Search and Discovery Easier

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Physna, a 3D object database and search engine, announced a major funding round. The company has raised a $56 million Series B funding round led by Tiger Global, with additional participation from GV and Sequoia, bringing its total raised to $86M.

This funding round will help Physna reach its goal of making 3D object search and discovery easier.

Overview of Physna

Physna, a 3D object database and search engine, has announced a new strategic investment of $56 million in Series B funding. Leading the round is Tiger Global Management with participation from GV (formerly Google Ventures) and Sequoia. With this new round, Physna has raised $86 million to date.

Established in 2019 by founder and CEO Aaron Baker, Physna seeks to make finding objects easier with its groundbreaking technology. Using digitized versions of various objects stored in its 3D object database, users can quickly search for specific types of items such as screws, bolts or even complex parts like airplane engines with pinpoint accuracy and speed.

The purpose behind Physna’s platform is to reduce time spent searching for physical objects – especially for industrial uses such as manufacturing companies and aerospace or automotive industries that rely heavily on 3D models for their products. Physna’s platform allows users to find items quickly to focus more on the creative part of their projects rather than wasting time sorting through parts catalogs or navigating 3D object databases that require difficult manual input.

Overview of the funding round

Physna, a 3D object database and search engine, recently announced that it has raised $56 million in a Series B funding round which Tiger Global led with participation from both GV and Sequoia. This investment brings the total funding for the San Francisco-based startup to $86 million.

The funding will further develop Physna’s search capabilities by leveraging its core technology in visualization, recognition, and AI-driven understanding of 3D objects. In addition, it will expand the team’s engineering capabilities and broaden commercial industry partnerships.

The round follows Physna’s successful launch of its Intelligent Search Platform (ISP) which makes it easier for companies to organize their digital products into a single entity across all departments or teams. The key features of ISP include facial recognition, CAD file integration, batch editing capabilities and quick item comparison tools enabling users to quickly identify, compare and track digital assets across their company’s network.

By leveraging AIF technology from major cloud providers like Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services (ACS) and Amazon Web Services Rekognition (AWS), Physna allows for powerful visual searches enabling users to search for objects using visual parameters such as shape or color. This also allows teams across different departments within an organization to quickly access specific objects without having to log into complicated systems – thereby providing strong support for companies with disparate product lines utilizing multiple design systems.

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Physna, a 3D object database and search engine, raises $56M Series B led by Tiger Global with GV and Sequoia participating, bringing its total raised to $86M

Physna is a 3D object database and search engine that helps make 3D object search and discovery easier. The company just closed a $56M Series B funding round from Tiger Global, GV and Sequoia, bringing its total raised to $86M.

This new funding round is a clear vote of confidence in Physna’s mission and technology, and will go towards further developing their 3D object search and discovery platform.

Let’s explore what Physna does and why it can attract such investment.

What is a 3D object database and search engine?

A 3D object database, or a 3D object search engine, is a technology that provides powerful search capabilities for retrieving, indexing, and analyzing 3D objects. Physna’s 3D object database enables users to quickly and accurately search for and identify real-world physical product components for applications in manufacturing, engineering, and other industries.

The engine comprises proprietary algorithms that understand the structure of 3D objects from their geometry. It uses advanced algorithms to create an optimally structured index of each component’s visual characteristics, making it possible to compare objects in three dimensions. A more precise search allows engineers, manufacturers and other industry professionals to locate answers quickly and accurately.

By leveraging proprietary machine learning capabilities and natural language processing technologies such as NLP² (Natural Language Processing), Physna’s engine can effectively understand the semantics of complex user queries to match digital representations with real-life objects more accurately than any other system on the market. Additionally, Physna’s extensive library includes thousands of commonly used parts used in manufacturing that are available through an easy-to-use cloud-based platform which can be customised for each customer’s specific needs.

This powerful combination makes Physna well suited for use across many industries where having access to accurate 3D object data can alleviate manual processes related to object identification. Moreover, by investing $56M into this groundbreaking technology, investors have clearly recognized its potential applications outside manufacturing—including use cases such as robotics design and augmented reality development—and its ability to create extensive value over time.

How does Physna make 3D object search and discovery easier?

Physna is a 3D object database and search engine that makes exploring real and virtual worlds easier. It helps users identify, understand, and interact with 3D objects in the physical or digital worlds through quick product identification and large scale datasets. Physna uses a comprehensive system of unique identifiers, called marker signatures, that pinpoint and represent an object’s most essential characteristics. These markers are then combined with other systems such as computer vision algorithms to accurately identify many objects in dataset images at once.

In addition to providing search tools for users exploring the physical world, Physna also offers tools for creating digital representations of objects, making it easier for developers to discover new products or applications based on their needs. For example, its patented technology can find the ideal part or prototype from a database faster than ever. Furthermore, it decentralizes 3D information from CAD models or list-based bill of materials (BOMs) files into individual components identifiable across multiple sources by their marker signatures. This allows designers to quickly locate specific parts or assemblies within complex designs while giving them access to granular features such as function definitions appropriate for specified parts categories related to an overall product design.

By making advanced search capabilities available within existing library collections – whether they be public web-sharing platforms like GrabCAD or traditional PDF formats – Physna offers both professionals deep insights into product design processes while also opening up countless possibilities for consumers through its easy-to-use interface when trying out different products virtually before making an actual purchase in the store.

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Investors and Impact

Physna, a 3D database and search engine, closed its Series B fundraise of $56 million, bringing its total funding to $86 million. This financing round was led by Tiger Global, with participation from GV and Sequoia, two of the world’s most prestigious venture capital firms.

This new funding will help move the company forward and will make a profound impact for its users. Let’s look at what this means for Physna and its investors.

Who are the investors?

The funding round was led by Tiger Global, with participation from GV (formerly Google Ventures) and Sequoia Capital. It brings Physna’s total capital raised to $86 million.

Tiger Global is a New York-based hedge fund and private equity firm primarily investing in public and late-stage venture companies worldwide. GV is the venture capital arm of Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, which provides early-stage and growth capital for technology companies. Sequoia Capital is a venture capital firm based in Menlo Park, California which has invested in some of the world’s largest companies including Apple, PayPal and YouTube.

What impact will this funding have?

The $56 million Series B funding for Physna, a 3D object database and search engine, will raise the company’s total to $86 million. This influx of cash could have a major impact on the company’s product and engineering initiatives and its ability to penetrate new markets faster.

The Series B funding was led by Tiger Global and included GV and Sequoia Capital participation. This means that three different venture capitalists have now staked their reputations in the success of Physna. As a result, the company is likely to be held accountable for delivering long-term value to these investors.

Specifically, some of the impact of this increased funding includes: expanding product development capabilities; creating or hiring a team dedicated solely to product expansion; focusing on customer service and support initiatives; marketing Physna’s technology both internally and externally; establishing strategic partnerships with major players in the 3D search engine space; leveraging human resources for analysis of new trends; and more.

The injection of additional funds into Physna will likely bring about positive outcomes for customers, partners, investors, and employees. The incoming capital can bring about significant growth in areas like product innovation and customer service – ensuring that Physna continues on its mission – “making it easier for organizations worldwide to organize their data with fast reliable searches”.

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Future of Physna

Physna, a 3D object database and search engine, has raised a $56 million Series B round of funding led by Tiger Global, with GV and Sequoia also participating. This brings the total amount of funding raised to $86 million.

This impressive show of support demonstrates the potential of Physna as a game-changing tool that can revolutionize the way we search and discover 3D objects. Furthermore, it is evident that the company has big plans for the future, and this recent funding will greatly help achieve them.

What are the plans for the future?

Now that Physna has raised $56 million in Series B funding, led by Tiger Global with GV and Sequoia participating, what are the plans for the future of this 3D object database and search engine?

Physna’s mission is to make 3D object search and discovery easier. The company intends to use its latest funding round to focus on several key areas of growth:

  • Building out the core platform
  • Scaling data services
  • Expanding its content library
  • Accelerating customer support and adoption
  • Broadening its global presence

The company also plans to partner with larger technology companies to reach a broader market. For example, it has already secured global deals with AutoDesk for certain product offerings related to their products. Additionally, it has partnered with Unity Technologies for automated asset management within the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) markets.

With additional investments in emerging technologies such as AI-driven 3D understanding and advances in deep learning technologies for searching through large volumes of data quickly, Physna will continue pushing boundaries in 3D object search and discovery. Moving forward with this unified focus on growth, Physna will be ready to guide customers through the next shift in today’s digital environment.

What are the potential applications of Physna?

Physna, a 3D object database and search engine, recently raised $56M Series B led by Tiger Global with GV and Sequoia participating, bringing its total raised funds to $86M. With this influx of capital, Physna plans to optimize the features of its 3D search engine. As well as introducing new features such as allowing users to create customized searches.

The potential applications of Physna are vast across many industries. For example, it could be used in manufacturing and engineering as an efficient way to find and identify parts or components in assembly processes, shortening lead times and improving accuracy. In retail it could be used to identify consumer product attributes such as colors and shapes so that customers can more easily find the right items in store shelves or online. And in medical imaging technology it could be used for annotating scans for targeted diagnosis, treatment effectiveness tracking, aiding in early diagnostics or helping clinicians better understand visually complex anatomy. These are just a few of the potential applications with great growth opportunities in terms of creativity and industry-specific uses.

By using an optimized 3D search engine powered by advanced AI-based algorithms, Physna will make 3D object search more efficient. In addition, with its distributed ledger technology that staffs decentralized data sets from all over the world, organizations will have access to extensive object databases at their fingertips, helping them significantly cut back on research time while increasing quality assurance.