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The Features That Make Physna The Leading 3D Search And Comparison Platform

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As the 3D revolution flourishes, it has been vital for companies to incorporate digital solutions. Physna, a groundbreaking visualization search engine, is leading the way with new ideas and innovative solutions to bridge the gap between 2D and 3D content. This article explores the features that make Physna the leading 3D search and comparison platform (keyword: “Google of 3D”).

Physna provides a suite of patent-pending technologies which enable users to quickly identify, share and evaluate complex designs using intuitive search algorithms. The platform is backed by an impressive assembly of venture capital firms – Tiger Global, Google Ventures amongst them – who recently contributed $56M into a Series B financing round forPhysna. Customers use Physna as a tool to better understand their data sets in an accessible manner – through its 3D visualization interface – for faster decision making processes.

The architecture employed within Physna supports comparison between multiple objects within the system – allowing users to differentiate between them and attributes such as shape, consistency or depth. This feature makes assessing product-specific designs or making detailed design choices incredibly simple, with machine learning and repeated analysis creating micro-advancements in user experience each time it is used. In addition, making complex decisions becomes simple through various dynamic selection options like volume reduction or cad model comparison maximizing speed in an automated environment.

Thanks to its visually accurate renderings, including design automation workflows, blueprints can be rapidly converted into prototypes, saving valuable time while providing producers with real-time feedback on their designs. Additionally, in comparison to other solutions available on market currently such as eDrawings or Autodesk Inventor LT Suite; Physna’s higher focus on collaboration enables imagery output from any CAD platform including Solidworks and Autodesk Revit without the need for special versions before presenting finalized designs; resulting in far greater accessibility for project stakeholders when converting documents into usable models for decision-making purposes without requiring downloads or referrals back prior versions of software applications while still maintaining confidentiality of formulae at all times if opted from settings page upon system start up.

The importance of cost appreciation when manufacturing parts has also been recognized by its designers who have incorporated cost estimation capabilities within the software whereby comparative analysis can be performed based on weighted criteria allowing users gain insight into best value materials available while still producing key outputs efficiently regardless of end user restrictions such as material costs budgeting limitations due national financial policies etc.. It offers complete information at every level regarding manufacturability right down to source costs embedded within a simplified tangible interface – effortlessly keeping track of production updates without missing pressing details that could heavily affect overall success rate per batch however small it may appear initially reducing redundant failures both cost.-and times wise.

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Overview of Physna

Physna is the leading 3D search and comparison platform that allows users to find and compare 3D models from various sources. It’s been dubbed the ‘Google of 3D’ due to its powerful features, such as its “flexible 3D fingerprinting technology” that can accurately search sketches and 3D models.

In addition, the platform has recently raised $56M in funding and added Google’s venture capital arm as an investor.

This section will explore some features that make Physna the leading 3D search and comparison platform.

What is Physna?

Physna is a powerful, cloud-based 3D search and comparison platform that enables engineers, architects and product developers to quickly search large libraries of 3D models. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence technologies, it helps engineering and product development teams save time and improve product performance.

Using Physna’s patented DataMatter technology, users can search and compare 3D models stored in any database or application. With it, designers can intuitively find components stored within their library and share and collaborate with their teams. It also provides a powerful way to analyze similar products side-by-side — so key decisions can be made faster than ever.

By offering an intuitive user experience with sophisticated AI capabilities in one unified platform, Physna significantly optimizes the design process. At the same time, helping teams remain competitive in the ever increasing global market for products. Thanks to its scalability and flexibility, Physna can easily adapt to individual business needs — making it a perfect fit for manufacturers of all sizes.

In addition to its impressive 3D capabilities, companies using Physna benefit from comprehensive security protocols that safeguard customers’ proprietary designs from unauthorized access or use—a must have for those operating within highly regulated industries such as healthcare or biomedicine. With recent funding totaling $56 million led by Tiger Global — plus an investment from Google Ventures — Physna is rapidly becoming the leading 3D search and comparison platform — often referred to as the “Google of 3D”.

What makes Physna the leading 3D search and comparison platform?

Physna is the leading 3D search and comparison platform, transforming how people source, compare and collaborate. By allowing users to search 3D models by shape or feature instead of text-based assembly codes, Physna makes it easy to find the exact component or shape you need.

The proprietary Physna Cloud also allows users to store and quickly share large volumes of designs with others. This enables much faster design collaboration than traditional methods. In addition, Physna offers an integrated 3D marketplace where buyers can purchase CAD-ready parts directly from manufacturers worldwide.

The platform also utilizes its deep learning models trained on billions of points across thousands of components. This allows users to ask complex queries such as “show me all washers with a 6mm hole” and immediately receive relevant results within seconds.

Furthermore, Physna offers a comprehensive suite of collaborative tools for model creation including a vast library of notations for modeling and automated mesh healing to ensure consistency across designs and earlystage Fusion360 integration for fast-tracking into production ready parts at scale. These capabilities combined ensure that customers can reduce their effort in designing complex products that require precision from every angle – further unlocking revenue potential and reducing product cost through quality assurance and time saved in collaboration time across departments or companies when required.

Features of Physna

Physna is a 3D search and comparison engine that provides access to millions of 3D models online. It has been called the “Google of 3D” and has recently raised $56 million in a Series B funding round led by Tiger Global, with Google Ventures joining the round.

Let’s look at the features that make Physna a leading 3D search and comparison platform.

AI-powered 3D search engine

Physna is an AI-powered 3D search engine that can process and identify almost any 2D or 3D object. It has been designed to allow anyone to search for 3D parts, components, assemblies and even entire products.

At its core, Physna’s technology uses proprietary algorithms to generate a cloud-hosted database that preserves the most essential features of each object—including scale, topology, shape and color. This allows users to quickly identify objects based on exact visual characteristics rather than relying on manual searching or keywords.

The platform also provides advanced capabilities such as automated part comparison and geospatial indexing. With these features, Physna enables instant object comparison, detection of duplicates across databases and location searches all in a single platform. This makes it ideal for powering advanced expert solutions within industries such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), robotics, engineering design and manufacturing.

Utilizing Physna’s depth search model enables teams to instantly understand how identical objects differ from each other by magnifying relationships among attributes like dimensions and material grades—effectively vastly broadening the types of objects enterprises can identify online without manual intervention via intelligent comparison of both geometric data points or associated structured data like text descriptions or attribute numbers. Operationally this reduces time-to-market for designers who need fast access to relevant information which in turn decreases their overall costs from overspending due to late orders or unnecessary storage overhead from parts ending up inactive longer than necessary due to incorrect inventory orders.

3D comparison tool

Physna is the leading 3D search and comparison platform that enables users to quickly search through large 3D models. This powerful tool provides access to thousands of CAD model libraries, allowing users to quickly compare, edit, design and validate 3D parts.

The Physna platform features a sophisticated graphical user interface (GUI), making it simple and intuitive for engineers and design teams to automatically select the most suitable parts for their projects. The powerful algorithms also make it possible to search across multiple CAD systems. This can help ensure that the correct versions of a component are selected for production or engineering tasks.

The Physna platform also offers advanced comparison tools which allow users to accurately assess differences between two or more components before making a final decision. These tools are ideal for customers who need access to quality assurance information during the design authorization process. By comparing components in detail, engineers can gain insight into various areas such as material properties, size, accuracy and other related attributes before authorizing them for production use.

With its industry-leading suite of tools and capabilities, Physna is redefining how engineers work with CAD models regarding speed, accuracy and quality assurance measures. For organizations looking to boost overall productivity while reducing costs related to complex engineering projects, the Physna platform is an ideal choice that facilitates smooth collaboration between teams throughout the entire design lifecycle.

3D visualization and annotation tools

Physna’s 3D visualization and annotation tools provide an interactive way to view and explore 3D models. The tools enable users to visualize components in three-dimensional detail and annotate each model for specific parts or materials.

This feature benefits professionals who need accurate visual details for project planning, manufacturing processes, and more. Additionally, users can control the visibility of individual layers within each object so they can focus on specific details.

With Physna’s comprehensive annotation capabilities, complex 3D models can be easily understood.

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Google of 3D’ Physna raises $56M led by Tiger Global – and adds Google’s VC arm as an investor

Physna, the 3D search and comparison platform, recently raised $56 million in funding led by Tiger Global. This funding round also included an investment from Google’s venture capital arm. This new funding will allow the company to expand its platform and reach new users. It’s a sign that Physna is becoming the “Google of 3D” for product development and design professionals.

Let’s examine what makes Physna stand out as the leading 3D search and comparison platform.

Overview of the funding round

On April 23, 2021, Physna, the leading 3D search and comparison platform, announced a $56M series C funding round led by Tiger Global, with participation from existing investors including American Family Ventures and CapinCrouse. In addition, the Google Ventures team also joined the group as an investor. This brings Physna’s total funding to date to $110.5M.

The 3D search engine is focused on delivering innovation in high-end engineering applications by transforming the abilities of engineers and product designers to quickly find and compare parts across a variety of sources – such as CAD libraries and e-commerce databases – using intuitive 3D searches rather than long strings of words or part numbers. Such capabilities reduce design timescales and increase project efficiency while providing a larger pool of affordable options that fit for purpose and fully conform to existing design toolsets.

The latest round will enable Physna to invest heavily in three critical areas: talent acquisition, product development, and customer experience efforts for continued growth within their vertical markets such as aerospace/aeronautical engineering; molecular construction; medical automation; robotics; industrial manufacturing; automotive design; consumer goods development; electronics design; green energy technologies; HVAC/plumbing systems development; and electronics housing & embedded components examination/testing.

How will the funds be used?

With the recent raise of $56M, the team at Physna is well positioned to delight customers and accelerate product development. The funds will be used towards building new features and capabilities, growing our team, expanding our industry-leading 3D search capabilities, and addressing customer needs more.

The funds will also be used to develop AI-powered tools for quickly finding part numbers in 3D files. These tools can potentially revolutionize how design engineers look for dimensionally correct parts or surface textures inside their CAD models. Additionally, the team at Physna plans to explore data analytics and visualization applications that can quantify design changes across multiple generations of CAD files and instructions. Such insights would enable teams to accelerate product exploration and shorten product designing cycles.

The fresh capital injection also marks Alphabet’s VC arm GV (formerly Google Ventures) endorsement. The partnership provides a great boost as it helps leverage GV’s extensive knowledge in machine learning technologies closely tied with Physna’s mission – indexing industrial parts closer than anyone else available today. Together we’ll build out engaging features like Autofit™️, which allows users to automatically find and fit manufactured items into assemblies using the power of intelligent search powered by AI technology.

These milestones come at a time when businesses are under pressure to make their engineering processes smarter, faster, easier for everyone involved – from software tools down to physical factory floors — something with which Physna can undoubtedly help users access all their valuable 3D content easily without any market constraints as current methods fail miserably due to incompatibility issues among different proprietary formats available today across manufacturers all over the world .

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Google’s Investment in Physna

Google’s venture capital fund, GV, recently invested $56M in Physna, the leading 3D search and comparison platform dubbed the “Google of 3D.”

This new round of funding will enable Physna to continue developing its platform, which companies in various industries use for 3D product development, design, and reverse engineering.

Let’s look at what makes Physna the leading 3D search and comparison platform.

Overview of Google’s VC arm’s investment

Google, a technology giant and leader in technological innovation, recently announced its investment in Physna, one of the leading 3D search and comparison platforms. The investment was made through Google’s venture capital (VC) arm Capital G.

The $56 million that Google invested into Physna will help expand the platform’s product offering. This new funding round was led by Tiger Global and included participation from existing investors such as Fintech Collective, Elementum Ventures, Ubiquity Ventures, StandTogether Ventures and FF ventures. With these new funds, Physna aims to scale its operations while leveraging Google’s resources in order to remain a leader in 3D engineering software solutions.

Google saw the potential of Physna due to its large base of integrated CAD tools and solvers and real-time analytics capabilities that accelerate design decisions and production processes. As a platform designed for engineering teams working with 3D models for product design decisions, it allows users to easily search for parts by inputting their exact specifications into databases containing millions of catalogued components produced by various vendors worldwide. This ability significantly reduces the complexity of traditional CAD systems which were cumbersome due to their single-dimensional uploading capacity which could not identify more complex shape forms found in 3D files such as walls or cylinders/cones. This feature sets Physna aside from other services on the European market today.

By investing into Physna, Google is helping secure its financial future and setting itself up for success when it comes to developing products using 3D models on its own platform or those operated by the customers they are serving today. In addition, it is expected that this move will help position them better in comparison with other competitors who do not have access or do not actively engage with investing into similar technologies such as Amazon’s cloud-based solution Sumerian which competes with Physna’s scalable industrial services along with Microsoft Azure IoT Suite which provides applications suited for consumer enterprise needs but lacks scalability needed for bigger projects involving collaboration among many stakeholders across geographically dispersed operations like what required by many aerospace companies today.

What does Google’s investment mean for Physna?

Google’s investment in Physna, a 3D search and comparison platform, is further evidence that the company is focusing its efforts on improving their ability to provide users with more advanced augmented reality (AR) capabilities. Google’s venture capital arm joins leading investors Tiger Global and other early-stage investors in supporting Physna.

Physna stands out among other 3D search technologies as the only platform that combines advanced visual computing capabilities with a patented artificial intelligence engine. This AI-driven solution enables users to quickly search and compare 3D models via natural language queries — similar to how you would use words to search for something on Google — while providing accuracy like never before. With this technology, it’s now easier for designers, engineers, architects, and hobbyists to quickly find what they need in their workflow.

The partnership between Google and Physna has given engineers access to new tools for searching and comparing 3D models more effectively than ever before. It also provides them with a visualization of complex data that can be used for collaboration across teams and departments. With the support of Google’s venture capital arm as an investor, Physna will continue to expand its capabilities with innovative solutions that enable users to tackle even more complex challenges.


Physna has become the leading 3D search and comparison platform by deploying many innovative features. Physna’s advanced feature set, including its patented Vectos technology and its Augmented Reality feature for 3-dimensional comparisons, make it a limitless digital playground for engineers and creators.

The developers at Physna have provided business users with an intuitive digital way to access anything from large quantities of components marketed by hundreds of vendors to complex machine simulations that can quickly produce the essential output data needed for decision making. With its market presence continuing to grow, Physna’s combination of streamlining workflow processes, supplying accurate data in an understandable context and combining with other software platforms make it the ideal choice for any user looking for a comprehensive search and comparison experience.

The recent investment by Tiger Global and Google’s VC arm will enable Physna to take their product offering further regarding features, capabilities, performance and cost-effectiveness. With such rapid progress, Physna is well on becoming the “Google” of 3D search capabilities.