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What you need for your new PS5!

Sony has been the dominate console gaming market for a good while, but they have recently fallen on hard times. With their new PS5 release coming up in 2020, what do you need to get ready? Here is our guide of all things you should know about Sony’s next generation console!

The “Playstation” is a gaming console that has been around for a while. It’s new to be released in 2020, but what you need for your new PS5! Read more in detail here: playstation.

Here we are once again. The holidays are in full swing, and video games and peripherals can be found on sale just about everywhere. This is the finest time of year for many gamers, and there are lots of reasons for why.

If everything goes well, we’ll wake up to fresh new video games, stockings loaded with accessories, sweets, and perhaps some energy drinks to help us get through a lengthy period of play time.

Of course, there’s still that huge gaming purchase that many people are anticipating for: a fresh new PlayStation 5! Unfortunately, the epidemic continues to spread, resulting in a global microprocessor scarcity, which means fewer consoles are available for purchase. Not to add the fact that scalpers are still operating… that doesn’t help things.

Aside from the Pandemic, what would you want to do on your PS5? A couple of games and a headset? Perhaps a new screen? To get things started, here are a few items I suggest for your PS5 this Christmas season!

This year, I’m not going to provide any game recommendations. There isn’t a great range to choose from just now, and to be honest, many of the games thus far have disappointed me. CoD, I’m looking at you. Battlefield, you as well…

Headset! The PlayStation 5 includes 3D audio and may be used without a headset, but any serious player should invest in a headset. Sony’s PS5 headset comes highly recommended. It offers outstanding surround 3D audio that was intended for this console and is available for $99.99 (USD). It’s a comfy headset with a lot of functions that goes well with your new PS5.

1640218639_958_What-you-need-for-your-new-PS5A second Dual Sense controller is included. With today’s gaming sector, this may not seem to be a necessary item. Why is there a need for an additional Dual Sense? Couch co-op still exists, but it isn’t particularly prevalent, so why is there a need for an extra Dual Sense? When it comes to lengthy gaming sessions, the Dual Sense doesn’t offer the best battery life. It’s always a good idea to have a spare charged and ready to go. Sure, you could put the controller in and use it that way, but it isn’t for everyone. While the PlayStation 5 controller is extremely sturdy, having a backup in case anything goes wrong is always a good idea.

1640218640_707_What-you-need-for-your-new-PS5The most important item I’m going to mention is a significant one. It’s also the most costly, but it’s well worth it. Curved displays are what I’m referring about. You’re in good shape if you get a curved monitor with a 1ms response time and a refresh rate of at least 144hz. I suggest going with a 27-inch curve, and I believe the visuals are more up to you. The 1080p displays are less expensive and have the same functionality as the 4k monitors, but if you care about your graphics, spending a little more money will get you the 4k experience you want.

1640218641_42_What-you-need-for-your-new-PS5In terms of the finer points, I advocate hardwiring your Playstation 5 if at all feasible. You’ll receive the finest possible internet connection this way, and it’ll be well worth it. Many various lengths are available at very low prices. If you need something particularly long like 150 feet for a reasonable price, check out Walmart or Amazon.

Sony is now offering new faceplates for the Playstation 5 if you want to customize your system or want a color other than white. You should be able to find a color you like among the wide variety of hues available, but if all else fails, there are a plethora of vinyl skins to pick from that are significantly less expensive than the plates.

That concludes my Playstation accessory suggestions, however I’ll leave it to you to suggest some titles for this year. So, what games do you think will be released this year? Please let me know in the comments section below! Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you online as always!

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The “ps5 setup” is a console that has been released and will be available for purchase. The console has many features, but you need to make sure your system is ready before you buy it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do first when buying a PS5?

A: The most important thing to do is make sure you have enough space for the PS5. Second, it would be a good idea to start saving up your money now before game prices rise. Lastly, if you are going to buy in-game content on the next generation of consoles, get all of that done now so you can use those funds when they come out later this year or early 2019.

What accessories come with the PS5 when you buy it?

A: The PS5 comes bundled with a DualShock controller, the PlayStation VR headset and camera.

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