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TTTech Auto’s growth strategy

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Vienna-based automotive software company TTTech Auto has recently achieved a major milestone in its growth trajectory – it has become a unicorn company after raising €248M.

TTTech Auto is a European leader in developing innovative and reliable real-time networked safety systems and high-performance control devices for automated driving and the industrial internet of things (IIoT).

This article will delve into the growth strategy that has helped the company score this success.

Overview of TTTech Auto

Vienna-based automotive software company TTTech Auto has taken the automotive industry by storm in recent years. Founded in 2017, it aimed to develop innovative software solutions that improve automotive safety, security and performance.

Following clear growth strategy initiatives, TTTech Auto has secured itself as a leader in the market by forming partnerships with other prominent companies throughout the automotive industry, such as leading car makers like BMW and Toyota.

TTTech Auto offers tailored offerings for traditional and new market players, such as electric vehicle startup companies, with a strong focus on providing state-of-the-art solutions that drive sustainable mobility. In addition, it offers a wide array of technological services that help ensure safe operation of connected autonomous vehicles and provides platforms for vehicle connectivity applications.

In 2019, TTTech Auto completed an €248M investment round, securing its “unicorn” status as a private company valued at over €1B. Through this funding round, the company expanded its workforce rapidly and broke ground in international markets across Europe and North America. The funding stream has also enabled TTTech Auto to become more competitive through increased research efforts in core safety technologies like AI-based software solutions.

The story of TTTech Auto is inspiring – with ambitious goals clearly outlined this Vienna based company is positioned well for further growth within the global market of automated connected vehicles.

Vienna-based automotive software company TTTech Auto raises €248M, reaches unicorn status

Vienna-based automotive software company, TTTech Auto, recently achieved “unicorn” status after raising €248M in its series D funding round.

With the latest funding, TTTech Auto has attracted investments from top-notch venture capitalists and tech-giants that have backed its growth strategy and driven its development in the automotive and autonomous vehicle sector.

In this article, we will be looking at TTTech Auto’s financial overview and how it has tapped into new markets and achieved unicorn status.

Recent Funding Round

Vienna-based automotive software company TTTech Auto has raised an additional €248 million in its latest funding round, reaching a total valuation of over €1 billion and achieving “unicorn” status. This latest raise brings the total amount invested in TTTech Auto since 2018 to over half a billion euros, further cementing its position as one of Europe’s leading technology firms.

The latest financing round was led by UK-based VC Acton Capital Partners, with participation from existing investors including Global Founders Capital, ONEX Group and Redline Capital Management. The new funding will accelerate the development of TTTech Auto’s global network and platform technology stack, supporting the continued expansion into China, Japan and North America while enabling the successful implementation of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) at mass scale in Europe.

With an emphasis on safety-critical computing solutions for ADAS and autonomous driving applications, TTTech Auto unlocks new opportunities for growth in automotive applications such as automated last-mile delivery capability using intelligent motorbikes (e-scooters) across cities in Europe and emerging markets. The Vienna headquarters will serve as the focal point for product development and system integration efforts going forward with local offices opened recently in Shanghai, Tokyo & San Francisco Bay Area destined to integrate the global automotive ecosystem under one roof.

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Historical Financial Performance

Vienna-based automotive software company TTTech Auto, founded in 2001 and now part of the TTTech Group, has a deep history of financial performance. It experienced rapid growth from its beginning to reach unicorn status in 2021. TTTech Auto’s revenue averaged a CAGR of 30% over the past five years, reaching €355 million in 2018 and €350 million for 2019-2020. In addition, the company has seen more than 100 million euros raised in equity and 150 million in debt financing.

In its recent successful venture capital round closed on May 21st 2021, TTTech Auto raised €248 million from investors such as OMERS Ventures, Porsche Digital Ventures and Baillie Gifford. This latest capital injection is expected to help grow the automotive software solutions provider even further into the future and provide greater access to financial resources for its continued development and planned expansion plans. As an investment partner with considerable trust in TTTech Auto’s vision and potential, OMERS Ventures will be a valuable strategic partner throughout this process going forward.

Growth Strategy

Vienna-based automotive software company TTTech Auto recently raised €248 million and reached unicorn status. This is a testament to their successful growth strategy, which focuses on increasing their customer base and their product offerings.

Look at their growth strategy and what it means for their future.

Product Development

As a Vienna-based automotive software company, TTTech Auto is focused on developing products that transform vehicles into intelligent and safe machines of the future. The company is committed to leveraging its deep technical expertise in cutting-edge software and hardware technologies to create the most advanced connected, automated, and intelligent mobility solutions.

To reach its goal of providing vehicles with automated decision-making capabilities, TTTech Auto has been consistently investing in research and development, with a special focus on building high-performance products that are safe and secure.

Product development at TTTech Auto focuses on three major areas: Software Platforms, Connective Technologies and Safety Solutions. For each area TTTech Auto specializes in innovative services that provide autonomous driving systems such as EU Reimbursement consulting services for safety improvements such as ProDiX metrology or Autonomous Vehicle (AV) safety systems such as SynMATIC2+. In addition to these key products, TTTech Auto also offers an ExpertPlus service for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

This service combines Virtual Reality (VR) simulation tools with analytics capabilities to give vehicle manufacturers better insights into how their systems will behave in real-world conditions. With this combination of products and services all under one roof, TTTech Auto creates an integrated platform from which automakers can launch their own automated driving safety solutions.

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Market Expansion

TTTech Auto, a Vienna-based automotive software company, has reached unicorn status after securing a €248M funding round. The company aims to expand further into the global market with these funds.

The core of TTTech Auto’s growth strategy is investing in exceptional talent and key technologies; this allows them to bring world-leading cutting-edge products to their customers. In addition, the company has plans for continued innovation in providing software solutions for connected and automated driving technologies across the entire product life cycle. This includes investing in developing components and systems that meet today’s stringent safety standards for driverless car transportation systems.

To make this possible, TTTech Auto’s market expansion strategy involves strengthening their existing partnerships and collaborations with OEMs, Tier 1s, startups, research organisations and other technology companies around the globe. Furthermore, to tap into markets outside of its main region in Europe, TTTech Auto has also strengthened its presence with offices in the US and Japan so they can respond quickly to local needs.

Additionally, It is important for TTTech Auto not just to open new markets but also sustain success when entering them; an ongoing focus on developing solutions that meet local requirements will be essential in achieving success throughout their global rollout. With this strategy at play, TTTech Auto expects continued growth over the next 5 years as they approach becoming an even larger leader within the connected car segment of tomorrow’s smarter mobility industry.


Acquisitions are one of the key factors driving Vienna-based automotive software company TTTech Auto’s growth strategy. The company has proven that organic expansion and M&A complement each other when used in an integrated manner.

In 2019, TTTech Auto acquired Chicago-based Adasworks, an automotive artificial intelligence (AI) specialist, to boost its core capabilities. This was followed by the acquisition of Intrinsic ID in 2020 and the takeover of fabless semiconductor company AnalogBIT, a development partner for electric power management in 2021.

The addition of all these companies has increased the range of services offered by TTTech Auto, which now covers software development for advanced driver assistance systems, functional safety validation and AI technology for autonomous vehicles just to name a few.

The resulting increase from these acquisitions has enabled TTTech Auto to bring its product portfolio up to industry standards and introduced new attractive offerings for customers who require comprehensive software solutions across different markets such as aerospace, industrial automation or medical engineering.

By strategically deploying acquisitions as part of its growth plan, the Vienna based scalable provider is quickly becoming a global leader in technology for automated driving solutions.


As Vienna-based automotive software company TTTech Auto reaches unicorn status after raising €248M, it is crucial to keep this momentum. To do so, TTTech Auto needs to be aware of its challenges in the coming years.

This section will look at the key challenges TTTech Auto will have to address to cement its position as a major player in the automotive software industry.


A fast-growing tech company such as Vienna-based automotive software company TTTech Auto inevitably runs into competition. Competitors aiming to achieve market dominance are existing players such as developing automobile companies and other technology companies showing interest in the mobility space. Many of these competitors also have powerful backers and larger operations than TTTech Auto, giving them an advantage.

To mitigate this risk and stay successful in the long run, TTTech Auto aims for strategic partnerships, especially with car manufacturers and suppliers, to ensure their products are integrated into their partners’ services. This has proven to be a good strategy so far; for instance in 2020, Volkswagen Group invested €230 million into the company after testing its technology for use in autonomous driving projects and self-driving cars. Moreover, partnering with right companies can be invaluable for achieving scale quickly in a competitive industry such as mobility tech.

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Regulatory Environment

As a Vienna-based automotive software company, TTTech Auto capitalizes on Austria’s extensive research and development opportunities. Unfortunately, the success of its growth strategy also relies heavily on navigating the ever-changing regulatory environment of the automotive industry. As a result, TTTech Auto must devote significant resources to understanding and adapting to regulatory changes to remain competitive and compliant.

The automotive sector is highly regulated, with changes coming from government directives, regulations from international organizations such as UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe), society expectations, customer requirements and more. In addition, the fast pace of innovation in the industry means new laws and rules are being developed frequently – something that can present a challenge for any company such as TTTech Auto operating within the sector.

Therefore, TTTech Auto must work proactively to keep up with legal developments nationally and globally to stay competitive in this market. By regularly monitoring relevant legislation and policy documents, understanding stakeholder needs (such as safety concerns), and consulting experienced external advisers (e.g., legal professionals) on regulatory compliance strategies whenever necessary, they understand their duties as a responsible software developer while embracing innovations within their organization to craft products that are safe by design. This is an important aspect of their growth strategy that provides returns through avoided litigation costs, reduced liabilities arising from product failure or non-compliance with regulations or standards thus enabling them to reach unicorn status.


TTTech Auto’s successful funding round and recent unicorn status are both testaments to its aggressive growth strategy in an increasingly competitive automotive software market. With a focus on developing cutting-edge technologies, TTTech Auto is well-poised to make further investments in the future of automotive software while continuing to be a leader in the industry.

Additionally, this milestone further cement’s Vienna as a key player in Europe’s tech hub as it continues to attract and foster new business opportunities. Moving forward, TTTech Auto will remain committed to its core mission of developing advanced technologies for the global automotive industry and strive for continual growth atop a solid foundation of innovation.