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TTTech Auto and Aptiv will jointly develop next-generation automotive technologies

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Aptiv and TTTech Auto recently announced a joint venture to develop next-generation automotive technologies. This was made possible through a joint investment of €250 million into TTTech Auto by Aptiv and Audi. This is an important step forward in the automotive industry, and it is expected to push the boundaries of innovation and creativity in automobile technology.

In the following sections, we will discuss the potential of this joint venture and the implications it could have.

Overview of TTTech Auto

TTTech Auto, formerly known as TTTech automotive GmbH and Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH (AID), is a German joint venture established in 2018. Aptiv, a global automotive technology company, and Audi invest an estimated €250 million into the new TTTech business representing a milestone in future mobility solutions.

The venture combines the expertise of Audi’s driver experience and car connectivity with Aptiv’s autonomous driving and vehicle electrification technologies, providing end-to-end systems which enables automakers to implement the software, safety certifications and build on already available solutions. By offering smart alternatives to complicated embedded systems, cars become safer and more efficient.

The two companies join forces to bring advanced customer experience capabilities and world-leading software engineering skills together with powerful AI algorithms into existing vehicles and changing how we use cars. With this partnership the companies aim for redefining customer’s interaction with their smartphone applications even beyond their vehicle’s life cycle by initiating new services such as digital maintenance or repairs which can be done through targeted updates remotely without having to bring cars into workshops. This would save customers time for other activities more easily by allowing them to plan ahead of time when they need adjustments or repair on their cars efficiently much earlier than expected before it escalates into something demanding more major attention such as during a regular service trip or at an automobile service center.

Overview of Aptiv

Aptiv – formerly known as The Delphi Automotive Corporation – is a global technology company with a presence in multiple countries around the world. Founded in 1994, Aptiv is a leading supplier of electrical and electronic components for the automotive industry. It is one of the largest suppliers to automotive manufacturers, providing innovative solutions to engineering challenges related to safety, vehicle networks and performance.

With 140 locations in 45 countries and over 48,000 employees worldwide, Aptiv has established itself as an industry leader in advanced mobility technologies such as autonomous driving and electric vehicles. Additionally, they are also at the forefront of connected services such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), infotainment and digital cockpit solutions.

In June 2020, Aptiv joined forces with Audi to invest $250 million into TTTech Auto. This investment will provide TTTech Auto with additional resources to develop next-generation automotive software architectures for electric and autonomous vehicles on scalability platforms such as ISO 26262 ASIL D for safety-critical systems. As part of the collaboration, Audi will integrate its Autonomous Traction Control System (ATCS) onto TTTech Auto’s architecture platform in order to increase performance gains when deploying electromobility products across various brands.

Aptiv, Audi invest €250 million into TTTech Auto

Aptiv and TTTech Auto have recently announced a joint development of next-generation automotive technologies. Aptiv, the leading global technology company, has announced an investment of €250 million into TTTech Auto, the autonomous driving and connected car technology company.

This joint development seeks to create a platform where both companies will be able to realize their vision for the future of mobility.

The rest of this section focuses on the joint development between Aptiv and TTTech Auto.

Audi’s €250 million investment

In late 2019, one of the world’s leading companies in vehicle electrification and automation – Aptiv (known as Delphi at the time) – entered into a jointly development program with an Austrian tech company TTTech Auto. This joint effort is worth €250 million and was invested in by Audi as part of its goal to ramp up and transition to next-generation automotive technologies.

The collaboration exploits advances in information communication technology and is focused on ultra-safe and reliable distributed computing architectures for systems utilizing artificial intelligence and automated driving functions. The agreement will result in TTTech Auto modernizing key algorithms, developing computer hardware that can handle increasingly complex tasks coupled with ultra-high safety requirements, then providing an operating system necessary for aftermarket application management systems.

The partnership features intensity levels far beyond what any single supplier could provide alone. All contributions from both sides build on existing competence and capabilities that are necessary for safe products including automotive safety standards such as ISO 26262. The strong partnership between TTTech Auto and Aptiv sets a new industry standard for safe automated cars with high functional reliability, software reusability, open system architecture, trustworthiness, scalability of up to thousands ECUs per car generation due to high integration density, lower emissions due to reduced weight of cabling harnesses as well as cost savings through digitalization.

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Goals of the joint development

The primary goal of the joint development between TTTech Auto and Aptiv is to build a backbone for next-generation automotive technologies. By combining the advanced knowledge and expertise of both companies, the joint development aims to enable manufacturers with new capabilities that create connected, autonomous and secure vehicle infrastructure solutions.

Audi, the global leader in premium mobility, recently invested €250 million into TTTech Auto – enabling them to expand their existing global engineering network and accelerate progress towards their goal. Audi also brings significant industry experience which can help with the overall success of this partnership.

The two companies share a common vision for leveraging digital transformation in order to create a safer, more efficient driving experience, enabled by cutting-edge automotive technology solutions like Chassis Control System (CCS) software and Automotive Systems Integration (ASI) systems. By working together on these tasks, Aptiv and TTTech Auto are able to better adapt existing technologies to customers’ needs while also addressing new areas such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

The joint objectives of this collaboration could heavily influence future mobility across both personal and commercial vehicles as they strive towards safer transportation outcomes. As well as looking at security frameworks that protect data collected by vehicles during operation, specifying system requirements for self driving cars – such as autonomous nodes control software – will be among other ongoing tasks during the joint development process.

Technologies Developed

TTTech Auto and Aptiv, who have jointly invested €250 million into their partnership, are set to develop next-generation technologies to revolutionize the automotive industry.

TTTech Auto and Aptiv are developing a range of technologies that will enhance vehicle safety, improve driving experiences and reduce environmental impact.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the technologies that are being developed through this partnership.

Autonomous driving

Autonomous driving, also known as self-driving, is a field of artificial intelligence and robotics working together to enable machines to sense their environment and implement decisions with minimal or in some cases no human input. Autonomous cars are programmed to be able to drive with limited guidance from a human driver. They use technology such as cameras, radars, lidar sensors and specialized software algorithms to detect obstacles on the road and make decisions based on their analysis of the data they receive.

Aptiv’s collaboration with TTTech Auto is part of its larger move toward autonomous driving solutions. Using TTTech Auto’s expertise in system integration for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving platforms, both companies will collaborate on engineering projects that build on Aptiv’s solutions for mobility including automated parking solutions, vehicle perception platform utilizing multiple sensor types (including radar & vision), and path planning services to enable automated driving capabilities. Audi has also invested €250 million into TTTech Auto for advancing the development of autonomous driving solutions. With this development, Audi and Aptiv aim to be leading providers of safe autonomous mobility solutions offered at global scale by 2025.

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Connected services

With the joint endeavor between Aptiv and TTTech Auto, next-generation connected services will merge the virtual and physical worlds to deliver high-end performance, fuel economy and safety across numerous vehicles and applications. Connected services will be enabled through advances in efficient low-power computing, high-speed secure connectivity, embedded software architecture and artificial intelligence capabilities.

The innovative software engineering architectures developed by Aptiv in combination with TTTech Auto’s 360 Safety Architecture will provide a wide range of connected services to Autonomous Driving Systems (ADS) such as Audi Quattro. Via its IoT platform, a diversity of vehicles and service providers can be connected simultaneously to give drivers access to an array of new features and safety measures at the touch of a button. Additionally, Aptiv’s broad portfolio of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) help keep drivers safe on the road by offering warning alerts via audio, visual or haptic cues.

The capabilities unlocked by the collaboration between TTTech Auto and Aptiv range from predictive maintenance assistance for vehicles down to automated driving assistance systems that can assess driving data from sensors more efficiently due to AI algorithms commonly employed in fields such as computer vision or machine learning. By leveraging autonomous driving technologies, Audi’s customers have access to more engaging experiences that emphasize comfort, convenience and safety in their everyday journeys — both on highways and backroads alike.

Advanced driver assistance systems

Advanced driver assistance systems, or ADAS, are automatic safety systems designed to enhance the safety and performance of a vehicle. These systems include lane assistance, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, pre-collision braking, and more. Most modern vehicles are equipped with some type of ADAS capability.

Aptiv and TTTech Auto are working together to develop next-generation ADAS solutions that can be implemented into future Audi models. The development process includes hardware selection, software customization, system integration and verification. Aptiv has already developed several generations of advanced driver assistance solutions including the next-generation architecture which integrates sensors and controllers into a single system as well as artificial intelligence (AI). In partnership with TTTech Auto, Aptiv is looking further into advanced solutions such as autonomous driving capabilities to deliver more comprehensive solutions for their clients.

The joint venture between the two companies is built on trust and confidence with each partner’s expertise in the automotive industry. The €250 million investment by Audi will allow Aptiv to strengthen market position while they focus on providing innovative solutions such as AI-enabled integrated electronics subsystems for Audi cars in the coming years. This ambitious project will also accelerate innovation in connected automated driving supported by safe software technology delivering high performance backbones for infotainment and autonomous driving projects.


Audi’s investment in TTTech Auto of €250 million is a major step towards the development of the next-generation of automotive technologies. This investment will enable both Audi and Aptiv to collaborate on many projects, resulting in some exciting innovations.

Let’s explore the benefits of this joint venture in further detail.

Improved safety

The joint venture Aptiv and TTTech Auto will focus on developing next-generation automotive technologies that prioritize safety and sustainability. Their collaboration combines Aptiv’s expertise in vehicle electrification and automated driving technology with TTTech Auto’s world-leading experience in the functional safety systems and software development.

The mission of the joint venture is to dramatically reduce the number of traffic fatalities and injuries by building new safety features into future cars, such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles. In particular, Aptiv and TTTech Auto are working together to develop a platform for rapidly evolving safety standards for modern vehicles. This new platform is designed to reduce complexity, maximize interoperability across automakers, parts suppliers, software developers, OEMs, regulatory bodies and other industry partners.

Through this joint venture, Aptiv and TTTech Auto aim to bring together their interdisciplinary capabilities in software engineering, product development lifecycle management (PLM), functional safety design principles and automation architectures. The partnership creates an opportunity for the companies to accelerate their time to market with reliable technologies that enhance vehicle performance while ensuring occupant protection. Ultimately this partnership between Aptiv and TTtech Auto will strongly contribute towards improved road safety as they develop safer cars powered by advanced technology solutions.

Increased customer satisfaction

The joint venture ‘TTTech Auto’ between Aptiv and TTTech offers customers an extensive portfolio of state-of-the-art automotive technology solutions spanning the full lifecycle of the car, from development to aftersales. This includes high performance components, autonomous driving and connectivity software as well as data protection technologies. This comprehensive portfolio enables increased customer experience, comfort, safety and security in modern vehicles.

Aptiv’s segment president Ben Boulanger stated: ‘With TTTech Auto, we will keep redefining mobility and create unique products that go beyond just hardware. We will offer traditional goods but also establish digital services for our customers.’

This venture is driven by Audi’s investment of €250 million into TTTech Auto, taking a 20 percent minority stake in the new entity. This secures close collaboration between Audi, Aptiv and TTTech with a view to providing cutting edge technology solutions for future mobility applications.

By providing top-notch automotive technology solutions to its customers, Aptiv is able to come closer to its goal of creating safe and sustainable urban transportation systems which are designed around the needs of people by delivering increased customer satisfaction.

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Increased efficiency

Aptiv and TTTech Auto are working together to develop a broad range of next-generation automotive technologies that increase automotive system efficiency and improve safety. The joint venture will bring together the strengths in digital technology and safety knowledge from Aptiv and TTTech Auto to develop automotive solutions that can usher in the next wave of innovation.

The partnership is targeting the development of advanced driver assistance systems, automated driving, connectivity, electronic control units (ECUs) for high end cars and electric vehicles. It is expected that these developments will enhance existing processes, reduce operating costs and eliminate manual errors from system and architecture design to production testing. Specifically, Aptiv’s dominance in automated driving areas such as sensor fusion (multiple sensors working together), artificial intelligence (AI), fifth-generation cellular networks (5G) communications, augmented reality (AR) head-up displays (HUDs), natural language processing (NLP), real time mapping software for urban navigation, autonomous authentication software for remote updates have all been identified as potential areas for collaboration between the two companies.

The joint venture also stands to benefit from Audi’s €250 million investment into TTTech Auto which serves as an opportunity to test innovative products under real-world conditions. This could prove invaluable as Aptiv endeavors to develop its autonomous technology while ensuring safety remains paramount.


After announcing their strategic partnership and Audi’s investment of €250 million into TTTech Auto in 2019, Aptiv and TTTech Auto have come far in their development of the next-generation automotive technologies.

This joint venture has reaped countless rewards for both the companies, greatly enhancing their capabilities to create innovative autonomous and connected vehicles.

In this article, we explore how Aptiv and TTTech Auto have achieved success in the automotive industry.

Summary of the joint development

Aptiv, a leading global technology company, and TTTech Auto, a global pioneer in safety-relevant platforms for the automotive industry, have announced a joint development program to advance autonomous driving and future mobility solutions. The partners commit to investing €250 million into TTTech Auto over the course of four years.

The goal of the venture is to develop world-class next-generation automotive technologies that will further enhance TTTech Auto’s existing expertise in time-sensitive networking and intelligent functionality for automatically controlled assisted systems. The joint venture combines Aptiv’s advanced development capabilities in active safety systems, vehicle network architecture and components with TTTech Auto’s know-how in areas like centralized processor architecture and electrification solutions.

Together, the two companies will leverage their combined strengths to develop best-in-class technologies targeting advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). This includes integrating software platform solutions that support cooperative functions between adaptive cruise control (ACC), automated emergency braking (AEB) and lane departure warning (LDW).

Through this venture, Aptiv and Audi are signaling their commitment to developing future mobility solutions that will empower drivers with assisted systems for safer journeys. The cooperative effort between Aptiv, Audi and TTTech Auto reflects the driving forces behind autonomous driving: safety innovations, technological advances, government action on regulation as well as consumer demand for convenience while also taking into consideration economic feasibility.

Future outlook

The alliance between Aptiv and TTTech Auto has created a promising future outlook for next-generation automotive technologies. This collaborative effort seeks to unlock the potential of technological advancements and bring them to market faster. The venture is expecting to create new opportunities within the automotive industry that are expected to improve safety, reduce emissions and develop new Artificial Intelligence (AI) models.

The companies have invested €250 million into the venture, which is evidence of their commitment towards advancing innovation in the automotive business. Furthermore, they have established a Joint Innovation Council with members from both Audi and Aptiv to lead the development of new technologies and services, ensuring that decisions are made in a constructive manner. Additionally, TTTech Auto intends for all drivers as well as passengers who use its connected vehicle technology solutions to be able to enjoy an excellent safe driving experience.

Going forward, these two partners are looking at leveraging their growth in technology innovation and expertise in order to pave the way for next-generation automotive technologies that meet customer demands while enabling efficient operation through data-driven decisions. Both companies believe that this joint effort will bridge together key technologies such as autonomous driving software that will be vital for modern mobility solutions. As such, this partnership demonstrates a commitment from both Aptiv and TTTech Auto towards investing in future technological advances within the automotive sector.