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Ubisoft Delists NFT Announcement Video after It Receives a Ton of Dislikes

Ubisoft has removed its recent video announcing the delisting of their popular collectable game called “Mysterious Tales: The Beauty Within.” After this announcement, Ubisoft’s YouTube account received a ton of dislikes.

The “youtube” is a video from Ubisoft that announced the company’s decision to delist NFTs. The video received a ton of dislikes, so Ubisoft decided to take it down.

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NFTs, according to EA CEO Andrew Wilson, are the future of the gaming business, but players seem to disagree. With the Quartz platform, Ubisoft announced its intention to include NFTs into their games, and the outcry quickly followed. The Quartz video that featured NFTs for Ghost Recon Breakpoint has been taken off by Ubisoft.

The video had previously earned over 15,000 dislikes to just over 800 likes, resulting in a 20:1 ratio. The situation progressively worsened from there, with dislikes reaching approximately 31,000 and loves barely breaking 1,000. Ubisoft then opted to take the video down. (Those who have access to the URL may still see it.)

Ubisoft highlighted its ambitions to launch NFTs in November, after investing in Animoca Brands, a blockchain gaming business. Ubisoft’s Chief Financial Officer Frederick Duguet has said that the company will provide users new ways to earn and control in-game content.

[Blockchain] will enable more play-to-earn, allowing more gamers to earn and own content, and we believe it will significantly boost the industry. We’ve been working with a lot of small businesses who are interested in blockchain, and we’re beginning to have a decent understanding of how it might affect the sector. We aim to be one of the important players in this space.

It seems that the firm is still planning to debut on December 9. The delisting of the announcement video has elicited no response from Ubisoft.

VGC (through PC Gamer), International Business Times (via GameInformer), and Animoca Brands are among the sources.

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