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Project Hero Quirks – Abilities and Moves

I’m a Project Hero! I can do anything you want me to, just tell me what your command is.

Project Hero is a hero-based game that has been in development for a while. The game’s abilities and moves are listed on the project hero trello.

Project Hero is a Roblox anime based on My Hero Academia, a Japanese superhero comic. Quirks are a collection of unique abilities that players may acquire. Different techniques and powers are related with these Quirks, and some are much more powerful than others. A comprehensive list of Project Hero quirks, moves, and controls can be found here.

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What are Project Hero’s quirks?

Quirks, often known as meta talents, are unique superhuman powers seen in the universe of My Hero Academia. The first meta talent in the superhero comic belonged to a newborn in Qing Qing City, and it quickly spread across the globe, strengthening villains and superheroes alike. Quirks come in four different rarities in Project Hero:

  • Typical (45 percent Chance)
  • Unusual (30 percent Chance)
  • Extremely uncommon (17.5 percent Chance)
  • Exceptional (6.5 percent Chance)
  • Exceptional (1 percent Chance)

The % probability relates to the chances of acquiring it from Groody at the Quirk Lab during each spin.

Quirks in Project Hero: How to Get Them

In Project Hero, you can earn Quirks by going to the Quirk Lab and spinning for them. Speak with Dr. Mid Groody The Fruity and try your luck at acquiring a Quirk with your spins. Spins may be obtained via the use of codes or by buying them with Robux. Each spin will set you back 20 Robux.

Project Hero Quirk Lab

Project Hero’s Oddities


Acid has the following moves as an Uncommon Quirk:

  • Acid Spit (Z)
  • Acid Slide (X)
  • Burn Barrage (C)
  • Acid Venom (V)


Electricity is a Rare Quirk that can do the following actions:

  • Electric Bolt (Z)
  • Shockwave Stomp (X)
  • Electric Eel (C)
  • V — Discharge voltage of 2,000,000 volts
  • B – Lightning Strikes


Explosion is an Epic Quirk that may be used to perform the following moves:

  • Explosion Barrage (Z)
  • Jet Burst (X)
  • Explosion Rush (C)
  • Explosive Surge (V)


Gravity is a Rare Quirk that can do the following actions:

  • Heavy Rock – Z
  • Multiple Rocks (X)
  • C – Meteor Storm
  • Float Rush (V)
  • Float Around (B)

Halfway between hot and cold

One of two Legendary Quirks with the following moves is Half Hot Half Cold:

  • Ice Spikes (Z)
  • X – X – X – X – X
  • Ice Floor (C)
  • Flame Fist (V)
  • Flame Pillar (B)
  • Flames Quake (R)

Hell’s Fire

The Epic Quirk Hell Flame has the following moves:

  • Flashfire Fist – Z
  • Jet Burn (X)
  • Flame Explosion (C)
  • Hell Volley (V)
  • Purgatory (B)
  • Hell’s Doom (R)


Invisibility is a Common Quirk that allows you to do the following things:

  • Z – Invisibility Cloak
  • X – Aura of Invisibility
  • Warp Refraction (C)


Leech is an Uncommon Quirk who can do the following actions:

  • Steal Health (Z)
  • Steal Stamina (X)
  • C – Health Equity
  • V – Leech Swap

Enhancement of Muscles

Muscle Augmentation is an Epic Perk that allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Shockwave Punch (Z)
  • X stands for augmentation.
  • Ground Smash (C)
  • V – The Leap of Augmentation
  • Leaping Smash (B)

All for one

One For All is one of two Legendary Perks that may be used to do the following actions:

  • Deleware Smash – Z
  • Detriot Smash – X
  • C – One Leap For All
  • Full Cowling (V)
  • Manchester Smash (B)
  • St Louis Smash (N)
  • Vanishing Drive (E)
  • Deleware Air Force (R)
  • T – One-Hundred-Percentage-Percentage-Percentage-Percent


You start off in Project Hero as Quirkless, which means you don’t have any quirks. This Quirk has no abilities attached to it. You may also spin this one, but it will essentially be a waste of time, so avoid it if at all possible! Quirkless is regarded as an Uncommon Perk in the lab.

  • There are no abilities to list for Quirkless!

Regeneration using Superpowers

Super Regeneration is an Unknown Quirk that allows you to do the following:

  • Z – Borrow for Health
  • X – Pulling Stamina
  • C – Radius Assist
  • Add-On (V)

Manipulation of Wood

Wood Manipulation is an Unknown Quirk that allows you to do the following:

  • Wood Track (Z)
  • Wood Spike (X)
  • Wooden Chains (C)

For the time being, those are all the Project Hero quirks, but more will be added as time goes on. On the Trello board, where we got the majority of this information, there are additional comments suggesting the developer would add extra movements for various Quirks.

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Project Hero is a video game where you play as the hero in a world that is overrun by monsters. The game has just been released on Roblox and it is free to play. Reference: project hero release date roblox.

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