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What Are Some Of The Success Stories From Atmosphere

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Atmosphere, an AI-driven project management software, has undergone a series of transformations over the past few years, culminating in its Series D funding and appointment of a new CEO. It’s been a remarkable journey; many success stories have been born from this venture.

Let’s take a closer look at the progress behind Atmosphere and its multiple successes.

Overview of Atmosphere

Atmosphere is a leading provider of AI-powered video analysis capabilities for enterprise customers. Founded in 2014, Atmosphere has quickly become the go-to choice for enterprises looking to better understand their video data. With offices in Tokyo, San Francisco and London, Atmosphere is one of the most successful startups out of Japan’s thriving technology sector.

Atmosphere recently closed a Series D funding round led by Intel Capital and new investors Adage Capital Management and Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Group joining its existing roster of substantial investors including Salesforce Ventures, Orix Ventures, Yahoo! Japan and Mitsui Sumitomo Visa Capital. At the same time, the company announced Joe Herrick as its new CEO.

In his role at Atmosphere, Herrick will continue to focus on delivering cutting edge capabilities that allow enterprises to unlock the power of visual data. With extensive experience in leading corporate strategy initiatives at some of the world’s largest companies such as Johnson & Johnson, PayPal and Federal Express (FedEx), Herrick is well positioned to lead Atmosphere into a new era of growth.

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Series D Funding

In October 2020, Atmosphere, a software platform for automated systems, announced that it had secured a Series D funding of $110 million, which SoftBank and Farallon Capital led. Since then, there’s been a lot of talk about its success story.

This article will examine the details of Atmosphere’s Series D funding and the new CEO.

Overview of Series D funding

Atmosphere, a global electronic components and storage provider, recently secured $90 million in series D funding led by New Enterprise Associates. This marked the company’s first funding since appointing new CEO Tom Deitrich at the start of 2021.

Series D funding is the fourth stage of fundraising for a company typically after seed, A & B rounds, and C round or later-stage venture capital round (also known as growth equity). This type of financing usually covers expansion activities such as sales and marketing and long-term planning. It also provides liquidity to early investors such as friends and family, angel investors, and venture capitalists who have participated in previous rounds.

Atmosphere is one of many companies that have seen success through Series D financing. After raising its first Series D round of $90 million from financial institutions like NEA and Tiger Global Management in 2021, the electronic component and storage provider has seen significant growth. Its latest announcement includes plans to increase its workforce by 25%, develop its software platforms for digital twins and augmented quality inspection technology, hire additional engineers to create new technologies for e-commerce operations messaging technology and enterprise resource planning integration solutions.

Atmosphere’s success with its Series D funding drives home the importance of early-stage venture capital support in an emerging tech sector with competitive pressure from established players like Axiom Electronics and Arrow Electronics who are also expanding their capabilities into digital twins analytics technology. In addition, this strategic move made by Atmosphere shows how vital early Series D fundraising can be in furthering business objectives on an ambitious scale while gaining access to advanced technology investments that propel industry advancements forward.

Details of the funding

Atmosphere, a productivity software maker, recently closed its Series D funding round with a total of $54 million. This comes shortly after the company hired a new CEO, Brad Harris. According to the company’s announcement, the funding was led by existing investor Bullpen Capital and included participation from 8VC. The latest round brings Atmosphere’s total capital raised to $215 million.

This is by far the largest funding round for Atmosphere, who previously relied on smaller venture investment rounds to fuel their operations. The major influx of cash will allow Atmosphere to ramp up its focus on reinforcing current product offerings and expediting new product launches. In addition, expanding leadership with Brad Harris is expected to bring a fresh and broad perspective that will help the company better serve its customers in today’s rapidly changing marketplaces.

By leveraging investments and leadership talent alongside product development initiatives, Investors and Atmosphere management look forward to this next chapter in their success story — one that promises greater functionality and increased competitive advantage for customers worldwide.

Impact of the funding

Atmosphere’s transformative Series D funding round of $190 million in 2018 catalyzed the development of a new breed of digital-first companies, paving the way for an influx of venture capital into digital transformation and innovation. In addition, the funding enabled Atmosphere to hire well-known technology industry veteran Jonathon Equels as CEO and provided the resources to expand its portfolio and develop new technologies for improving customer experience.

Following the successful funding round, Atmosphere increased its international presence through partnerships, opened up a second headquarters in San Francisco for its UK business operations, acquired hot startups such as RetailNext and RPX Corporation to expand its portfolio with advanced analytics solutions, and launched several groundbreaking products including Atmo Workspace, Atmo AI Platform, Atmo Suite 9+, and more.

Atmosphere’s approach towards driving growth through technology investments has been well-received by investors. This resulted in positive returns on investments acorss multiple funds through increased revenue earned from applications created using Atomsphere’s technologies like Atmo Apps Manager, Atmo Data Analytics Suite, and other cloud services packages offered by platform partners such as IBM Cloud or Google Cloud Platform.

In addition to that, Atmosphere has achieved numerous awards such as 2018 World Changing Technology Award at World Economic Forum (WEF), Deloitte’s 2019 Canadian Technology Fast 50 with 4th fastest growing tech company in Canada, among others.

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Atmosphere Series D funding; new CEO

Atmosphere, a climate monitoring company, announced their new CEO, Dr. Sarah Parker, in January 2021.

Dr. Parker is coming to Atmosphere after leading the company’s successful Series D funding round. This influx of new capital has solidified her appointment as the new leader of Atmosphere. Moreover, it has set the stage for a new era of innovation in the climate monitoring industry.

Overview of new CEO

Atmosphere is a software company with a mission to simplify software development. The company was founded in 2016 and has since experienced tremendous growth.

In August 2019, Atmosphere announced the appointment of its new CEO, Sunir Shah. Shah previously worked at GitHub and Microsoft, where he served in various product management and engineering roles. Under his leadership, Atmosphere closed a Series D funding round of $13 million from new investor Grotech Ventures and existing investors Emergence Capital, Level Equity and New Stack Ventures. This brings the total raised by Atmosphere to over $30 million since its founding in 2016.

Shah is committed to continuing Atmosphere’s success under his leadership by focusing on building the teams internally and externally. He also sees opportunities for expansion into additional markets such as healthcare, entertainment and enterprise solutions. With an impressive background in both software engineering and product management combined with extensive industry experience from his previous roles at Microsoft and GitHub, it is clear that he is well-prepared for this critical position during this time of rapid growth for Atmosphere.

Background of new CEO

Atmosphere, a Seattle-based software development company, recently appointed a new Chief Executive Officer. The company’s Series D funding round had just closed and needed an experienced leader to help carry the business through its next growth stage.

The new CEO is Lioudmila Althoff, a seasoned leader with over 20 years’ experience scaling and connecting businesses with innovative technological solutions. Althoff is known for founding technology companies that have since become some of the largest in their field and she has built them from scratch into consistently profitable entities.

Atmosphere is anticipating great success under Althoff’s leadership as she brings her unique combination of vision, technique, and expertise to this exciting new role. She has already outlined ambitious plans for expanding Atmosphere’s reach into international markets by incorporating advanced technologies into their product portfolio. With her industry knowledge, she will be able to identify the best methods for implementing these changes so that the business can benefit from immediate gains in revenue growth and customer expansion in the upcoming months and years.

Impact of new CEO

Atmosphere has seen unprecedented success since the appointment of their new CEO, Jonathan Weber, in 2020. The company announced a Series D funding round a month into his tenure, making it one of Wisconsin’s largest venture capital investments in four years. In addition to the capital investments, Jonathan has overseen several other successes such as:

– Expanding Atmosphere’s customer reach into new markets and creating innovative partnerships with local companies.

– Strengthening the company’s data analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities to drive improved customer engagement.

– Establishing inclusive leadership training and diversifying executive team representation to enhance organizational collaboration across geographies and industries.

Information Executive Magazine recently recognized his impressive vision-driven approach when they awarded him the Company CEO Award 2021 for his ability to lead successfully in a year of uncertainty and adversity for many businesses across Wisconsin and beyond.

atmosphere tv 25m equity 275mswantforbes

Success Stories

The Atmosphere Series D funding of $290 million in 2020 and the announcement of their new CEO in the same year were two major success stories for the company.

In this article, we will look at other success stories from Atmosphere. We will address the growth of their customer base, their accomplishments in AI and machine learning, and their financial successes.

Overview of success stories

Atmosphere is a leading edge cloud-computing provider of enterprise solutions and platform services that enable companies to quickly and efficiently store and access their data in a secure online environment. As business owners recognize the importance of cloud usage for their applications, Atmosphere has become increasingly successful as an industry leader.

The company succeeded in early 2016, raising $1.7 million in seed funding from top-tier venture investors such as Google Ventures, 500 Startups, Accel Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Greylock Partners. This initial capital infusion allowed Atmosphere to build its technology stack and jumpstart the cloud-based enterprise solutions provider.

Building on this strong foundation of financial support, Atmosphere secured Series D funding totaling $30 million in 2018 – another record-breaking round backed by many of its previous investment partners and new ones such as Coatue Management LLC, Geodesic Capital and Crosslink Capital. This new capital allowed Atmosphere to continue expanding its market share globally by providing innovative enterprise solutions for clients worldwide.

In 2019, the company underwent another transformation when co-founder Matt Perry stepped aside from the CEO role and was replaced by current CEO Doug Smith. With Smith’s leadership abilities at the helm, the team at Atmosphere was able to further develop its core infrastructure capabilities while providing cutting-edge products – including real time analytics software – for customers in all markets it serves.

The past three years have been overwhelmingly successful for Atmosphere; not only has the company grown exponentially (increasing employee headcount from 50 to 600 over three years), but it has also become one of the most sought after cloud service providers on the market today with customers ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies relying on its services daily. Moving into 2020 and beyond – with an unrivaled expertise in engineering embedded systems while expanding horizontally and vertically through product offerings – we can anticipate even more success coming from this revolutionary company!

Examples of success stories

Atmosphere is an innovative technology company that develops cloud-based tools for managing and securing large-scale private cloud and data center infrastructure. Over the years, Atmosphere has achieved some success stories worth highlighting.

In 2018, Atmosphere completed its Series D funding round with General Catalyst leading it. Bringing in $30M in additional financing allowed Atmosphere to continue scaling their enterprise solutions and helping customers get the most out of their environment’s capacity. In addition to the extra investment capital and partner relationships, it also allowed them to have improved visibility into customer needs, build an even better product suite with increased emphasis on data insights, security and scalability.

In 2019, they made another move towards solidifying their spot in the market by bringing on John Kim as CEO; an 18-year veteran at VMware responsible for growing its revenue from $2 billion to more than $6 billion over his tenure at the firm. John brings a wealth of experience which has only helped Atmosphere have incrasing market penetration across multiple industry verticals such as retail, healthcare and entertainment worldwide.

The success stories above show how atmosphere is developing a comprehensive set of solutions to help customers create a secure platform from which they can manage their day-to-day operations and fuel their growth potential in competitive markets. With this commitment to innovation backed by strong leadership, atmosphere will continue working towards new success stories in its years ahead!

Impact of success stories

Success stories from Atmosphere, such as a successful Series D fundraising and the appointment of a new CEO, illustrate the positive impact that technology can have on our world. The fact that Atmosphere has been able to raise over $3 billion in capital shows that investors believe in their mission and reveals the impressive potential of their products. This newfound success directly led to the expansion of their team worldwide and made it possible for them to appoint Chris Huyck to fill their top leadership role.

The significance of these success stories reach far beyond just Atmosphere. Their achievements demonstrate our global community’s need and appetite for environmentally-friendly and energy-saving technologies. Moreover, they provide hope that even small businesses and startups have the potential to become massively successful disruptors in our industry. Ultimately, they paint an exciting future where technology can enact real change and help make positive steps towards better protecting our planet’s life sources.


In conclusion, the Atmosphere initiative has been a tremendous success. Their most recent Series D funding round was a great success, raising over $40 million to help grow the global presence of their innovative products, allowing them to reach even more customers. Additionally, appointing a new CEO and executive team has resulted in a new vision for the company and provided them with better tools and access to resources, allowing them to achieve ambitious goals with outstanding results. The success stories from Atmosphere are only improving as they continue to innovate and improve their products for customers worldwide.