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Atmospheres Impressive Growth Continues With New Round Of Funding

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Atmosphere, a streaming TV platform, has announced a successful Series D round at a valuation of $1 billion. This is the latest achievement in a long line of successful investments for Atmosphere.

This round of funding will enable the platform to execute its ambitious plans to expand its presence in the streaming TV market.

Let’s take a closer look at how Atmosphere achieved this impressive milestone.

Introduction to Atmosphere

Atmosphere is a leading streaming TV platform that provides consumers with a highly personalized video-on-demand entertainment experience. Each viewer is presented with a smartly curated selection of relevant content based on their viewing history, preferences, and activity. Since launching in 2017, Atmosphere has rapidly grown its user base and recently raised $180 million in its Series D funding round at a valuation of $1 billion.

Atmosphere uses predictive technologies to enable viewers to find new titles and genres quickly and conveniently; discover their next must-watch show or movie with little effort; and allow users to watch their favorite programs on any device they choose. Furthermore, by syncing across devices and storing user data offline, the platform enables customers to watch content hosted exclusively on Atmosphere’s website or app independent of the internet connection speed or quality.

The company works with more than 1,000 content partners across various platforms worldwide for television shows, movies and web series – including major Hollywood studios such as Disney+, Lionsgate and top broadcasters like NBCUniversal Media LLC., ViacomCBS among others. In 2020 alone nearly 30 million new users have signed up for Atmosphere’s services.

With this new round of funding Atmosphere plans to invest further in personalization capabilities through machine learning algorithms used in natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision technologies; expand its footprint overseas with additional launches outside the U.S.; further deepen its content partnerships; as well as accelerate development of ad product offerings by leveraging its unprecedented insights into consumer viewing behavior.

Details of the new round of funding

Today, Atmosphere announced a new round of funding led by Goldman Sachs. Silver Lake joined the Series D round, Mubadala Investment Company (MIC), and existing investors General Atlantic, Andreessen Horowitz, and Index Ventures. The round values the streaming TV platform at $1 billion, making it its largest.

The new financing is intended to further accelerate Atmosphere’s international expansion. Since its launch in 2019, the platform has seen tremendous growth across Europe, Asia and Latin America; recently opening offices in the Netherlands, UAE and Hong Kong As part of this round of funding the company has also welcomed senior advisors from media giant Disney such as Anika Tatsuno and Manny Anekal.

Atmosphere has demonstrated a focus on reimagining how people access content on their terms and today topped 500 million users with 100 million MAUs across 180 countries since it was founded in 2019. The platform boasts over 12,000 movie titles as well as over 10,000 hours of exclusive content covering documentaries, children’s entertainment and directed by emerging voices from across the world in local languages—supported by localized services like Arabic subtitles for Arabic-speaking viewers globally or doubled dubbed audio tracks for Spanish viewers in Mexico City.

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Streaming TV Platform Atmosphere Raises Series D Round at a $1 Billion Valuation

The recent Series D funding round for streaming TV platform Atmosphere raised $108 million and valued the company at $1 billion.

This new round of funding has implications for the future of the streaming TV industry. These investments demonstrate the increasing importance of internet-connected television and the opportunities it creates.

Let’s explore the implications and potential impact of this round of funding.

Benefits to Atmosphere

Atmosphere, a streaming TV platform, has recently announced that it has raised a new series D funding round at a $1 billion valuation. From leading venture capitalists and private equity firms, the round saw a total of over $120 million in fresh investment. This investment follows the platform’s successful first year of operations when its user base grew by more than 600%, reaching an estimated five million users globally.

This additional capital will equip Atmosphere with financial resources that will help accelerate its growth to better meet market demand. This new round of funding allows Atmosphere to further build its technology stack and increase the number of distributors worldwide to offer more content. Moreover, this funding is expected to allow for an extension into new markets and solidify Atmosphere’s presence in existing markets.

The successful closing of this funding further validates Atmosphere and its growing user base and ecosystem partners — showcasing the strong performance in 2020 despite tumultuous economic conditions caused by COVID-19 pandemic. The company is expected to use this capital to continue delivering high-quality streaming entertainment experiences and expand their product offering with deeper integrations between platforms, services, media and content providers worldwide.

Implications for the Streaming TV Platform Market

Atmosphere’s recent Series D funding round at a valuation of $1 billion is a major milestone for the streaming TV platform market. In addition, it marks an impressive return on investment for all parties involved, as the company has grown from its initial launch in 2018 to become one of the world’s leading providers.

Atmosphere’s new funding will bring benefits and opportunities to investors and users alike. For investors, it signals continued confidence in the streaming TV platform market and provides confidence that Atmosphere is well-positioned to capitalize on its immense potential. For users, the new round of funding sets up Atmosphere to continue creating exciting services, products and experiences to make their viewing experience even more enjoyable.

The influx of capital has also given Atmosphere the resources to expand its availability into more markets worldwide. Many new markets are beginning to embrace streaming TV platforms as an alternative to traditional cable subscriptions, meaning Atmosphere’s reach could soon extend far beyond what was previously thought possible. This increased access will bring more consumers into its user base and help create a strong base of loyalists who can further bolster growth in future rounds.

The future growth potential for streaming TV platforms is undeniable. With this additional investment at such a high valuation, Atmosphere is set up for even broader success in the years ahead.

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Future Outlook

With the recent Series D round of funding at a $1 billion valuation, streaming TV platform Atmosphere is poised to continue its exponential growth. This funding influx provides a strong foundation for the company to invest in technological advancement and expand their reach in the marketplace.

In this article, we’ll look at Atmosphere’s future outlook and what it could mean for their business.

Plans for expansion

Atmosphere continues to pursue plans for aggressive expansion with its newly raised funds, which will be used to build out its global footprint, launch new product lines and grow their existing channels. In addition to their current streaming TV platform offerings, Atmosphere plans to expand into streaming gaming and virtual reality products. They are also exploring opportunities in the digital music space while continuing to support their current user base with the best technology available.

Atmosphere’s international reach has enabled them to develop strong relationships with media companies across the globe and this new money will fuel further growth in Europe and Asia. They have already succeeded in these regions by building partnerships with networks outside North America. To address potential audiences in these markets, Atmosphere is researching ways to localize its content library and provide users with options tailored to regional preferences.

The company’s involvement at industry events such as CES has also allowed them exposure internationally, which has helped spur further growth in those regions. Their ability to expand rapidly will ensure that Atmosphere stays ahead of the competition regarding market share and consumer demand for streaming video services. With this continued financial boost, their impressive growth outlook looks set only continue into 2021 and beyond.

Future goals

Atmosphere is a streaming TV platform with a large base of active users and impressive growth metrics since its formation in 2014. With their recently announced Series D round of funding, Atmosphere has raised $322 million in equity, pushing their evaluation to $1 billion.

Atmosphere’s success has been driven by their focus on content personalization and merchandising and their commitment to delivering quality content to users. They have an extensive library of movies and shows that are updated frequently and available across devices, including AppleTV, Roku, Xbox One and Amazon Fire TV.

Looking ahead, Atmosphere plans to use the new round of funding to continue investing heavily in its technical resources such as data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). They are also looking to expand internationally into markets with substantial growth potential. Beyond this strategy for international expansion, Atmosphere aims to grow its user base by collaborating more closely with different partners including television networks, movie studios, and vendors for authenticated solutions for high-value customers.

By investing further into technology-driven acquisitions such as cognitive computing capabilities from Metisoft, predictive analytics from C3 AI Blue Talon; customer journey analytics from Primer Sense; AI-driven automated customer service from OnMediaIT; along with data monetization services from; Atmosphere intends to build the most advanced streaming TV platform available today and capture future market share throughout the world.

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The streaming TV platform Atmosphere’s impressive growth continues with a new round of funding, awarding it a $1 billion valuation. The milestone marks a major achievement for the company, which has seen tremendous growth in recent years.

The conclusion of this funding round strengthens Atmosphere’s position in the streaming TV market and demonstrates strong investor confidence in their model and future outlook.

Summary of the article

The streaming television platform, Atmosphere, recently announced that it had raised a Series D round of funding at a one billion dollar valuation. The sum of money opened up with this round was not disclosed. Atmosphere was founded in 2015 to create an audience-focused streaming TV platform. The company’s success has been driven by an impressive user base and content library available to watch on any device.

Atmosphere has experienced consistent growth since its inception. The most recent round of funding will allow the platform to expand its services even further, such as investing in better user engagement marketing strategies and forming partnerships with studios and other production companies. In addition, the funds will be used to increase their offerings in original programming and content licenses across many genres and categories including drama, sports, news, lifestyle programming and more.

This latest investment is another milestone for Atmosphere that highlights its potential as an emerging leader in the streaming television industry. The company plans to build upon this success by continuing to provide quality services for users worldwide.

Final thoughts

Atmosphere has experienced an impressive growth trajectory over the past few years, and the new round of funding is a testament to the success of their streaming TV platform. This new capital will give Atmosphere the resources necessary to continue building on its existing capabilities and further its mission of providing customers an enjoyable, personalized viewing experience.

The company has established itself as a major player in the streaming TV market and is already providing customers with a wide variety of content from a growing library. As more consumers gravitate towards streaming platforms for their television viewing, Atmosphere is well-positioned to continue succeeding as it scales up operations and expands its offering. With this new infusion of funds, Atmosphere will likely become even more competitive in this dynamic space.