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Cider Security’s Application Security Platform

Cider Security has developed an innovative application security platform designed to reduce the risks of data breaches, malware, and other threats associated with application development. This platform uses a range of cutting-edge technologies to provide coverage and management on multiple levels, including source code scanning, static analysis, and runtime protection.

The platform provides continuous monitoring throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC) to identify vulnerable components as they are introduced. As such, it can detect insecure coding practices that are sometimes difficult to detect by traditional review tools while greatly reducing false positives (FPs). It also scans all language variants and can support user authentication methods that include biometric authentication.

In addition to scanning for source code errors such as buffer overflows and CSP violations, Cider Security’s application security platform can detect third-party libraries with known vulnerabilities or out-of-date software components which may contain malicious content. In case of any suspicious activity or compromise attempts, the platform is capable of generating real-time alerts to ensure immediate corrective action is taken. Furthermore, its end point detection prevents unauthorized access attempts and flag potential Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) in a consistent manner across an organization’s applications. Overall its comprehensive set of features allows customers to quickly identify potential threats in their production environments before any damage can be done.


Cider Security has launched an innovative application security platform that enables developers to secure their applications with a single click.

The application security platform offers a wide range of features such as automated vulnerability scanning and remediation, application hardening, and application performance management.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of this platform.

Continuous application security monitoring

Cider Security’s Application Security Platform provides continuous application security monitoring to keep businesses secure from malicious attacks. The platform features automated scanning of your applications and automatically detects any new or changed code that could potentially contain threats. Additionally, the platform monitors your applications in real-time, allowing you to quickly identify and respond to potential threats before they cause significant damage.

With Cider Security’s Application Security Platform, businesses can choose to either manually scan their applications or take advantage of the integrated auto-scanning capabilities. This allows you to instantly detect security vulnerabilities while keeping your customers safe. The platform also provides additional value by providing detailed reporting and analytics on the current state of application security across the enterprise. This allows business owners to identify areas of weakness and prioritize resources accordingly, ensuring that any possible threats are quickly addressed in a timely manner.

Automated threat detection

Cider Security has launched an Application Security Platform (ASP) to provide automated threat detection of malicious and potentially vulnerable software vulnerabilities. The platform combines a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge technologies, including static analysis and runtime application self-protection, to give organizations the assurance that their applications remain secure at all times.

The ASP employs static analysis to find known coding errors regardless of their location or context. Static analysis is performed at regular intervals, by scanning the source code or a compiled version of the application using a powerful scanning engine with extensive rule sets. This scan helps to detect common security flaws such as command injection, cross-site scripting and SQL injection attacks. In addition, the scanners can identify potentially vulnerable code patterns based on custom rules set by the user for further investigation by developers.

Furthermore, Cider Security’s platform allows organizations to protect their critical applications from zero-day attacks with its easy-to-enable Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP). RASP is designed to improve existing tools such as web application firewalls (WAFs) by providing the ability for applications to dynamically detect threats in real time and block them automatically without any manual intervention. It also offers protection against malicious requests related to data tampering and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks while ensuring application availability during peak demand load times.

The platform also provides advanced logging capabilities that allow users to monitor suspicious activity in near realtime while correlating events across multiple systems within an organization’s environment in order to identify a potential threat before it becomes a major issue. End user identification and authorization are also handled in Cider Security’s ASP solution which helps ensure secure access control over sensitive data stored within an application’s database or used within the application itself.

Cider Security launches application security platform

Cider Security’s new application security platform provides a comprehensive policy management system designed to simplify the process of managing and enforcing policies across multiple environments. This helps to reduce overhead costs and ensures that policies are always up-to-date. It also provides meaningful policy metrics that can help identify areas of risk or improvement, helping companies better understand their security posture.

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In addition, the policy management system allows for customization of policies for different parts of an organization or groups such as developers, test engineers, operations staff and others in order to ensure that each group has access to the right set of permissions and responsibilities. Policies can be applied based on user roles, application roles or any other criterion defined by the organization so that appropriate controls are in place no matter who accesses the system.

The platform also includes an extensive change log that records all rule modifications over time so that organizations can quickly see which rules are being modified and when they occurred. Auditing reports generated from this data allows customers to track policy changes over time and review associated rule histories; this helps them detect potential problems before they become major issues.


Cider Security recently launched its application security platform, which is designed to simplify and strengthen the security of applications throughout their entire lifecycle. With this platform, there are many benefits that organizations can gain by deploying Cider Security’s application security platform. These include improved risk visibility, automated DevSecOps processes, and enhanced compliance management.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Cider Security’s application security platform in more detail.

Increased visibility into application security posture

The release of Cider Security’s Application Security Platform enables organizations to gain valuable insights into the security of their applications. By providing increased visibility into application security posture, organizations are able to develop an understanding of risk associated with the design and implementation of their applications. This understanding allows optimized actions to be taken to ensure that vulnerabilities and threats are identified, managed, and minimized in a timely manner.

The platform assesses the security vulnerabilities of organizations’ applications by identifying potential threats such as abuse cases, API flaws, configuration issues, permissions failures and more. Cider Security’s Application Security Platform leverages machine learning techniques that identify quickly emerging threats such as zero-day attacks. The platform also provides a detailed report for viewing and resolution tracking for each identified risk along with symptom-specific insights regarding remediation activities to mitigate or eliminate vulnerabilities.

By offering organizations increased visibility into application security posture, Cider Security’s Application Security Platform helps prioritize proper action plans towards managing existing risks throughout the development lifecycle. Having this confidence in an organization’s security posture can strengthen trust in both customers and employees while offering faster deployment times with greater peace of mind when developing solutions across cloud-native environments.

Reduced risk of data breaches

Cider Security’s Application Security Platform helps organizations reduce the risk of costly and damaging data breaches. By utilizing Cider Security’s robust cloud platform, companies can protect their applications from malicious or accidental threats that may lead to a data breach.

The platform uses automated analysis and static application security testing (SAST) to detect software vulnerabilities in applications, giving businesses visibility into what is happening in their environment and the ability to address vulnerabilities quickly before they become a problem. This ensures that all applications are meeting industry standards for security and effective policies are being enforced across all software development teams.

Additionally, Cider Security’s platform monitors user activities while maintaining compliance with regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA, helping organizations quickly identify suspicious behavior and take appropriate action to prevent a data breach from happening.

By leveraging the power of Cider Security’s programmatic approach to application security, businesses can reduce the risk of data breaches while gaining greater compliance with regulatory standards.

Simplified compliance management

Cider Security’s Application Security Platform simplifies compliance management so customers can quickly increase their security posture and identify areas of risk. Our custom-built, cloud-native application platform provides automated policy enforcement and continuous security monitoring combined with manual analysis capabilities to ensure continuous compliance.

We aim to make sure our customers maintain maximum control over their application data with an easy-to-use interface that allows them to navigate systems quickly and efficiently. Cider Security helps developers go from development to deployment securely in the shortest timeframe possible, enabling quick implementation of policies or workflow changes as required.

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Our platform’s built-in assessment module allows customers to perform baseline scans, identify vulnerabilities such as misconfigurations and weak authentication practices, measure the effectiveness of existing policies, and prioritize remediation activities. This comprehensive platform also supports additional activity such as incident management, root cause analysis and tracking of vulnerability data over time — all from a single console. By using Cider Security’s Application Security Platform, businesses will benefit from improved security posture for ongoing compliance along with reduced costs associated with manual compliance solutions.


Cider Security has recently released their application security platform, providing customers with a simple, automated and cost-effective solution to keep their applications safe and secure.

In this article, we will take a look at the pricing options available with Cider Security’s application security platform. We will also explore the features and benefits associated with each pricing option.

Overview of pricing plans

Cider Security is a comprehensive application security platform which provides a secure environment for developers to build, deploy and maintain critical applications. With Cider Security’s pricing plans, you can choose the plan that fits your specific business needs in order to get robust software security coverage. The platform offers various levels of protection from basic application-layer security scanning to full application security assessment and remediation.

Cider Security offers monthly subscription fees based on the number of applications or users per plan:

  • Starter Plan: 10 applications/users, $99/month (or $1,092/yearly)
  • Advanced Plan: 50 applications/users, $499/month (or $5,988/yearly)
  • Enterprise Plan: 200 applications/users, $1,999/month (or $23,988 /yearly)
  • Unlimited Plan: Unlimited apps and users, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), from only $1499 per month (or 20% off when billed yearly).

In addition to the core set of services included in the plans above, Cider Security offers discounts for teams with more than 200 users or who need access to additional packages such as source code analysis for mobile apps or web application firewalls (WAFs). Additional resources such as video tutorials and webinars are also available as part of your subscription plan. For any team size and requirement there is a customizable package that meets every requirement. With Cider Security’s pricing plans you get access to top-of-the-line security coverage without breaking the bank!

Discounts and promotions

Cider Security’s Application Security Platform offers discounts and promotions to customers who purchase our full suite of services. Our current promotions include seven-week free trials for existing customers and the ability to upgrade to the annual subscription plan for discounted monthly prices.

Additionally, if you purchase more than one solution from Cider Security’s Application Security Platform, we offer a multi-service discount that will provide you with even greater savings. For special circumstances, companies can request an individualized quote tailored to their specific needs.

To learn more about these discounts and promotions or to inquire about other ways that Cider Security can save you money, please contact our sales team.