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How is the Cider Security Platform different from other application security solutions?

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Cider Security Platform is an application security solution that provides comprehensive cloud protection with automated risk-detection and validation. Unlike other security solutions, it offers a unique combination of machine learning, advanced analytics and continuous feedback that significantly reduce the risk profile of applications running in the cloud. This enables companies to confidently move their applications to the public cloud environment and take full advantage of its scalability, flexibility and cost savings.

With Cider Security Platform, you can quickly set up a secure application environment with just a few clicks. The platform provides an end-to-end solution that delivers powerful security protections such as threat modelling, mobile application firewalls (MAF), web application firewalls (WAF), API hardening, runtime attack detection and prevention, machine learning anomaly detection, vulnerability management and more.

Moreover, Cider Security Platform utilises a continuous feedback system that allows it to detect shifts in the behaviour of your applications in real time. Whenever any suspicious activity is detected it can create an alert or take corrective measures depending on the severity of the threat detected so you don’t have to worry about malicious actors or vulnerable code gaining access to your most sensitive data.

All these features help give organisations greater control and visibility into how their applications are protected against threats while also enabling strong compliance standards.

Overview of Cider Security Platform

Cider Security is a comprehensive application security platform that provides clients with a real-time, unified security solution for their applications. It simplifies application security processes, helps detect potential weaknesses, and allows development teams to comply with industry standards and security best practices.

Cider Security also offers unique features that set itself apart from other application security solutions, making it a standout within the security landscape.

Let’s learn how Cider Security differs from other application security solutions.

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What is Cider Security Platform?

The Cider Security Platform is a comprehensive software package designed to protect applications from security attacks. The Cider Security Platform delivers superior protection for web, mobile and cloud applications through advanced technologies, real-time intelligence, and cutting-edge analytics.

Highly distributed application architectures are becoming increasingly common as organisations migrate their services to the cloud. However, traditional application security solutions may not offer full protection or cannot properly monitor application data flows across multiple networks and data centres. The Cider Security Platform provides an advanced layer of visibility and protection across these distributed application architectures by continually verifying the integrity of each component in the system.

The platform also uses static analysis techniques to scan code for any known vulnerabilities and suspicious activity as soon as an update is released. This helps close any potential security gaps before malicious actors can exploit them. In addition, the platform consistently monitors user interactions with applications for deviations from normal behaviour that could indicate malicious activities, such as SQL injections or brute force attacks. Finally, Cider’s intuitive dashboard enables organisations to easily understand their application’s actual level of risk exposure at all times, minimising response time when incidents occur.

Why Cider Security Launches Application Security Platform

The Cider Security Platform is a cloud-native application security platform that helps organisations understand, monitor and explain the security of their applications. It combines fairness, transparency, and flexibility to provide a comprehensive application security solution that simplifies compliance, risk assessment and remediation.

Benefits of the Cider Security Platform include:

  • A unified view of an organisation’s overall application security posture across multiple teams and applications.
  • Continuous monitoring and alerting for any compromised data or potential vulnerabilities and regular reports for compliance purposes.
  • Easy integration with existing tools and solutions to ensure a seamless transition.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface that allows organisations to adjust their level of access control quickly while enabling collaboration between multiple teams.
  • Comprehensive coverage across the entire development stack includes web services, mobile applications, and other supporting infrastructure components.
  • A comprehensive knowledgebase of industry guidelines, best practices, policies, procedures and templates including GDPR requirements.
  • Comprehensive training programs focused on fostering organisational competence in secure coding practices along with an advanced Threat Assessment system for accurately profiling threats based on indicators from various vendors and sources.
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Comparison of Cider Security Platform with Other Application Security Solutions

Cider Security Platform, a new application security platform from Cider, is designed to provide businesses with comprehensive security measures for their applications.

While other application security solutions focus on detection, Cider’s platform is designed to provide complete protection that includes threat monitoring, incident response and risk mitigation.

This article will look at how Cider’s platform stacks up compared to other security solutions.

Security Features

The Cider Security Platform provides a comprehensive and unified security solution that provides policy-driven directives, secure coding practices and secure runtime provisions. It consists of three layers— Security Controls, Security Services, and Security Management— providing an end-to-end solution covering the entire life cycle of an application.

Security Controls The first layer, Security Controls, preserves the integrity of applications by enforcing code security guidelines such as secure coding principles and following best practices for input validation, output encryption and access control setting. In addition, the platform scans source code for vulnerable elements such as SQL injections, cross site scripting (XSS), suspicious object references and buffer overruns prior to deployment. Built-in rules also check for vulnerabilities in third-party libraries and mobile device APIs to fully secure applications before going live.

Security Services Security Service Forms part of the second layer of protection from potential attackers that may try to exploit an application during its runtime phase. The platform enables additional levels of defence against unauthorised access using features such as application firewalls with IP address filtering capabilities or session protection mechanisms utilising digital signature keys or hardware tokens. It also offers automated multiple device authentication, ensuring user verification without compromising organisational access policies or end user privacy concerns. In addition, users can develop real-time customised alerts to respond rapidly to any potential threats detected on their applications.

Security Management The third layer — Security Management — provides comprehensive visibility and control over application security by tracking user activities such as logins, attempts at data manipulation or attempted access to restricted areas within an application project environment. This feature coupled with powerful reporting capabilities allows users to easily identify threats across their entire web property portfolio while providing insights into how those threats interact with their backend systems upfront – enabling them to respond quickly and effectively when needed most..


The Cider Security Platform appeals to many businesses seeking a cost-effective, comprehensive solution to application security. The platform combines powerful features with a simplified user experience at an affordable price – offering different levels of packages tailored to the business’s needs and budget.

All packages include real-time scanning, proactive measurement of security risks, and access to various helpful support resources. The Cider Security Platform also features an efficient and automated process for identifying and remediating vulnerabilities, reducing security overhead and burden on IT teams or departments. Additionally, customers benefit from scalability – as usage grows so does the protection!

Moreover, pricing is clear with no hidden fees or extra charges; plus customers can pick the package perfect for their size, needs, budget and use-case. For example, smaller businesses may opt for a Scalable People Plan while large enterprises may require a more comprehensive Protecore Person Plan. With so many options it’s quite easy to find what you need from the Cider Security Platform with cost effectiveness in mind.

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Ease of Use

The Cider Security Platform offers simple, intuitive security designed to be easily used by developers, operations teams, and security teams. It is easy to set up and provides fast integration with existing development cycles. In addition, the user-friendly dashboard can be used flexibly to quickly see results or delve further into important details.

The Cider Security Platform offers a streamlined experience for all users because it is automatically updated. This allows everyone on the team to stay up-to-date when changes are made. Additionally, it eliminates the need for manual updates, reducing time and labour costs associated with maintaining the system. Plus, its design allows for easier customization that can be tailored specifically to the user’s needs – helping them secure their environment in a way that meets their requirements exactly.

Furthermore, there is no need for tedious tasks such as code reviews; developers can simply use the platform’s unique Cyber Hygiene feature to detect issues quickly and accurately according to organisational needs. As a bonus, Cider Security also offers a wide selection of test cases and integrations across various technology stacks available on multiple platforms that further simplify application security processes.

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