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Is Cabal Online really still alive?

Recently, some people have claimed that Cabal Online is not still on the market. Is this true?

I’m sure a lot of people may relate, but my first MMO experiences were with those generic South Korean F2P cashgrabs rather than well-known games like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars at the time. Instead, I spent my adolescent years immersed in games like Metin2, 4Story, CABAL Online, and TERA.

  • (1.0) I know Metin2 still has a large fanbase in Europe (particularly Portugal and Eastern European nations), but considering how predatory and awful the game has been over the last decade, I refuse to think it’s doing ‘good.’ Plus, it’s Gameforge, so they don’t deserve any kind of praise for accomplishing anything less than the absolute minimum. I just don’t see how a game with such an anti-player feel can still attract players. Back in the day, private servers were all over the place, but the most of them have since shut down owing to legal issues and a lack of interest.
  • (4Story has been reduced to a shell of a game in version 2.0.) Gameforge took over when the game’s original South Korean makers shut down their version. Surprisingly (/s), they ended up pushing the game to its demise, with the only chance for it to remain relevant in any manner being a private vintage server.
    • (2.1) The original developers/publishers tried to resurrect a version of their own game (dubbed 4STORY: Origin), but fell quiet only months before its planned release.
    • (2.2) A new publisher, Papaya Play, was able to get the game’s rights and create a North American version. Unsurprisingly, the situation was handled so badly that they tried to “reboot” the servers at least thrice before conceding that the game was not up to par.
  • TERA was a huge hit when it first came out. I don’t want to get into too much detail, but it’s pretty much been killed off since its North American publishers fell down and the game was handed over to Gameforge, and I can’t remember the last time it did so badly.

The only thing we’re missing is CABAL Online.

I decided to play it again after a seven-year hiatus to see how it was going. I was astonished to see that, despite CABAL II’s dramatic failure, the initial game is still getting frequent updates (even brand-new class releases). The game’s content makers have a clear objective, and all four zones (KR, EU, BR, and NA) seem to be very densely inhabited.

Even though they have a very tiny audience these days, there are plenty of programs dedicated for those content makers. They negotiate agreements and collaborations, and some even produce high-quality material for folks who are still covering a 2005 F2P MMO.

It’s still receiving updated on a regular basis and everything… I’m not sure what the big deal is about it. It’s the one that, out of all of the games I described, has perhaps aged the worst in many ways.

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