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New World Rapier PvP Build – Rapier and Ice Gauntlet

The rapier was a popular weapon in the Middle Ages, and is still used today. In this article, I will be discussing my thoughts on how to use the rapier as a PvP build.

The new world ice gauntlet build pvp is a new build that utilizes the Ice Gauntlet and Rapier.

New World Rapier PvP Build - Rapier and Ice GauntletImage courtesy of Amazon Games

The weapon system in New World allows for a broad range of viable PvP setups. Because players are not locked into a single class, they may try out all of the weapons before committing to mastering their weapon of choice. When it comes to player-versus-player combat, the Rapier is a popular weapon. When you combine this with the Gauntlet of Ice, you get a lethal combo. We’ll look at the New World Rapier PvP construct in this tutorial, which uses the Rapier and Ice Gauntlet.

The Ice Gauntlet tree’s zoning abilities are used in the PvP build for the New World Rapier to delay and control opponents. When the chance arises, switching to the Rapier provides for significant burst damage against a vulnerable opponent. These two weapons work well together, giving you a good balance of melee and ranged choices for dealing with a variety of foes.

New World Rapier PvP build

  • Riposte, Evade, and Fleche are all Rapier moves.
  • Ice Gauntlet consists of three parts: Ice Shower, Ice Storm, and Entombed.
  • Light Armor is your best bet.
  • Intelligence, Constitution, and Dexterity are some of his characteristics.

We’ll be taking up all of the Rapier’s grace tree talents, as well as a combination of zoning and disengage abilities in the form of Entombed. The goal is to zone out opponents and get them in a position where you can use Fleche, Evade, and Riposte to blast them down. Ripostes must be successfully landed in order to land a strong stun and change the tides of a fight.

It’s also crucial to use Ice Storm to slow opponents down, since this will allow you to execute a Fleche combination. Meanwhile, if you find yourself having to restart a battle completely, Entombed offers the protection you’ll need to defend yourself and recover mana.


We’ll be learning the following abilities for the Rapier:

  • Riposte – For one second, take a defensive posture. If you are hit while using this ability, you will be stunned for 1.5 seconds. After a successful Riposte, you become invulnerable for a short while.
  • Evade – Make a short, consistent sidestep in the direction you’re moving, which cancels any current action and gives you temporary invulnerability. During Evade, light attacks are executed at a breakneck speed.
  • Fleche – Leap forward for 10 meters in a stabbing motion, penetrating opponents and inflicting 145 percent damage.

New World Rapier build PvP

The following are the greatest Rapier passive abilities to learn:

  • Critical Strikes – Critical strikes decrease all cooldowns by 5%.
  • Engarde – Deal 10% extra damage to your target if they have more than 50% health.
  • Controlled Breathing – On any hit, get 3 stamina.
  • Refreshing Strikes – Every strike reduces all cooldowns by 1%.
  • Swiftness – On any hit, get 3% haste for four seconds, accumulating up to five times.
  • Momentum – After using an ability, get a 25% boost in damage on your next light or heavy attack, ending on a hit or after three seconds.

Ice Gauntlet

We’ll be learning the following abilities for the Ice Gauntlet:

  • Ice Shower – Create a frosted area of one meter by five meters by summoning an ice shower. Frostbite is a condition that affects enemies that enter the Ice Shower. 
  • Ice Storm — A ranged attack that does 17 percent weapon damage every 0.25 seconds and slows opponents inside a five-meter frosted area, with a 25% slow, a 20-meter range, and a five-second duration.
  • Entombed – The player becomes invulnerable and increases mana regeneration by encasing himself in ice. The Ice Tomb has a ten-second lifespan and may be destroyed at any moment. 

New World Ice Gauntlet Build

The greatest passive abilities to pick up with the Ice Gauntlet are as follows:

  • Increase the damage of light and heavy strikes by 15% if the victim is more than 15 meters away.
  • After triggering a critical strike on a target, Critical Rejuvenation restores 15 mana.
  • Critical Frost – Increases the probability of critically striking an opponent in a frosted area or with Frostbite by 20%.
  • When at full stamina, Energized Critical increases critical damage from Ice Spells by 15%.
  • Gathering Storm – Hit with three light attacks in a row to gain 15 mana.
  • Heavy Freeze – Heavy attacks freeze targets for one second if they are struck in an Ice Storm or with Frostbite.
  • Quick Frost – in a frosted region, boost speed by 10%.
  • Ultimate Freeze – Ice abilities chill targets for three seconds, boosting ice damage by 35 percent.


You’ll want to concentrate on a Light Equip Load for the New World Rapier PvP build’s gear. It will not only enable you to dodge considerably faster, but it will also provide you a great 20% damage boost. 

  • Light – If you’re wearing light armor, your dodge is a fast roll that covers a large area. You get a 20% boost to damage and healing.

To get a small advantage and decrease your total damage received, use gems for damage reduction and absorption in your gear. 

You’ll be relying on food and potions a lot with this build since you don’t have any natural healing abilities. When you leave town with your PvP flag on, make sure you’re always stocked and ready for an encounter!


When it comes to equip stats, emphasize Intelligence and Constitution, with a dash of Dexterity thrown in for good measure. Aim for 100 Intelligence to get a 10% boost to critical hit damage, which is a decent starting point for this build.

  • Intelligence
    • +10% damage to light and heavy strikes if you have 50 points.
    • 100 points is a 10% increase in critical hit damage.
  • Dexterity
    • 50 points – a 5% probability of a critical strike
  • Constitution
    • 50 points – consumables are 20% more powerful.

New World Intelligence bonus

Check out the New World area of our website for additional relevant information, tutorials, and projects!

The new world rapier build is a PvP build for the Rapier class. It uses Ice Gauntlet to freeze opponents and then attack them with powerful attacks.

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