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TTTech Auto is a leading supplier of automotive software solutions

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TTTech Auto, a leader in the automotive software industry, is making waves with its latest collaboration with tech giant Aptiv and automotive brand Audi.

With this partnership’s new 285 million dollar investment, TTTech Auto is set to become even more of a major player in the automotive software space. This investment is an important development for the industry and will be sure to have lasting impacts for TTTech Auto and the automotive software industry.

Overview of TTTech Auto

TTTech Auto is a global technology company providing advanced software solutions for the automotive industry. Founded in 1998, the company has become one of the leading automotive software providers globally, with a presence in North America, Europe and Asia. TTTech Auto is dedicated to advancing safety & comfort, reliability and energy efficiency within the automotive industry by developing reliable Electronically Controlled Systems (ECS) components and enabling an end-to-end development process of complex vehicle applications.

The company works closely with leading OEMs and system suppliers to drive innovation in ECS technology while providing on-site technical support. To meet its growing needs, TTTech Auto has recently received a USD 285 million investment from Aptiv (formerly Delphi Automotive), one of the world’s largest automotive technology companies, and AUDI AG, an automobile manufacturer based in Germany. This investment marks a major milestone for TTTech Auto as it continues its mission to develop innovative solutions for tomorrow’s smart cars.

Automotive Software Solutions

Automotive software solutions are increasingly important for the automotive industry, and TTTech Auto is a leading provider of automotive software solutions. After a successful USD 285 million investment from Aptiv and Audi, TTTech Auto is now the leading automotive software company in the world.

This article will explore the possibilities this funding opens up for TTTech Auto and the automotive industry.

Overview of TTTech Auto’s software solutions

TTTech Auto is a world-leading automotive software company specializing in developing and integrating advanced software technologies. The company’s solutions are designed to enable safer, autonomous, and more efficient driving experiences.

The company’s mission is to develop innovative, robust technologies that increase safety on the road while providing a comfortable driving experience for drivers. TTTech Auto designs and integrates various technologies for powertrain, chassis control systems, and driver assistance systems to achieve that goal. These include machine learning algorithms for improved decision-making capabilities; automated driving technology; vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication technology; network security solutions; and data analytics.

By combining these different elements in an integrated package, TTTech Auto helps automakers design efficient powertrains that meet stringent emissions requirements and provide greater safety for drivers on the road. As a result, some of the world’s leading carmakers have accepted its automotive software solutions, including PSA Peugeot Citroën, Volkswagen Group of America, Iveco SPA, AUDI AG and others.

Recently announced a USD 285 million investment from Aptiv – one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers – TTTech Auto further strengthens its offering to carmakers as they transition into electric vehicles. In partnership with Aptiv’s artificial intelligence solutions and expertise in vehicle electrification, TTTech Auto stands poised to become an even more renowned player within this rapidly evolving automotive industry sector.

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Benefits of TTTech Auto’s software solutions

TTTech Auto is a leading supplier of innovative automotive software solutions, providing the technology to meet the increasingly complex functionality and safety requirements that modern automotive systems require. With USD 285 million invested in their company by Aptiv and Audi, TTTech Auto is poised to deliver even more sophisticated software solutions shortly.

The benefits of partnering with TTTech Auto include:

  • Advanced technology capabilities: With auditable safety processes, An ISO 26262 certification, and ISO 9001 certification, they provide advanced reliability and accuracy for their products used by many of the world’s leading car manufacturers.
  • Best-in-class scalability for small or large projects: They can quickly scale up or down depending on customer needs and resource requirements.
  • Agile product development capabilities: Through the integration of agile methodologies such as SCRUM, Kanban, and Lean tool sets into their product development process, which helps to reduce costs and increase speed-to-market for any project.
  • Platform flexibility: They offer a variety of platforms (including virtual system management platforms) to chosen customers that are configurable based on customer needs.
  • Reliable communication protocols & interfaces: They offer CAN bus systems and wireless connectivity options such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.2/5.0 through their Certifiable Platform Kernel (CPK).

Utilizing reliable control loops via distributed safety architecture between limits and connected vehicles is also possible with these type of user friendly software solutions from TTTech Auto; making them a reliable partner in supporting automotive developments based on cutting edge technologies – specifically in autonomous driving applications such as ADAS level 3 & 4 autonomous car systems.

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Automotive Software Company TTTech Auto to Raise a USD 285 Million Investment From Aptiv and Audi

TTTech Auto, a leading supplier of automotive software solutions, has announced a USD 285 million investment from Aptiv and Audi.

This investment marks a significant milestone for TTTech Auto as it looks to expand its offering to the automotive industry and develop innovative automotive software solutions.

This partnership also highlights the growing demand for reliable, safe, secure automotive software solutions.

Overview of the USD 285 million investment

Today, TTTech Auto, a leading supplier of automotive software solutions, announced a major investment from global technology companies Aptiv and Audi. The two companies are set to invest up to USD 285 million in the company.

The investment will accelerate the development of TTTech Auto’s next-generation reliable mobility solutions for self-driving and battery electric vehicles. It includes equity investments from Aptiv, Audi, Johannes Serie (founder and CEO of TTTech Auto), and additional funds secured from existing shareholders Invest 2020 and Siemens Venture Capital with co-investment from other parties.

This capital injection will enable TTTech Auto to expand its already strong presence in the European market; build new digital products; recruit top talent; and grow its partnerships with OEMs worldwide. It will also help the company continue to provide customers with high quality software engineering services that reach global markets quickly and reliably.

By partnering with Aptiv, a leading mobility technology provider, and Audi, one of Europe’s most established car manufacturers, TTTech Auto highlights how industry leaders can collaborate through investments to develop safe, reliable mobility solutions. This will help create new job opportunities in advanced software engineering for Europe’s automotive sector. Furthermore, it is evidence that industry investors can embrace riskier R&D projects more efficiently than ever.

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How the investment will benefit TTTech Auto

Through the investment from Aptiv and Audi, TTTech Auto stands to benefit from the increased resources and expertise that the strategic investor partners bring. As a result, the automotive software company plans to expand into new markets, leverage the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), develop mobility-as-a-service solutions, and create advanced software components that support automated driving systems.

The investment of USD 285 million will enable TTTech Auto to continue generating cutting-edge technologies for automotive systems such as engine control units, infotainment systems, steering renderer modules, battery control units, mobile robots for installations in production plants and more.

The partnership with Aptiv and Audi will provide valuable customer insight and new product development ideas. Ultimately the goal is to achieve an unparalleled maturity level in safety technology and high data quality for automobile manufacturing processes by diligently using the latest technologies such as AI-based Sensor Fusion and Automated Driving algorithms and a Safety System Runtime Environment architecture. Furthermore, this investment will allow TTTech Auto to realize its vision of creating a safer future through smarter mobility solutions.


This investment will bring together the global automotive and software development leaders to develop comprehensive software solutions that multiple automotive companies can use. With this partnership, TTTech Auto will be able to develop the next generation of automated solutions that will revolutionize the automotive industry.

This strategic move will position TTTech Auto as a global leader in automotive software solutions.

Summary of TTTech Auto’s automotive software solutions

TTTech Auto is a leading supplier of automotive software solutions with over 20 years’ experience and over 1,000 employees worldwide. The company focuses on developing and integrating advanced software technologies for the automotive industry.

TTTech’s proprietary software solution is based on the ISO 26262:2018 standard for functional safety and tailored solutions for automotive application architectures with configurable proactive, predictive and Big Data analytics. The company offers a range of solutions including 3D dashboards, Multi-ECU deployment tool, data acquisition system and automated driving assistance.

Aside from providing advanced software solutions to automakers, TTTech Auto also provides expertise in areas such as integrated safety electronics architecture design and validation processes to ensure safe, reliable operation of autonomous vehicle applications. In addition, the company has recently expanded its offering to encompass driver monitoring systems (DMS) and cyber security functionality for autonomous vehicles.

The recent USD 285 Million investment by Aptiv and Audi will offer deep pockets to expand its offerings in these areas. With these new investments, TTTech Auto will likely continue developing innovative automotive software solutions that will help reshape the industry in coming years.