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Cider Security’s Innovative Approach to Cloud Security

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Cider Security is a cloud security company offering an innovative approach to managing and protecting customers’ vital data in the AWS Cloud. Cider Security’s adaptable and affordable software seeks to capture various cloud environments from startups to larger business platforms. In addition, it provides automated security intelligence that enables customers to find, assess, audit, and respond to threats in real time.

Cider Security’s cloud security solutions are designed to monitor the expanding attack surface of cloud environments, detect anomalies and malicious activity, prevent data exfiltration, protect valuable customer information and keep confidential data secure with user access controls. Utilising intelligent automation capabilities and deep insights into customer workloads helps reduce false positives associated with manual intelligence gathering approaches. Additionally, cider Security’s real-time threat protection ensures customer safety regardless of size or complexity of their cloud environment.

This paper outlines Cider Security’s innovative approach to securing major-scale customer deployments using cutting-edge technologies such as AI/ML for alert response automation, user management for rapid access control ability over privileged accounts, firewalls for automated network detection, behavioural analysis for anomalous resource usage patterns detection as well as policy enforcement across multiple clouds (public or private). Additionally the paper demonstrates that products from Cider Security can be a helping hand in controlling costs related to enhancing sophisticated customer infrastructure protection strategy on AWS Cloud environment via modern regulatory compliance standards such as GDPR / ISO27001 / NIST 800-53 / SOC2 Type 2.

Palo Alto Networks Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Cider Security

Palo Alto Networks announced its definitive agreement to acquire Cider Security, a cloud security company, on June 10th. This acquisition comes as part of Palo Alto Networks’ strategy of using innovative technologies to create the most robust cloud security solutions.

Cider Security is known for their excellent security solutions, so let’s consider what this acquisition will mean for Palo Alto Networks.

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Overview of the Acquisition

Palo Alto Networks, a leading enterprise security company, recently announced its intent to acquire Cider Security. This move is expected to expand the capabilities of the Palo Alto Networks Cortex™ platform with Cider Security’s advanced cloud security features. The acquisition comes as organisations increasingly move their business and operations to the cloud, requiring adaptive and secure solutions to protect against growing cyber threats.

Cider Security was founded in 2018 and is a leading provider of cloud-native security solutions that offer protection from identity theft, data exfiltration, malicious activity, and privilege abuse. The company’s technology utilises artificial intelligence (AI) learned over time to continuously detect known cyber-attacks and anomalies. Its goal is to help organisations shift seamlessly from traditional on-premise infrastructure environments to cloud-native architectures while providing resilient cybersecurity measures.

With this acquisition, Palo Alto Networks will gain access to Cider Security’s expertise in areas such as machine learning and AI-driven threat detection for public cloud infrastructures like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Kangaroo SuiteCloud services, and other third party integration platforms. At the same time, it can leverage Cider Security’s SaaS offering for protection against authentication threats such as “pass the hash” attacks; data exfiltration attempts; and encryption key theft prevention measures. Ultimately, this acquisition will enable Palo Alto Networks customers to gain access to a more comprehensive cloud security suite than any other vendor in the market today.

Benefits of the Acquisition

The acquisition of Cider Security opens up a world of possibilities for improved cloud security solutions. As part of the Palo Alto Networks family, Cider Security’s innovative approach to cloud security will provide an advantage in securing transactions and data both on-premises and across various cloud environments.

The acquisition combines both companies’ strengths to create an even more comprehensive product portfolio uniquely positioned to address customers’ needs across multiple technologies. In addition, this integration will allow Palo Alto Networks to provide deeper visibility and superior control over workloads in public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and private clouds like on-premises VMware deployments, plus hybrid deployments across many complexities and configurations.

Moreover, by leveraging the experienced personnel at Cider Security, Palo Alto Networks can explore new approaches to better secure multi tenancy use cases typically associated with Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions such as segmentation and firewalling within public or inter-cloud environments. Furthermore, combining Cider Security’s solution set with Palo Alto Network’s existing products provides organisations with at least two layers of cloud security controls: one layer at the virtualization level and another at the application level for complete protection.

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Cider Security’s Innovative Approach to Cloud Security

Palo Alto Networks has recently taken steps to acquire Cider Security, a cloud security company that focuses on providing a unique approach to cloud security. Cider Security is known for its innovative approach to cloud security, combining a best-of-breed approach with cloud-native analytics, secure API gateways, and automated compliance.

Let’s look at what sets Cider Security apart from its competitors and how it can potentially benefit Palo Alto Networks.

Cider Security’s Security Platform

Cider Security’s security platform provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-native cloud security solutions. Unlike legacy technologies, Cider Security’s platform simplifies enforcement of security policies and uses automated processes for visibility and protection. This innovative approach to cloud security enables organisations to gain the flexibility of the cloud without sacrificing potential risks from lack of control.

Cider Security’s solution can be deployed across multiple environments, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and private clouds. With a wide range of coverage capabilities including vulnerability scanning and threat detection, network segmentation and identity management, customers can protect important organisational data from potential threats while maintaining compliance with industry standards. Cider Security also offers a self-service portal that allows administrators to customise their settings easily according to their requirements.

The innovative approach taken by Cider Security focuses on preventative measures and responding quickly in case of a breach or attack. The platform has an intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools that enable users to rapidly identify suspicious activity across their entire infrastructure – including servers in both on-premise and cloud environments – to take timely corrective action when needed.

By constantly monitoring an organisation’s infrastructure in real time, Cider Security’s algorithms detect any malicious activities or unusual traffic patterns that may pose a potential risk before it is too late. This advanced threat protection level reduces the risk of leaving networks exposed due to lack of visibility into user activities or misconfigurations within cloud services such as AWS or Azure.

Cider Security’s Security Solutions

Cider Security offers proactive, cloud-native security solutions to protect organisations and their data. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, they build a strong defence that prevents malicious actors from accessing customer data. This is done by combining their cloud security system with their advanced analytics.

Cider Security’s protection efforts focus on ensuring customer data remains secure and compliant with industry regulations. To do this, they use various security solutions like encryption of customer PII (Personally Identifiable Information), log monitoring, user activity tracking, identity and access management, and risk scoring. On top of this core security infrastructure, Cider Security continuously monitors third-party services for risks that may have been missed or overlooked and runs AI to identify threats that may arise in the future.

By continually monitoring for potential threats, Cider Security can identify potential attacks before they occur which gives customers more peace of mind knowing their data is secure in the cloud. In addition to providing extensive detection capabilities, Cider Security offers remediation services to help mitigate any issues or vulnerabilities identified during their operation so customers can take corrective action quickly and easily.

Because Cider Security is a cloud-first platform they can offer comprehensive security capabilities without customers needing to invest heavily in infrastructure or additional personnel costs. This makes it easier for customers to avoid compliance demands while maintaining an efficient yet high level of security that keeps the customer’s data and reputation safe from malicious actors.

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Cider Security’s Security Features

Cider Security’s comprehensive suite of security features is designed to protect clients’ cloud deployments from threats, data breaches, and malicious actors. Cider provides integrated visibility and control across infrastructure, applications and services through cloud automatic detection and response technologies. From centralised policy management to incident response automation, clients can rely on Cider Security’s cutting-edge security tools to protect their applications throughout their entire lifecycle.

The suite of multi-layered security features offered by Cider Security includes:

  • Identity Verification: Cider’s machine learning algorithms quickly verify potential threats against existing user sources and corporate resources before allowing access. This feature helps maintain appropriate levels of security for all users.
  • Monitoring System: Cider’s monitoring system collects data from various sources and aggregates it into a single dashboard to ensure complete visibility into user activities. The system also provides alerts for any suspicious activities, enabling prompt response and corrective actions when needed.
  • Contextual Event Management: Cider Security leverages events from multiple sources such as logs, REST APIs, Kafka streams etc., to proactively detect security issues that might be overlooked using traditional techniques.
  • Automated Response System: Through automated threat analysis techniques such as anomaly detection, Cider Security quickly identifies potential issues across the entire cloud ecosystem and takes appropriate measures to improve the environment’s overall security posture. This prevents malicious actors from infiltrating corporate environments while reducing manual effort required to resolve detected problems.
  • Compliance Management Tools : To ensure regulatory compliance with industry standards such as CIS Foundations Benchmarks or ISO 27001 ,Cider Security enables customers to configure policies related to access control , logging etc., thereby helping them track all security requirements easily in a transparent manner.

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